365 iPhone project: Month 2

November 27, 2016

Day 36/365
Saturday November 26th 2016
Heaton Park


A lovely day out at Heaton Park – Joe brought his friend Leon with him and they bombed around on their bikes – here he is chasing alongside us while we rode on the little kids’ land train with a very snotty Huey. He pretty much rode solid for about 2 hours – sterling work Joe!

Day 35/365
Friday November 25th 2016
Jim’s + Patricia’s


This evening we went over to our friends Jim and Patricia’s house for dinner, with our other friends Kamal and Rachel. Such a brilliant night with amazing people, delicious food and lots of laughs. Here’s Adam and his CHIN next to Jim’s keyboard.

Day 34/365
Thursday November 24th 2016


A lovely sunny winter’s day today, and when the sun comes out I love the silhouettes of the plants on the frosted glass of our living room window.

Day 33/365
Wednesday November 23rd 2016
Uncle Baz

Today my dad drove up from the midlands to meet up with his brother, my Uncle Baz, who is nearly 80 but I think looks 20 years younger. I drove over to Bolton to meet them all for lunch as I don’t get to see any of them as often as I’d like. Uncle Baz is obviously retired now but has always been such a talented man – an incredible musician who used to be head of the Manchester Orchestra, and also an amazing artist – he’s always loved painting ships. Huey had been a bit under the weather so I wasn’t sure how happily he’d sit through lunch but Uncle Baz and Huey sat quietly together for ages, happily doodling on pieces of paper. Huey was totally taken with him. We’re pretty sure now that Huey is left handed – he almost always now picks up pens, pencils and spoons with his left hand.

Day 32/365
Tuesday November 22nd 2016
Crap Mum Tea


Today both kids were in full-on nightmare mode with simultaneous toddler and tween tantrums at dinner time. Times like this call for what I like to call a ‘Crap Mum Tea’ where basically their dinner comes out of the microwave with zero effort from me whatsoever… totally guilt-free since every last bit of my energy has been used on cheerfully trying not to throw the little darlings out of the window. The insulting stinger in the tail of this is that they invariably enjoy Crap Mum Teas FAR more than my own lovingly-prepared home-cooked dinners.

Day 31/365
Monday November 21st 2016
NineDots glasses


The fun of NineDots Gathering lives on in our house via the goody-bag glasses.

You can catch up with Month 1 here


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