Edinburgh wedding photography (Anna + Iain)

I’ve known Iain & Anna for years – Iain is one of my oldest friends and we lived together with 7 other friends in a big house in Chorlton while we were students. Iain and I probably had the least uni hours of everyone in the house and spent a ridiculous number of lazy hours, weeks, months, sitting in our dressing gowns on the sofa playing Intenational Superstar Soccer, Donkey Kong Racing and Goldeneye and talking nonsense. Pure sloth but lots of fun.

Iain is one of the funniest people I know and I think anyone who knows him would agree with me 100% – he is a ridiculously laid back dude with enormous character and personality, as well as a really sharp mind and sense of humour. Anna is similarly laid back, adventurous and funny – they are so good together, both of them really fascinating people, interested in everything, particularly travel & adventure.

With both of them being fiercely proud Scots, although they both now live in London, their wedding couldn’t be anywhere else but their home town of Edinburgh. Iain looked so handsome in his kilt, and as for Anna in that breathtaking backless Jenny Packham dress – there are no words other than SCORCHING HOT!!!

Iain is probably best known for being very chaotic and spontaneous, never one for organisation & order, and I would challenge anyone to be more laid back. The wedding was true to form. They had planned to have the ceremony outside in Dunbar’s Close Gardens. Unfortunately, they fell prey to typical Scottish weather, and it had been pouring with rain all morning. When I turned up to shoot Anna getting ready 2-3 hours before the ceremony, she told me that Iain was still holding out for an outdoor wedding and wanted to wait a bit longer before changing the venue! An hour or so later and Iain finally made the call to change it to an indoor ceremony at the City Chambers, where part of the reception was being held. There was then a mad, frantic texting and calling of all the wedding guests to let them know that there was a last-minute change of venue. Iain then seemed to think that the removal of one venue meant that there was plenty more time in the day so decided to throw in a ceremony time-change for good measure and pushed the ceremony back half an hour too! When I arrived at the City Chambers to photograph Iain and the guests arriving, Iain was again true to form, and about 20 minutes before the ceremony decided there was plenty of time to head up the road for a pint in the pub. One of my most vivid memories of the day is dashing up the Royal Mile away from the City Chambers behind Iain and his best man Sesh in the pouring rain, while all Iain’s family and wedding guests came striding down in the other direction towards the ceremony, shouting at Iain as he disappeared off, “Where on earth are you going?! You’re getting married in 20 minutes??!!” while lots of tourists wet themselves laughing.

However, all went well and Iain did make it back for the ceremony (pretty much!) on time and the gorgeous Anna was there waiting. The ceremony was a beautiful humanist ceremony and was one of the most touching and lovely I’ve ever seen. It is impossible for me at this point not to name and shame my friend Lee who, half way through the ceremony and asked his wife (in all seriousness) when the jokes would start (“I thought it was supposed to be a humorous ceremony”…)

This was the first wedding I’ve ever shot where the rain literally didn’t stop for one second all day (well it did, but rather unfortunately this was while everyone was eating their meal – great timing). So the couple shots were all taken under umbrellas, and ducking and dodging the raindrops under arches, alleyways, shop fronts etc. I actually think it added to all the fun of the day and it certainly didn’t dampen Iain and Anna’s spirits one bit. I hope that this shows that couples really don’t need to panic about things like this – if the day is full of love, fun and happiness, no amount of rain will make any difference to it at all.

One of my favourite parts of the day was overhearing Iain say to Anna, “If the step’s too wet, I’ve got some underpants in my sporran you can sit on.” And if anyone is wondering what they are roaring with laughter about in the photos where they are sat on said step, it’s because some old ladies in a cafe opposite got an eyeful of Iain’s family jewels as he sat down. Can’t beat a bit of flashing on your wedding day.

After a slap up meal, everyone headed off to the Counting House for drinking and dancing, including a live ceilidh band, which was brilliant fun. Once the band had finished, I hung up my camera equipment and started playing catch-up (I had a fair way to go!) Various friends took over DJing (including both Iain and Anna) and it ended up a big party with everyone’s favourite tunes. At about 2am Iain & Anna and about 20 of our friends piled over to Hotel du Vin for some late night whisky & cigars, the perfect end to a perfect day.

Iain and Anna look at each other in a way that I think all couples aspire to – they are truly soulmates and best friends, and could not have looked happier that day. Congratulations to an amazing couple and wonderful friends! Here are some of my favourites…



  1. Michelle

    Really really gorgeous pictures Anna. x

  2. Donna Marshall

    Really, really lovely set of images. Capturing lots of great moments

  3. xanthe


  4. Kirsten

    Oh so lovely. Anna looks radiant.

  5. Iain

    Truly incredible photos Anna, somehow you captured the feeling of the day – it really was as much fun as it looks. Best photographer award to you! Even though none of the blog is true (I don’t remember going to Manchester?!).

  6. Anna

    It would come as no surprise to me that this period of your life is a little hazy Iain 😉 So happy you love the pics x

  7. John Starns

    Gorgeous collection of images Anna. So many happy smiley faces!

  8. Laura Bloor

    I just love the way you always capture so many gorgeous, natural moments!! : ) stunning as always Anna.
    Laura x

  9. cheech

    Amazing photos anna, captured in your own personal style and panache… You’ve certainly caught the true spirit of the day. Iain and Anna, I wish you long life and happiness… with music, love and a little drunkiness. Hopefully we will see you both soon. xxx


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