Bordeaux France destination wedding photography (Anne-Laure + Quentin)

Anne-Laure and Quentin’s beautiful wedding took place on a scorching hot summer day near Bordeaux. I’ve had a little hiatus from blogging these last few weeks and really wanted to restart again with a bang – so I looked no further than Anne-Laure and Quentin to brighten up the blog again with that gorgeous countryside soaked in sunshine.

It was a genuine French wedding, not a British couple marrying abroad – French couple, French guests – so it was also really refreshing and fun to see and photograph all their wedding traditions that differ to ours here in the UK…. particularly all the games at various points throughout the day. And the food, oh my word! You have to take your hat off to French cuisine… It was out of this world.

After flying into Bordeaux the day before the wedding (and having my luggage left in Paris by Air France so no clothes or toiletries for the first day – great!) we had a wander around Bordeaux for a day-before engagement shoot, which was great fun – and really nice to get some more urban shots to contrast with the rural setting of the wedding. The next day was the wedding itself, with the legal ceremony at the local ‘mairie’, or town hall, then the reception at Quentin’s amazing family home. This place was BEAUTIFUL, so much character and such a heavenly location. It was a real family affair with everyone all pitching in to make it the beautiful celebration that it was. It was an absolutely amazing day – sun-drenched, with wonderful food and drink flowing, lots of laughter, lots of playing and relaxing (including swimming in the river!) and of course, lots of love.

I’d be lying if I said it was easy work – 14 hours straight shooting a wedding on your own with heavy equipment round your neck in 35 degree heat, speaking French all day (or at least trying my hardest to!) was no mean feat! The glamour of the guests made me all the more conscious of how sweaty and unglamorous I looked with my hair all frizzy and plastered to my forehead! But it was an amazing experience, I was made to feel very welcome, and I truly loved it. I’ve visited France regularly since I was little, and have always loved it to bits, so it was an absolute pleasure to be able to shoot a wedding there and share in their lovely traditions.

The good news if you’re planning a wedding abroad, is that the family have decided to start hosting other people’s weddings here too – check out their website for details. If you’d like to read more about Anne-Laure and Quentin’s choices, inspiration and suppliers for the wedding, do take a look at their lovely feature on Rock My Wedding, Oysters by the Riverside. But for now… put your feet up and soak up that lovely French sunshine with some of my favourite pictures from the day… Hope you enjoy!

007- Michard -_MG_0873_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg002- Michard -_MG_0847_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
009- Michard -_MG_0882_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
012- Michard -_MG_2886 1_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
020- Michard -_MG_0919_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
022- Michard -_MG_0930_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
034- Michard -_MG_0981_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
041- Michard -_MG_2908 1_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
044- Michard -_MG_2917 1_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
050- Michard -_MG_1013_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
055- Michard -_MG_2953 1_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
058- Michard -_MG_2948 1_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
061- Michard -_MG_2956 1_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
069- Michard -_MG_1042_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
074- Michard -_MG_2978 1_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
082- Michard -_MG_1070_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
087- Michard -_MG_2990 1_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
098- Michard -_MG_2426_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
100- Michard -_MG_3040 1_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
101- Michard -_MG_3041 1_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
107- Michard -_MG_3048 1_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
116- Michard -_MG_1127_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg119- Michard -_MG_1129_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg114- Michard -_MG_1122_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg122- Michard -_MG_1133_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg121- Michard -_MG_1132_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg131- Michard -_MG_3017 1_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg129- Michard -_MG_1082_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg137- Michard -_MG_1086_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg140- Michard -_MG_1095_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg143- Michard -_MG_3012 1_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg148- Michard -_MG_1136_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg163- Michard -_MG_3091 1_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg166- Michard -_MG_1166_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg172- Michard -_MG_3102 1_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg175- Michard -_MG_1212_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg

177- Michard -_MG_1193_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
187- Michard -_MG_1222_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
192- Michard -_MG_1249_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg188- Michard -_MG_1224_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
196- Michard -_MG_1258_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
199- Michard -_MG_1265_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
208- Michard -_MG_1297_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg227- Michard -_MG_3123 1_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
220- Michard -_MG_1376_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
233- Michard -_MG_1366_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
236- Michard -_MG_3127 1_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
242- Michard -_MG_1407_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
247- Michard -_MG_1415_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
249- Michard -_MG_3143 1_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
251- Michard -_MG_1427_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
253- Michard -_MG_1430_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
261- Michard -_MG_3157 1_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
262- Michard -_MG_1435_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
263- Michard -_MG_1437_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
275- Michard -_MG_1466_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
279- Michard -_MG_1477_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg274- Michard -_MG_1462_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
285- Michard -_MG_1502_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
299- Michard -_MG_1532_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
305- Michard -_MG_1539_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
323- Michard -_MG_1610_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
333- Michard -_MG_1624_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
341- Michard -_MG_1656_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
343- Michard -_MG_1659_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
347- Michard -_MG_1668_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
362- Michard -_MG_1730_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
371- Michard -_MG_1760_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
378- Michard -_MG_1786_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
387- Michard -_MG_3226 1_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
392- Michard -_MG_1814_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
396- Michard -_MG_1838_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg454- Michard -_MG_2143_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg445- Michard -_MG_2081_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
411- Michard -_MG_1900_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
438- Michard -_MG_2056_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
449- Michard -_MG_2095_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
451- Michard -_MG_2329_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
455- Michard -_MG_2098_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg465- Michard -_MG_2115_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
460- Michard -_MG_2112_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
462- Michard -_MG_1872_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg471- Michard -_MG_3393 1_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
469- Michard -_MG_2126_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
472- Michard -_MG_2131_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
483- Michard -_MG_2160_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
487- Michard -_MG_2167_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
497- Michard -_MG_2229_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
500- Michard -_MG_2253_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
504- Michard -_MG_2244_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
506- Michard -_MG_2217_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
507- Michard -_MG_3429 1_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
520- Michard -_MG_2190_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
528- Michard -_MG_2266_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
535- Michard -_MG_2276_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
538- Michard -_MG_2282_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
556- Michard -_MG_3551 1_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
563- Michard -_MG_3600 1_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
569- Michard -_MG_2331_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
587- Michard -_MG_2367_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
607- Michard -_MG_2448_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
611- Michard -_MG_2465_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
621- Michard -_MG_2430_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg653- Michard -_MG_3724_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
622- Michard -_MG_2435_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
628- Michard -_MG_3676_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
629- Michard -_MG_3678_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
632- Michard -_MG_2501_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
635- Michard -_MG_2511_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
649- Michard -_MG_2577_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
651- Michard -_MG_2553_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
655- Michard -_MG_3712_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
660- Michard -_MG_3695_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
662- Michard -_MG_2569_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg657- Michard -_MG_3725_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
684- Michard -_MG_2638_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
685- Michard -_MG_2640_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
688- Michard -_MG_2650_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
695- Michard -_MG_2684_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg704- Michard -_MG_2726_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
700- Michard -_MG_2712_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
709- Michard -_MG_2740_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
716- Michard -_MG_2760_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
718- Michard -_MG_3746_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
722- Michard -_MG_3751_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
726- Michard -_MG_2780_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
727- Michard -_MG_2782_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
729- Michard -_MG_3762_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
730- Michard -_MG_3765_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
734- Michard -_MG_2826_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
738- Michard -_MG_3783_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
748- Michard -_MG_2877_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
753- Michard -_MG_2900_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
759- Michard -_MG_2915_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
764- Michard -_MG_2939_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
766- Michard -_MG_2943_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
769- Michard -_MG_2951_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
779- Michard -_MG_3812_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
789- Michard -_MG_3199_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
790- Michard -_MG_3019_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg820- Michard -_MG_3016_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
794- Michard -_MG_3042_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
796- Michard -_MG_3046_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
797- Michard -_MG_3053_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
801- Michard -_MG_3063_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
808- Michard -_MG_3094_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
812- Michard -_MG_3267_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
814- Michard -_MG_3116_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
823- Michard -_MG_3112_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
824- Michard -_MG_2999_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
827- Michard -_MG_3002_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
829- Michard -_MG_3032_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
831- Michard -_MG_3119_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
842- Michard -_MG_3866_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
846- Michard -_MG_3133_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
850- Michard -_MG_3138_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg874- Michard -_MG_3251_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
851- Michard -_MG_3141_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
852- Michard -_MG_3142_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
858- Michard -_MG_3163_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
860- Michard -_MG_3216_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
865- Michard -_MG_3230_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
869- Michard -_MG_3238_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
882- Michard -_MG_3293_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
891- Michard -_MG_3312_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
895- Michard -_MG_3337_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
904- Michard -_MG_3372_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
910- Michard -_MG_3400_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
925- Michard -_MG_3525_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
938- Michard -_MG_3973_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
941- Michard -_MG_3615_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
946- Michard -_MG_4032_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
951- Michard -_MG_3981_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg
954- Michard -_MG_4046_1_mini_STOMPED.jpg


  1. Claire

    worth every single frizzy hair. you did an amazing job. this is so beautiful.

  2. Debs

    Très bien mon amie! Absolutley beautiful x

  3. Samantha Tracey

    Wow Anna! I love this! Your work is always incredible! 🙂

  4. Quentin

    Thanks again !



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