365 project complete! My personal year in pictures…

At the start of 2011 I committed to this 365 project – a photograph a day, of absolutely anything, every day for the whole year. I did also start a self-portrait project, which was initially intended as a standalone project, but which ended up being absorbed into the early months of my 365 project. Towards the end of 2010 I’d been feeling like my photography was getting a little stale and was frustrated by how since turning professional I had almost completely stopped shooting just for my own pleasure, so I thought that it was a fantastic way to push me back into doing more personal work again and refuelling my passion for photography.

From a professional point of view, the 365 project injected so much more freshness into my photography by forcing me to regularly think creatively and differently about the pictures I take and the subjects I photograph. As I mentioned in my best of 2011 post, it also helped me to stop pigeon-holing myself professionally and to focus on developing myself as a photographer and artist, rather than specifically as a wedding photographer or a portrait photographer, and this freedom has been so exciting for me and opened up a whole new raft of possibilities for projects in the future.

As the project progressed, for personal reasons, it developed far beyond what I originally envisaged it would be. Initially I thought it would just be a series of random fun snapshots but actually over the weeks it evolved into a kind of diary, far more personal than I ever thought it would be and I found myself engaging emotionally with the project far more than I expected. Without making any conscious decision to do so, the captions started to become more detailed and became almost as important as the pictures they accompanied – it very much did become a kind of pictorial journal. This year was a crazy and emotional time for me for a number of reasons… without going in to too many details, at the start of the year I went through a very sad time within my own family, and throughout all the feelings and changes this upheaval brought about, the project became a real creative outlet, very cathartic, therapeutic and probably the most meaningful photographic work I’ve ever done. It’s quite overwhelming for me looking back through the whole year’s images, remembering the rollercoaster of ups and downs each day brought, and reliving how I felt as each day passed. Of all the years in my life to have documented, other than the year I had Joe, there couldn’t have been a more eventful and meaningful one than this. Happily, I have ended the year the most content I’ve ever been, and it’s so heartening looking at the earlier pictures and knowing now what I didn’t know then… that everything was going to be all right.

In summary, this 365 project has been such a wonderful thing to do. I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t been driven up the wall by it at times – it’s been such a big commitment and if I’m being honest, often a total pain in the arse! But as with most things in life, the things most worth doing are the things most difficult to do, and it was absolutely 100% worth the challenge. Doing this has made me certain that I will not stop doing regular personal work, and this 2011 365 project is about to be replaced by a new 2012 personal project – all will be revealed tomorrow!

Thank you so much to everyone who has encouraged me along the way with this. The comments people have taken the time to post on my blog and facebook page, as well as by email and face-to-face, have meant the world to me and very much kept me going with the project at the times I felt like giving up with it. I’m so very glad some of you enjoyed it and I hope that you will enjoy the next one too.

Here are a few highlights of my crazy 365 year…



To see the full project – start with January and follow the links to the subsequent months.

If you would like to buy prints, postcards, a book etc of the images, please see here for the gift shop!

…And see here for 2012’s brand spanking new personal project!


  1. Katy Lunsford

    Wow, what an incredible project. It must have taken real commitment… I’ve been tempted to do a 365 but think I’d fall off the wagon very soon! Gorgeous photography and the images really tell a story. You are one inspiring and beautiful lady, so glad your year ended happily xxx

  2. Jo Hastings

    I loved looking at these Anna, it must have taken such commitment on top of running your business and your family life to keep the 365 up and yet you have still produced beautiful, original images. Very inspirational. Hope you & Joe have an amazing 2012. x

  3. Kierstin

    as always, your work inspires me. each of your photos evokes so many different emotions. You are en absolute expert at capturing a moment and retelling it beautifully through the art of photo. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Lucy

    I absolutely adore your photography Anna. Poignant, gorgeous, inspiring, dreamy and more x

  5. gemma williams

    Anna I love these, and I love you! Huge huge respect and congrats for completing your 365 (i failed mine after a matter of days!). A fantastic collection of images to look back on. X

  6. Denise

    I love your point of view and your images are enchanting.
    Can I say a personal thank you because my year of photography has been special, prompted in the first place by your words and your work.♥

  7. Caroline Sheehan

    Every blog, project.. Photo is so special Anna. A 365 book please!!!!! What’s next for someone so talented… Exciting!! X

  8. Lisa

    What a stunning diary of your year. Such beautiful images and so inspiring!

  9. Eve

    Aww..gorgeous images! I’m always inspired by your work Anna, i have so many favourite images from your 365 project. All the best for 2012. Look forward to all the images you have instore for this year x x

  10. pen

    love, love, LOVE!

  11. andy wardle

    Awesome Anna! Well done for working through it all this year and still coming up with such cool stuff :O) Its inspired me to do a 365 this year. Gulp! xx

  12. xanthe

    SO glad you did it, it really is life changing hey?! I’ve loved watching your year, really stunning images. Look forward to seeing what you do next xxxx

  13. Emily Quinton

    Absolutely blown away… I’ve looked at this three times today and loved it and been more inspired by it each time. You’ve done a really beautiful thing. Definitely something I’d love to do.
    Looking forward to following your next creative project.

    Happy New Year! xxx

  14. rabbia

    what an incredible collection, loving the new project too 🙂

  15. ali

    Great Photos and great photographer 🙂
    The way that you edit your photos is interesting and make them comfortable for viewers…
    that would be nice if you make a toturial that how you edit them

    happy new year anna

  16. Melissa Love

    This is an amazing achievement. Great selection. (Thinking of quitting my 365). Might not do now.

  17. Marina

    You are the most awesome photographer!!! I adore your work … Would you come with me to second shoot a wed? Wouldn’t that be fun!!!! Mel… I am lost for words… You are absolutely great as a designer and up there as a photographer… Love you!!!

  18. Alex

    THIS IS INCREDIBLE! Don’t know why I didn’t see it before 🙁 But you totally rock!

  19. Naomi Kenton

    These are fab, and I love your greyhound so much! Amazing job that you kept them all so interesting. Your editing is really interesting too, what camera /lens did you use for most of these? Naomi x

  20. Suzie Jay

    Such beautiful images. Delicate and feminine….whats not to love?! Thanks for sharing this project.

  21. Ali Lovegrove

    Absolutely gorgeous work, such an inspirational set of images, You have made everyday life look like fine art!

  22. Katrina Bartlam

    Amazing photo’s. Absolutely inspired me to do the same. Can’t wait to see more of you photography

  23. Gisela Olsson

    2013 and time to plan ahead for the business and personal growth. Remembered this from 2011′ what a great achievement and beautiful work!

  24. Eric

    Just saw these, they are absolutely gorgeous photographs!



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