April 2011: 365 project

30TH APRIL 2011 (120/365)

Meet Gloria. I feel a bit bad as I’ve frequently posted pics of my dog Freddie and haven’t even given Gloria so much as a mention. She’s been our pet goldfish for 5 years (she was one of Joe’s 1st birthday presents) and has outlived two other fish – first Bernard, then Fluffy (hasten to add that Joe named this particular fish) and she now lives with Ben (lurking in the background and named after Joe’s friend). She is absolutely massive (all our pets are massive come to think of it…) and has a really fiery temperament. When we moved house up to Manchester she freaked the removal men out as she kept trying to launch herself out of the bucket. One of them said she made him nervous.

29TH APRIL 2011 (119/365)

I was taking some pictures in the house this week and caught sight of myself in the mirror, or more specifically, caught side of my freaky bendy fingers – check out my thumb and little finger! I’ve got double-jointed fingers that bend in all sorts of weird ways but I really had no idea that I bent them backwards while I’m taking pictures. Just thinking of the countless weddings where my weird fingers have probably put guests off their canapes…

28TH APRIL 2011 (118/365)
Flip flops

I really don’t like wearing shoes and wear flip flops the whole year round, even in winter. To me they are by far the comfiest kind of shoe and I own countless pairs. These zebra print ones are my current favourites. Joe has been asking for a pair of his own for ages and the arrival of this wonderfully warm spring meant it was finally feasible to get him some. I wasn’t sure if he’d find it hard to walk in them but he absolutely loves them too and has asked to wear them pretty much every day since he got them.

27TH APRIL 2011 (117/365)

On Wednesdays Joe has swimming lessons after school. Alongside these they should run classes for parents on how to get swimming caps onto your child’s head. I have to arrive 10 minutes early just to tackle the bloody thing.

26TH APRIL 2011 (116/365)

Yesterday I collected this gorgeous massive old wooden mirror from a house near Oldham – it was a total bargain from Ebay and is going on the wall of my lounge. However, being a bit of a DIY moron I need assistance to fix it to the wall so at the moment it’s just propped up against the bookcase in the dining room. Joe the poser has been busy admiring himself pulling faces at himself while he’s eating. I’m going to have to move it as it’s taking him forever to get through a meal.

25TH APRIL 2011 (115/365)

Oh dear. While we were busy enjoying a sunny day out this bank holiday Monday, Joe’s chocolate easter rabbit was at home suffering in a hot patch on the table.

24TH APRIL 2011 (114/365)

Joe was a happier bunny today since the arrival of Easter Sunday gave him carte blanche to stuff his face with chocolate. Here is the filthy urchin eating far too much of a creme egg in one go.

23RD APRIL 2011 (113/365)

Joe and I had a quiet day at home today, sorting out his new bedroom. I’m about to decorate it (the previous owners had painted it beige, least fun of all the colours) so needed to muck out all his toys and books first. Joe was set to work helping out, but was a total flaky drama-queen, repeatedly collapsing on the sofa with his arm over his forehead, complaining of exhaustion, as if he’d been made to toil down a mine all day instead of sifting lego.

22ND APRIL 2011 (112/365)

I had an absolute blast today at an engagement shoot at the seaside with Laura and Greg. It was so nice to paddle and trample about in the sea and sand, and it reminded me how good for the soul it is to be on the coast. This beach is only about 45 minutes drive from my house and I’ve resolved to come here much more often.

21ST APRIL 2011 (111/365)

Today was a difficult day for me and I spent a lot of time thinking back over the years, good times and bad… and one of the times of my life that means a huge amount to me was backpacking around Asia. There were many reasons this trip was so special to me, but one of them is that I bought my first film SLR while I was in Nepal and these pictures were where the obsession began – I processed them as I travelled and lugged these prints around with me in my backpack for months! Now they hang up in my kitchen and always put a smile on my face when I’m feeling low.

20TH APRIL 2011 (110/365)

Meet Coco. She belongs to one of my wedding couples and sat snuggled on my lap throughout our meeting today. I usually prefer big, lollopy dogs but she is one of the loveliest dogs I’ve met and has bags of character. Here she is having a good old scratch under her chin – love dogs’ faces when they do this.

19TH APRIL 2011 (109/365)
Cabbage patch

This afternoon I spent a couple of hours with my friend Debbie, who roped me into helping her plant some cabbages. She’s been cultivating a really impressive set of vegetable patches and it’s really made me want to start doing the same – it’s one of those things I’ve been meaning to do for years but never actually got round to doing. It was wonderfully therapeutic and relaxing – delving about in the soil in the sunshine was the perfect antidote to staring at a screen editing.

18TH APRIL 2011 (108/365)

Today I did an engagement shoot in Didsbury with the lovely Michelle and Michael. While we were in the middle of the shoot, this young gentleman came running over shouting, “Take my picture! Take my picture!”, puffing out his chest and looking incredibly pleased with himself. It would seem rude not to reward such effort with a place as today’s 365.

17TH APRIL 2011 (107/365)

More heavenly sunshine today so it was off to the park for a well earned rest in the sun with my book. Struggling to lounge around guilt-free I did some self-portraits while I was there as I’ve neglected my self-portrait project these last few weeks. I really need to relax more.

16TH APRIL 2011 (106/365)

Today I shot my first ever Indian wedding and absolutely loved every single vibrant, chaotic, colourful minute of it.

15TH APRIL 2011 (105/365)

A cliché but so true.

14TH APRIL 2011 (104/365)

This lovely cat was chilling out on our wall this morning. Joe was intent on trying to lure it down into our yard with a tennis ball but she was having none of it and just kept looking at me as if to say, “Is this kid serious?!”

13TH APRIL 2011 (103/365)
New bed

Today I treated Freddie to a new bed. It almost looks like his own fur and I love how he snuggles right down and blends into it. The daft dog was even licking and grooming it, I think he thought it actually was part of him.

12TH APRIL 2011 (102/365)
Super Spoon

Meet Super Spoon. Joe’s cutlery is so much more fun than mine.

11TH APRIL 2011 (101/365)

Call me daft but I’m a firm believer in little signs. Mucking out my lens bag this morning I found a little brown paper packet tucked away down the side panel. Opening it up I found these two hearts – I bought these for all four of us girls when we went to Cornwall in January as a memento of the trip. For some reason over the last few months I’d forgotten all about mine hidden away in there but of all the mornings for them to reappear, none could have meant more to me than today. Things are on the up.

10TH APRIL 2011 (100/365)

My 100th 365 picture! A watershed day in many ways. For personal reasons, today has been hard, but going out with Joe on a bike ride in the lazy late afternoon sun is the best antidote in the world. This boy lights up my life.

9TH APRIL 2011 (99/365)

A few days ago I ordered some new books and today they arrived in the post. They are the first 5 books from the recommendations friends kindly gave me when I put together my book and film recommendation blog post a few weeks ago. There are few things I find more pleasing than a stack of new books and these arriving completely made my day! Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to send their recommendations over, you’ve given me a lot of wonderful reading to work through and I can’t wait to get stuck in.

8TH APRIL 2011 (98/365)

Today I shot one of my favourite weddings ever in Nottingham – the very lovely Dave and Isobel got hitched and to say it was a glorious day would be a total understatement. One of the fun things that made the day really special were all the cute little personal details that they had put together, like these badges for guests to take and wear. There’s something so pleasing about shiny badges and they got plundered in no time!

7TH APRIL 2011 (97/365)
By order

Today I was in Nottingham scouting venues for tomorrow’s wedding and came across this sign in the park next to Rushcliffe Registry Office. The vague and rather grandiose ‘by order’ (of who?) got me thinking about public spaces and how they have the ability to make us feel either completely free or completely restrained, and about the rules that govern our behaviour while we’re in them, some written, some unwritten, some personal. I found this project on the internet, which really made me smile – a collaborative art installation between a visual artist, writer and primary school children titled ‘By Order Of Me’. The children will have absolutely loved this.

6TH APRIL 2011 (96/365)
Grandma’s house

Today I had to travel to Birmingham, partly to see my lovely friend Emma Case, partly to scout a wedding venue, partly for a dentist appointment and partly to see my wonderful grandmother. I miss her so much since moving up to Manchester and try to come down and stay with her as often as possible. She’s 86 years old but is one of the sharpest, most interesting women I know and I really enjoy spending time with her (even if this visit it did mean spending a rather painstaking hour or two teaching her how to use her new mobile phone!) There’s something special about grandma’s furniture in that for some reason it is always unbelievably comforting and comfortable. Maybe there is a correlation between the intensity of floral patterns and comfort, I don’t know, but staying in Grandma’s spare bed I always sleep like a baby.

5TH APRIL 2011 (95/365)

Kids are lots of fun. I know that I have more fun with my boy Joe than anyone else on the planet. Most of the time we laugh with them, but let’s be honest, sometimes it’s a little bit more amusing to laugh at them. It’s our recompense for sleepless nights, early mornings and being puked on. I got bought this book for Christmas a few years ago (Great Lies To Tell Small Kids by Andy Riley) and every now and then I amuse myself by trying one out on Joe. He was being particularly noisy today so I gave this one a whirl and was rewarded with a precious five minutes of near silence.

4TH APRIL 2011 (94/365)

To keep yourself happy I think it’s really important to focus on taking pleasure from the little things in life. These flowery espadrilles don’t erase all my troubles but all I have to do is sit on the floor and stare at my feet and they make me smile.

3RD APRIL 2011 (93/365)
Banoffee pie

Today being Mother’s Day, I wanted to devote the day to doing fun things with Joe. After taking him tubing at the snow dome (wish I could spend every Sunday sliding down a snowy slope in a rubber ring…), Joe asked if we could make banoffee pie together. I’d never made it before, absolutely love banoffee pie (who doesn’t?) and really love cooking and baking with Joe so I was in the supermarket buying ingredients before he could finish saying ‘pie’. Here is the finished product, proudly held by Joe. My favourite bit is Joe’s gloopy chocolate signature on top.

2ND APRIL 2011 (92/365)

Yawn, yes I know that this is probably the millionth photograph of pink blossom against a blue sky that you’ve seen in the last month, but that doesn’t stop it being to me one of the most heart-stoppingly beautiful and joyful sights at this time of the year – another thing I absolutely never tire of seeing. I spotted these walking back from the pub with my friends Maciej and Jools early this evening, and loved how the sunset was turning them yellow too.

1ST APRIL 2011 (91/365)

My second wedding of the year today. I don’t think I will ever tire of seeing kids dancing at wedding receptions.

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  1. Xanthe

    Your April is looking good. I’m a big believer in looking for good in the little things, doing the 365 sparks that way of looking at life. Blossom, banoffe & boys! x.

  2. Anna Clarke

    Beautiful Anna. I just LOVE the simplicity and the colours. And I love your words too.

  3. John Starns

    Lovely pic Anna, really made me smile. Have just spent the whole weekend with my son so I kinda know how you felt when you took that.



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