Family portrait photography in Manchester (The Ashcrofts)

March 5, 2014

At the end of the summer, I spent a great couple of hours with Henry, three generations of his family (parents, siblings and nephew) and their gorgeous animals. The shoot was a present to his mum for her birthday, and they very much wanted their cats and dogs to be an integral part of the photographs – as a pet owner myself, I completely understand how these little guys work their way into your heart and are very much part of the family! It was such good fun, full of giggles, and really enjoyable to shoot something a little different to usual. As requested, I got a few family ‘formals’ (as always for me, not TOO formal!) then spent the rest of the time getting some lovely candid shots as the family all relaxed together in the garden. I really enjoyed it and think this shows in the pictures. So if you fancy a family shoot with me, don’t be frightened to bring your pets along, everyone is welcome, fur or no fur!

002- Ashcroft -_MG_5423_mini_STOMPED.jpg
003- Ashcroft -_MG_5426_mini_STOMPED.jpg
004- Ashcroft -_MG_5428_mini_STOMPED.jpg
008- Ashcroft -_MG_5450_mini_STOMPED.jpg
014- Ashcroft -_MG_0180_mini_STOMPED.jpg
018- Ashcroft -_MG_5301_mini_STOMPED.jpg
021- Ashcroft -_MG_5321_mini_STOMPED.jpg
023- Ashcroft -_MG_5335_mini_STOMPED.jpg
025- Ashcroft -_MG_5347_mini_STOMPED.jpg
026- Ashcroft -_MG_5343_mini_STOMPED.jpg
027- Ashcroft -_MG_5453_mini_STOMPED.jpg
030- Ashcroft -_MG_5519_mini_STOMPED.jpg
031- Ashcroft -_MG_5487_mini_STOMPED.jpg
035- Ashcroft -_MG_5505_mini_STOMPED.jpg
040- Ashcroft -_MG_5542_mini_STOMPED.jpg
045- Ashcroft -_MG_5563_mini_STOMPED.jpg
046- Ashcroft -_MG_5564_mini_STOMPED.jpg
047- Ashcroft -_MG_5572_mini_STOMPED.jpg
048- Ashcroft -_MG_5585_mini_STOMPED.jpg
058- Ashcroft -_MG_5622_mini_STOMPED.jpg
060- Ashcroft -_MG_5617_mini_STOMPED.jpg
061- Ashcroft -_MG_5630_mini_STOMPED.jpg
064- Ashcroft -_MG_5640_mini_STOMPED.jpg
066- Ashcroft -_MG_5643_mini_STOMPED.jpg
070- Ashcroft -_MG_5654_mini_STOMPED.jpg
072- Ashcroft -_MG_5662_mini_STOMPED.jpg
073- Ashcroft -_MG_5665_mini_STOMPED.jpg
075- Ashcroft -_MG_5684_mini_STOMPED.jpg
079- Ashcroft -_MG_5687_mini_STOMPED.jpg
081- Ashcroft -_MG_5673_mini_STOMPED.jpg
086- Ashcroft -_MG_5719_mini_STOMPED.jpg
091- Ashcroft -_MG_5743_mini_STOMPED.jpg088- Ashcroft -_MG_5725_mini_STOMPED.jpg
092- Ashcroft -_MG_5747_mini_STOMPED.jpg
094- Ashcroft -_MG_5794_mini_STOMPED.jpg
100- Ashcroft -_MG_5847_mini_STOMPED.jpg122- Ashcroft -_MG_5951_mini_STOMPED.jpg
109- Ashcroft -_MG_5905_mini_STOMPED.jpg
123- Ashcroft -_MG_5954_mini_STOMPED.jpg
128- Ashcroft -_MG_5973_mini_STOMPED.jpg
130- Ashcroft -_MG_5980_mini_STOMPED.jpg
134- Ashcroft -_MG_0255_mini_STOMPED.jpg
141- Ashcroft -_MG_6009_mini_STOMPED.jpg
146- Ashcroft -_MG_6014_mini_STOMPED.jpg
150- Ashcroft -_MG_5360_mini_STOMPED.jpg
152- Ashcroft -_MG_5365_mini_STOMPED.jpg
156- Ashcroft -_MG_5379_mini_STOMPED.jpg
158- Ashcroft -_MG_5385_mini_STOMPED.jpg
178- Ashcroft -_MG_5777_mini_STOMPED.jpg
180- Ashcroft -_MG_5785_mini_STOMPED.jpg
186- Ashcroft -_MG_0243_mini_STOMPED.jpg
196- Ashcroft -_MG_0304_mini_STOMPED.jpg

If you’d like to book a similar shoot for you or your family, please do get in touch and I’ll send you a brochure!


  1. Cassandra Lane

    These are great Anna. A really lovely take on the family photo shoot. I wouldn’t be able to resist cuddling those kitties!

  2. Inta

    These photos are so alive! Beautiful work! (That cat doesn’t seem to be impressed though) 🙂

  3. Caro

    Oh my god!!! The cat pictures!!! Can’t even decide which one of them is my favourite! Brilliant brilliant photos Anna! X

  4. Amy Barton

    Wowsers … what an awesome set of piccies! As FAB as always Anna 🙂

  5. michelle

    brilliant! love these. x

  6. Michelle

    Gorgeous and brilliant! xxx

  7. Chris Scuffins

    Ahh, these are brilliant Anna. Love the grumpy little cat on the stairs.

  8. Lisa

    Everytime you post I am in awe. These are amazing and the cat pictures are perfect.


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