Overhaul your business, eliminate distraction, supercharge your growth

6 months of intensive support for photographers who are ready and committed to take their business and income to the next level 

If you’ve hit a wall and are struggling to move past it, I’m here to get you unstuck. Together we’ll get you moving beyond your fears, uncertainty and procrastination, making big strides forward with laser-sharp focus, increased confidence and a clear, personalised strategy for growth.


In The Shutterhood and The Library I have plenty of self-study resources and training for people who want to work at their own pace with gentle guidance. The Accelerator is something completely different.

This is the only way to work with me 1-1 and is for those who are serious about making large, impactful changes to their business. It’s for ambitious, hard-working photographers who’ve hit a wall, are struggling to bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to be, and who want to be guided along the most direct route between the two. They don’t want to waste time faffing about, and are committed to putting in the hard work and making the most of intensive personalised guidance and motivation from me in order to achieve big results in a relatively short amount of time.

The focus of this program is action, implementation, consistency and accountability a.k.a GETTING STUFF DONE. It’s not about hiding away behind the scenes, going down various website / social media / making things look pretty / editing-related rabbit-holes and procrastinating by signing up for endless courses or training under the guise of ‘development’. It’s about really getting stuck in – clearing distractions, getting out of your own way and taking focused and consistent action to achieve as much progress as you can in the time you have available to you.



Hands down the best money I’ve ever spent on education… and I’ve been to 3 universities! The Accelerator is genuinely the most comprehensive course either for start-ups or to optimise and streamline every aspect of your existing brand and business. Don’t hesitate – just do it!

I spent almost 8 years in an imposter-syndrome hole before Anna came along. I was going to set up my family business…. I went on some workshops… I did a few shoots. But it never happened. Anna has helped me see that this is for me, she’s given me confidence and clarity. Before The Accelerator I couldn’t find my true photography style, I was unsure about which direction to go in but by the end of it I have a real brand identity that is totally unique, confidence in what I can offer to my clients and a determination to succeed.

The Accelerator is tailor-made to suit your requirements and Anna is the most incredible listener. She’s non-judgmental, straight-talking, compassionate and didn’t ever get impatient with my dips in confidence. She felt like the teacher / guide / counsellor / sister I really wanted all in one go. Absolutely loved every minute of it and was so sad that it had to end… although I’ll be back for more!



“I felt like I was putting in so much work and not getting any further forward with my business, couldn’t see where I was going wrong and felt very lost. Having been a member of the Shutterhood and having a huge bank of knowledge and advice from that already, I wasn’t sure what the Accelerator would give me that I hadn’t already had. I got to a point this year where I hit a fork – either I say goodbye to my business or I give it one last shot. Then I remembered one of my favourite quotes, “I didn’t come this far to only come this far.” So I decided to make a big investment into my business and signed up.

I’ve loved the Accelerator, I don’t want it to end! It’s without doubt the best investment I’ve ever made and not just for my business but for myself too! It’s so well thought out. Anna went through every area of my business and came up with a detailed plan of action of the next 6 months. Firstly, and more importantly, she looked at me, my physical and mental wellbeing and she helped me to make big improvements there too. The fortnightly calls are so good, it’s great having that opportunity to talk face to face with you and voice any worries or concerns. Voxer is absolutely genius! Having you there at any time to answer my questions when I’m stuck has been one of the best things about the Accelerator! I feel like I’ve had constant guidance throughout, and I’ve never felt rushed or pressured. Having the accountability check every Monday morning keeps me on track and makes sure I’m moving forward each week to achieve my goals.

So much has changed both in my business and in my personal life. I have so many systems in place now that I didn’t have before. I’ve had enquiries!! And I’ve had bookings! I’ve hit my income goals, something I haven’t managed for over a year! I’m more confident with marketing and don’t shy away from it anymore. I’m more organised and after 2 years of running my business, I’m finally getting better at switching off in the evenings and weekends and have a much better work/life balance. 12 months on I’ve quit my job in the salon, I’ve sold out Spring shoots and I’m 4 shoots away from selling out summer!!! I have a great morning and evening routine and my dream is still very much alive. I feel I’m going into 2023 a much more confident person with lots of knowledge and systems in place for all areas of my business. It’s not just been a game changer, it’s been a life changer and I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve given me both in the Shutterhood and especially during the Accelerator. I’ll definitely be back in the future!



Well, I wish I’d have done this at the beginning of my career! We’re just over halfway through the Accelerator programme and I’ve got more done now than I’ve ever done. It’s had a massive impact on my business.

I was feeling stuck and disorganised, not knowing what to do next to step up my business. I knew I had lots to sort out, but kept putting it off as I didn’t know where to start. It all needed a refresh and a boost and I needed direction and motivation to get things done. The Accelerator price was more appealing than others I’d seen and I’d already done The Roost and seen Anna at NineDots, so it was an absolute no-brainer for me to join.

Everything is super-organised and really helpful – it’s been SO amazing to have Anna to check in with, give me direction as to what’s important and what to do next… All the awesome resources, motivation and the bi-weekly calls with Anna is like having a little cheerleader!!! Filling out the forms at the beginning was amazing, it was like therapy in itself and I would recommend that everyone goes full tilt and writes as much as possible. I’ve sorted so much in the back end since having Anna by my side, I’m managing my time so much more effectively, my finances, accounts and systems are now in a better state, my workflow has massively improved, my fear of marketing has decreased and I’m getting more towards where I want to be, and getting things done!

Anna, thank you so much for all the help and time, the resources are amazing, I love the plan you’ve come up with, you’re so friendly and giving! You’ve got back to me so quickly every time with any questions I had or when I asked for your opinion on something. Mentally I feel so much better having everything so much more organised now, my confidence is growing and I’ve finally done my first pieces of successful marketing which I’ve always put off! I am loving having you as my mentor Anna, honestly not sure what I’ll do when it stops! Thanks for putting up with my crazy self-doubt and giving me the direction / push I need.

The Accelerator can help you with:


Patchy or insufficient enquiries – spending too much time worrying about an empty inbox


Inconsistent bookings and sales – you’re not sure why people aren’t booking


Income lower than you want/need it to be – and you’re tired of stressing about it 


Not connecting or working with enough ideal clients – attracting the ‘wrong’ people


Your business feeling like it’s stuck or stagnated – you made some good progress but now you’ve hit a wall and find yourself going round in circles


Feeling tired and unproductive – frustrated because you work hard but still feel so overwhelmed and scattered


Spending a lot of time finding out what everyone else is doing, losing confidence by stressing about ‘the competition’


Lack of consistent, repeatable marketing systems that work


Uncertainty about what to do next for the best results


Typically people at this ‘hit a wall’ stage become a bit of an education junkie – signing up to countless free/paid trainings and courses, but moving onto the next one before fully finishing or implementing the last one. The more you sign up for, the more you realise you don’t know, so you sign up for some more. Half-read, un-actioned resources pile up and overwhelm you.

As an ex-teacher I’m all for training and development – but I can tell you with absolute certainty (and first hand experience as this is exactly what I do when I hit a wall) that ‘education junkie’ mode is a classic impostor syndrome, avoidance and procrastination tool – you convince yourself you’re not qualified enough to up-level your business until you learn xyz.

It’s especially insidious because it feels like you’re doing something productive – you can confidently tell yourself that you’re ‘improving’ yourself and the business, which makes you feel ok about not doing the other things that genuinely will help you to grow your business but that you’re scared to do (HELLO marketing and putting yourself out there!)

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with working at your own pace, doing DIY training and being your own taskmaster. However, all this valuable planning and education is as much use as a chocolate teapot if you don’t actually implement any of it. I’d love to be able to promise you a magic bullet for a successful photography business – something you can just absorb by osmosis by hiding behind the scenes watching a training video on the sofa.

But the truth is that real confidence and results come from taking consistent action; from actually doing the things you’ve learned – there’s no other way to get them. Learning and growing through ‘doing‘ is what this program is all about. It’s not about adding to your ‘to do’ list – it’s about ticking stuff off it.



“Anna has been part of my journey since I decided to start my own photography business 5 years ago – she was the first mentor I turned to and I know her experience, knowledge and support is invaluable.

Now that I’m a full time (mainly wedding) photographer, wanting to really up my game, I jumped at the chance to have Anna’s support on a one to one basis for a 6 month period. The Accelerator started with some really in-depth exercises, which went through EVERYTHING about me and my business, and this enabled us to build a plan. The first thing I did was to increase my prices – I knew this probably needed to happen but Anna really helped me to find the confidence to and people are now booking me at the new price – hooray! We have also looked in lots of detail at my workflow, lead magnets and building my audience. The next thing we are really concentrating on is my ideal client work.

I love our fortnightly zooms, it really focuses me and helps me get things back in perspective when I go off track. And most importantly, I’m making progress week on week. I’ve had a lot of imposter syndrome throughout the time I’ve been in business, but now I feel confident about what I do and how I get my message across!



“I have struggled with self belief all my life, but now in my early 50s I realised that if I don’t begin to take myself and my desire to have a photography business seriously that a) it will never happen and b) nobody else will take me seriously either. I’ve received Anna’s emails for a couple of years and watched a presentation she did at Phlock Live and I realised that her approach regarding self belief was something that could help me. It’s very difficult to invest in a programme like the Accelerator when not making any money, but I finally decided that I simply didn’t seem able to make progress without some support.

The Accelerator is different to other things I’ve tried in that it’s not a step by step process, but more of a bespoke programme based upon the initial Brand Builder Audit which in itself helped me truly think about my potential business. Having access to Anna’s support and wisdom practically at the drop of a hat is amazing, and fortnightly accountability is helping me stay on track.

For the first time in a long time I feel as though I’m getting somewhere – I even have a paying client booked despite not having completed my website which I have for too long seen as the first step. I really like the flexibility of The Accelerator – no waiting for the next module to be released or having to learn something that’s not relevant. Being able to access huge amounts of resources to learn from at the appropriate moment is perfect.”



I’m so glad I took the leap and signed up to Anna’s one to one mentorship, I had mulled it over for a few months unsure if I could afford it but now knowing what’s involved it’s more than worth the investment.

My main reason for joining The Accelerator was to help get me organised and deal with the overwhelm of being self employed. My confidence has totally grown and I now have systems in place that keep me on track. I’m only half way through and I know I still have loads to learn from her, she has such a calming influence and the fortnightly accountability checks have been a huge support on moving the business forward. As well as her endless knowledge on the business side of things I’ve really enjoyed the positive mindset aspects of the Accelerator that can be applied to every aspect of your life.

I wouldn’t think twice about signing up again if I need help in the future, highly recommend for anyone no matter what stage they are in their photography journey.”



“I was struggling to organise myself and clarify what I was offering to clients. I tend to flip flop between different things and it meant I never really got anywhere. I wasn’t sure if my business was a bit too messy for Anna to help me but that wasn’t the case at all and Anna has a magic way of really simplifying things.

Being in the Accelerator has been the guidance that I really needed. Its difficult to work on your own at times and I’m the kind of person who constantly second guesses their own decisions. Having Anna to guide me and answer questions has helped me to learn to trust myself more and also appreciate my own work for what it is and actually how far I’ve come with it. I think one thing I hadn’t expected was that the Accelerator process really helped me clarify what’s important to me in my work and how important it is to get the balance right between my personal and paid work.

The Accelerator has given me the tools to be able to successfully run my business now and into the future. Anna is such a wonderful person and it’s really been a pleasure to be mentored by her. I’ve struggled a bit with getting to grips with how I want to work and had a period during my Accelerator time where I basically had burnout but Anna was such a fabulous support. She’s incredibly kind and patient and just gave me the time to do what I needed to do and knew exactly how to guide me back to slowly feeling able to get my head back into work again.

If you think about what qualities a mentor should have, Anna has them all. She’s a fantastic listener and has a brilliant way of understanding what you need in your business. She knows just when to push you and when to hold back. She has methods and techniques to help you organise yourself and create a business routine which enables you to work efficiently. Best of all Anna is a down to earth, normal person, who has used all of the techniques that she shares to create and run her own amazing business. Ultimately, Anna is really good at understanding people and because of that she will provide you with the perfect help and support no matter where you are in your business.



The Accelerator is not for people who aren’t prepared to take action, make changes, implement new ideas and put in the work – we’d be destined for failure from the start. It’s also not for people who are open to change but want me to wave a magic wand and/or do the work for them – no one on this planet can do either of these things for you, so again we’d be onto a losing battle. 


Put simply, the Accelerator is for people who want, need and are ready for a kick up the bum.

It’s all about getting you to ACTUALLY DO THE THINGS. It will require dedicated time and effort, consistent action-taking and (I’m sorry to break it to you!) but stepping outside your comfort zone. You can’t expect different results by doing the same things, so you’ll need to be open to new and potentially unfamiliar actions and decisions. You’re going to have to get visible. 

You don’t have to feel comfortable about trying new things (spoiler: no-one does!) You just have to recognise that new things are necessary if you want to grow… That excuses won’t get you anywhere… That if you feel the fear and do it anyway, very soon things that once felt scary won’t feel so scary any more.

This program is for people who are ready to work together with me to push themselves forward. I’ll be a firm taskmaster, will hold you accountable, and may at times even dole out some tough love if I think it’s needed. However, I promise I’ll always do it with kindness, empathy and understanding – I’ll be right next to you as your loyal cheerleader throughout.

The good news is that what seems difficult right now really isn’t as difficult as you think. I know you can do this, and I’m here to help you do it.

This is the exciting bit, where we swap procrastination and stagnation for consistency, accountability and growth. For the next 6 months I’ll be your champion. I’ll give you clarity and focus with a personalised action plan to grow your business, supporting you to take consistent steps to move past your fears, increase your confidence and achieve your goals.


The satisfaction of fulfilling your potential and achieving real progression on your goals

Enjoying calm clarity and focus, working to a personalised action plan

Growing your audience 

Getting more enquiries and implementing a consistent strategy for lead generation

Booking more clients and making more sales with irresistible offers and a repeatable process for converting enquiries into customers

The joy of working with more ideal clients

Designing and implementing personally aligned, feel-good marketing strategies

Confidence and pride in your own unique brand, without worrying about the competition

Having more time and energy – implementing systems and routines for maximum productivity

Increasing your income



“Signing up to the Accelerator was the best decision I’ve made. I was still very new to running my photography businesses when I signed up and wasn’t sure if it was the right time for me to do so, or if I should be more established before entering a mentoring programme. For me it was 100% the right decision.

I felt completely overwhelmed with setting up all aspects of the business. My head was full of thousands of ideas which meant I found it hard to focus on specific tasks and ended up starting lots of things but only finishing a handful. Working with Anna has changed this!

Fortnightly calls with a specific to-do list (which were manageable with my time available) meant that I finally managed to focus on the things that were important. I set up lots of systems that make my life so much easier now. I’ve set my pricing to a level that I feel comfortable with and reflects the value of my work. My branding and messaging feels so much clearer after working through it with Anna.

The first year of running your own business is exhausting, daunting and nerve-wracking. I’m so glad I had Anna in my pocket for support when I felt like just giving up. I truly believe that Anna is one of the main reasons I am still doing what I love now and didn’t throw in the towel. I’m now comfortable with running my business, equipped with tools that help me through quieter times, systems that make it easy to maintain my marketing and positive mindset about my work.

Thanks so much Anna – you’re an absolute star!



“I was struggling to know how I could best spend my limited hours to really grow my audience and business whilst juggling busy family life with two school age kids. I knew I could take decent pictures, had clear messaging and clients who booked me were always happy with their images – I just needed more people to know about me!

I wasn’t sure I’d have the time necessary to really make the most of the Accelerator but after reading the words of another Accelerator ‘graduate’ (Jo) I was convinced! They also had limited hours to dedicate to Accelerator work but were full of praise for what their time with Anna had done for their business, confidence (and life!)

Another concern was that as a member of the Shutterhood I might not really need Anna’s 1-1 support… It was actually completely the opposite experience and Anna’s full on support and attention really reinforced all the training from the Shutterhood and helped me to implement them. The Shutterhood and Accelerator complement each other really well.

There was so much attention to detail in the initial Brand Audit and I loved Anna’s suggestions of how to improve the business. She shines a light into every nook and cranny and makes sure you’re getting the absolute most out of your time. The fortnightly (attainable!) action plans and calls kept me on track and the continuing Voxer support of ‘Anna in my pocket’ was incredible for any little questions that popped up between calls. I really felt Anna genuinely wanted me to have a successful, rewarding business and she was like a little cheerleader buddy for any achievements! It gave me a big confidence boost in my abilities but also my worth, leading to a well-needed increase of my prices!

Anna has an amazing way of making you focus on simplifying your business to improve it! She helped me clarify my offer, pricing and even my aesthetic! I love the changes she has helped me make and she held my hand through all of them with really fantastic ideas, suggestions and achievable targets. I’m so glad I chose to do the Accelerator and found it has given me a massive boost in confidence and improved focus. I feel very lucky to have found an educator like Anna… Super skilful, mega supportive and most of all an absolutely sound person you’re so happy to get to hang out with while building your business. I can’t thank Anna enough and would say to anyone wavering over signing up to the Accelerator… just do it! You won’t regret it!



“I wasn’t so much struggling with my photography business as I’ve been making a decent living for a long time. For the past 12-14 years I’ve focused very much on in-person sales of physical products to my family photography clients. I did countless courses on how to do it effectively. But I’d hit a plateau with my sales averages and a mental block about prices that no amount of photographic or mindset courses seemed to overcome. When I did the sums in my head I could see that if I switched to online sales I could afford to lose quite a bit on my average order and still make the same profit. I’d never done much online sales and what I had done was unsuccessful so I wanted someone who had been doing well with it to help me put it together.

I’ve taken a lot of courses and they tend to be ‘what you expect’ but the results aren’t ‘what you’d hoped’. In other words, they teach you what they promised but for some reason you don’t get the same result as the mentor. With The Accelerator course the process was what I expected but the results were everything I hoped and more. Anna was extremely responsive and made sure we focused on the priorities and ignored everything else. Step by step she helped me build the system in a way that she knew would work for me and my business.

There have been so many huge improvements and I’m absolutely delighted with the results to my business and my quality of life. Anna helped me create a new price list that was simpler, more focused on packages, less attractive to the lower end of the market and more attractive to people who value photography. She reassured me I don’t need a low barrier to entry and that packages would suit me better. Anna also got me to trial using a questionnaire instead of a Zoom call to plan the photoshoot. I was concerned this would reduce the connection I had with clients and the emotional connection they’d have with their photographs. I was also concerned they wouldn’t even bother filling it out. My concerns were unfounded because everyone filled out the questionnaire and this freed up my time even more. I’m still getting the excited responses and lovely reviews from my clients.

I’m getting more enquiries, more bookings and my average profit per photoshoot has increased! It’s early days but it looks like my annual profit for families is likely to become 33-50% higher and a lot easier and more fun! I’m no longer doing the Zoom calls or the ordering sessions which frees me up to do more photoshoots and make more money… or get back some free-time. I don’t have the extra pressure, hassle and discomfort of trying to sell (even though I was taught the low-pressure and emotional approach to selling rather then the hard-sell, I still found it my least favourite job). I’m now able to focus on all the parts of my business that I love.

Thank you so much for all your help. I’m sitting here with more bookings in the calendar than I would ever normally have in winter, no delays in payment, no editing to do except yesterday’s photoshoot, no IPS or product ordering hanging over my head… and a whole lot more time and money. It’s early days so I’m excited to see what 2023 brings.”



Overhaul your business, eliminate distraction, supercharge your growth



This is probably the most powerful feature of the Accelerator – on-demand access to me for the whole duration! Via Voxer you have me ‘in your pocket’ and can pick my brains whenever you want to throughout our 6 months together. Sometimes you’ll have questions that crop up as you’re working, or you’ll want to run something past me in between our calls. For these, you can leave me a voice or text message on Voxer (a bit like WhatsApp – our own little Walkie Talkie!) and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can within my Voxer working hours (Monday to Wednesday, 9am to 3pm), within 1 working day max, usually within an hour or two and sometimes instantly! There’s no need to have to wait for our next call, you can ask me anything anytime, including when you’re cooking dinner, have a baby on your hip, are out on a walk – just as and when anything occurs to you.



To kick off the program you’ll be asked to complete a detailed ‘Dig Deep’ questionnaire, specially designed to prompt you to examine every aspect of your business, and to really get to the root of what you’re struggling with and why. Previous Accelerators have described this questionnaire as ‘like therapy in itself’ and said that filling it out prompted so many lightbulb moments before they’d even begun the mentoring.



Based on your responses in the ‘Dig Deep’ questionnaire, I create a bespoke, extensive written audit of all aspects of your business, covering your goals, mindset, productivity, brand and messaging, offers and pricing, systems, audience growth, lead generation, sales and client experience. The report troubleshoots weak spots and gives you a clear, personalised strategy for growth.


TRAINING LIBRARY (worth over £900)

You’ll also have permanent access to all the Library courses and all the  Shutterhood Roadmap and Booster courses – a valuable and extensive range of business, mindset and creativity trainings that you can dip into at any time, including after your Accelerator ends. I can and will happily signpost you to any trainings that are relevant to you and your specific needs.



As part of your Brand Builder Audit I will also review your website and portfolio, and we will continue to monitor and improve these as an ongoing part of the Accelerator program.



Fortnightly hyper-focused 1-1 Zoom calls for problem-solving and seeking advice and direction to help you implement your action plan. 



After each implementation call, I’ll send you a clear mini-action plan for the following 2 weeks



Rewrite your limiting beliefs and establish healthy habits and routines



Craft your unique, powerful messaging that will form the bedrock of all your sales and marketing activities



An extended 1-1 kick-off call to discuss the results of your audit and confirm your personalised strategy and provisional action plan for the months ahead



An extended 1-1 call in Month 3 to ensure you don’t lose momentum, review your progress and tweak your strategy if necessary



To keep you on track and accountable



Two bonus ‘anytime’ 1-1 calls for urgent issues



Throughout our time together, I will be your personal Wingwoman and loyal sidekick, there to pick you up when you’re struggling or feeling low or demotivated, and to celebrate all your achievements with you so that you can quite rightly feel all the pride and motivation you deserve. This is as much about the two of us being a team as it as about me mentoring you. I want you to know that you’re never alone in this and that I’ve always got your back!



Many of my Accelerator clients are parents (as am I!) and when the kids are off school it can tricky to get work done. Therefore I offer you the option to pause the Accelerator during school holidays so you don’t have to worry about wasting any of our time together. 



“I have spent a small fortune on business training over the six years since I started my wedding photography business and Anna’s Accelerator was hands down the best investment I’ve ever made (and absolutely not the most expensive). After coming out of a very busy couple of years post lockdown, I was struggling with overwhelm, self doubt, imposter syndrome (ALL the stuff we self employed folk struggle with) and just felt disconnected from my brand and a little lost. 
Anna came along at just the right time, and it was exactly what I had been looking for. No wishy washy generic “do this and do that, one model fits all”, Anna really took the time to understand my business and importantly me and gave my (life and!) business an audit. I know I work best when I’m working 1:1 with someone so I knew the Accelerator was the best option for me. Anna made it so you still have to dig deep and do the work yourself via her incredible bank of educational training videos but she’s there in the background holding your hand and encouraging you. 
As Anna undertakes a massive audit on every aspect of your business, I’ve come away having tweaked my brand to make it feel more aligned with me but I also have the audit document full of incredible ideas and tweaks to stuff I already have in place but also fresh ideas to elevate all aspects of my business which I’m still implementing now and will be in the future.  
Thank you Anna for your time, kindness, ideas, generosity and patience with me. I’ll never forget you!!”


“I’d been thinking about enrolling on the Accelerator for a while. I had a good portfolio but was not getting bookings, was hopeless at marketing, and knew I needed help. As I’m in full time employment and looking to pursue family photography part time, I thought this was probably the boost I needed. However it never felt quite like the right time – I was always too busy and worried that I wouldn’t be able to do the programme justice.

I finally took the plunge – realising that I either needed to give the business a proper go or not at all – and I’m so pleased I did. I found that completing Anna’s questionnaire and the “Magnetic Messaging” form at the start of the process were really powerful tools for helping me dig deep, clarify my brand and understand where I was on my journey.

Anna uses these to develop a tailored plan, which for me was a revelation. She had perfectly understood my situation and came up with a clear and manageable pathway for me to really make progress. This was so so motivating – finally I could see a way forward, and I threw myself into it.

Embarking on the Accelerator didn’t just benefit my photography business, I found I was more productive and efficient in my day job, and really achieving a good overall balance in life. At the end of the six months I’m getting bookings (yes, this marketing thing actually works 😊), and have developed a skillset I wasn’t sure I had.

What’s more, it’s just such a pleasure working with Anna – I will miss our fortnightly calls, and really can’t recommend her highly enough.



Doing the Accelerator has been a game changer for me… Both for my business but also me personally. Nothing else has even come close!

I joined the Accelerator as I felt a bit stuck. I knew I was holding myself back with Imposter Syndrome and not being clear on my ‘Why’ and brand, as I was struggling to really articulate these. Doing the Accelerator made me work through these and also forced me to face what I needed to do to not only work on my business with some simpler things like setting goals and clearer processes, but also harder things like my own mindset and fears.

The beauty of the Accelerator is that it lasts beyond the 6 months, I have resources and actions I can come back to anytime I feel a little unsure. Even though I finished it over a year ago – it’s still having a lasting impact.

Anna is the perfect coach, she was born to do this. Her support and encouragement is incredible, and she adds the perfect touch of challenge that made me realise, ‘I’ve got this’. It’s totally tailored to you. It’s not one size fits all. She shares her wisdom (it’s not just knowledge, it’s wisdom with a bit of ‘Anna magic’) with such openness and generosity through the coaching calls and the resources she has created. It really is the best thing I’ve done as a result.

I highly recommend it – take the plunge. You won’t regret it. It would be impossible to anyway, as Anna won’t let you not get 100% from this programme. She cares too much to.



Due to the intensive nature of the Accelerator support, I can only work with a small number of people at any one time, to ensure I’m not overstretched and have the time and resources to fully support everyone.

If you’d like to find out more about possibly being an ‘Accelerator’ please just pop your name and email below and I’ll send you all the info including the investment, availability, further details of the program content and next steps.

NB: An email will automatically be sent to you as soon as you fill in the form below – please check your junk/spam if it doesn’t reach your inbox, and drop me an email if you don’t receive it!

I can’t wait to hopefully work with you – this is going to be an immense 6 months!

Anna 🙂



By completing this form you're consenting to be contacted regarding The Accelerator program and to be added to the Anna Hardy Photography mailing list. I handle your data with the utmost care, and you can opt out at any time.

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