Chorlton family photographer {Holly, Kiwi, Flo + Rudy’s doorstep shoot + lockdown interview}

As part of May’s doorstep shoots, I asked families about their own unique experience of lockdown. I wanted to build up a little collection of our different memories and experiences of this strange old time – hopefully a meaningful little ray of sunshine amongst all this chaos. Many families answered these and they’ve been so heartwarming to read! I’m sharing them on the blog during June, and I really hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did.

I’ll hand you over to the lovely Holly!



What has lockdown looked like for you and your family?

In honesty, it’s been a real rollercoaster. Luckily we’re all safe and well, but emotionally, it’s been quite the ride. With both of us trying to work as much as possible, with both kids at home, it’s been a careful balance/juggle to keep us all going. To say it’s been chaotic would be an understatement! Both Flo and Rudy are dynamic, talkative (aka loud!) and curious – meaning that it takes a lot of energy to keep them both entertained all day. But we’ve also relished the extra time together, having Kiwi at home and things like lunches and dinners as a family have felt a real treat.


Favourite lockdown activities?

We’ve kept it simple and stuck to routine largely, so for us, the best moments have been our family “exploration” walks through the woods and just recently, picnics in the meadows. As a couple, we’ve taken time to enjoy date-nights at home, ensuring we get that time to connect as a couple and a point of difference from everyday lockdown life.



Most memorable / moving / thought-provoking lockdown moment?

Gosh that’s a tough one. Sadly probably not being able to be there for my grieving sister in law at her real time of need. Crying over WhatsApp video is a strange and poignant thing.


Funniest lockdown moment?

Succumbing to the joy and mindlessness of TikTok and creating some of our own silly dance videos!



Most joyful lockdown moment?

Rudy’s 2nd birthday! The first (and only) time we’ve managed to get our entire family on a Zoom call successfully to sing Happy Birthday to our boy. We enjoyed cake together and it was a really special and uplifting moment.


What do you most want to remember about this time right now?

I want us to remember the simple joys of walks in the park, making fun in the garden and snuggle-time and films on the sofa. I want us to remember that we can get through tough times and the most important thing for us, is that we had each other!



Has lockdown changed you, either as individuals or as a family?

I think we’ve learned a lot about ourselves as individuals and parents. We’ve had to find ways of re-connecting at times, navigating stressful and intense situations. I think Kiwi has realised that there’s life outside of the office and the importance of those little moments of “me time”.


Aside from the obvious of being able to see your family and friends again, what are you most looking forward to in life after lockdown?

Exploring the world with a renewed sense of appreciation, respect and vigour!



Thanks so much to Holly, Kiwi, Flo + Rudy for brightening up my own lockdown, I had a blast!






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