Chorlton family photographer {Lou, Ben, Marnie + Sid’s doorstep shoot + lockdown interview}

As part of May’s doorstep shoots, I asked families about their own unique experience of lockdown. I wanted to build up a little collection of our different memories and experiences of this strange old time – hopefully a meaningful little ray of sunshine amongst all this chaos. Many families answered these and they’ve been so heartwarming to read! I’m sharing them on the blog during June, and I really hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did.

I’ll hand you over to the lovely Lou!



What has lockdown looked like for you and your family?

Ben has been squirrelled away working upstairs so me and the girls have filled days with park walks, scooting, fairy role playing, bit of baking, bit of drawing, bit of zooming, bit of gardening, big dollop of telly and lots of mooching about the garden…and eating, LOADS of eating.


Favourite lockdown activities?

Discovering different things in our local park and watching it burst into life as Spring came along. Marnie has loved finding different routes to the park and is a mean scooter rider now. Ben and I have enjoyed discovering all the places we can acquire food from. We had a pie delivery a couple of weeks ago. Pies to the door step.



Most memorable / moving / thought-provoking lockdown moment?

There have been many tiny moments like our four year old’s understanding of ‘the bug’, getting her school place for September but not knowing what that first day, week, month will look like for her, the NHS clap has been very moving, being awake in the night feeding the baby and hearing perfect quiet. I feel like I am permanently about to weep over any tiny act of kindness or bravery generally.


Funniest lockdown moment?

Many giggles had, but most recent guffaw was telling Marnie she can’t go too near Granny and Grandad and her agreeing and saying, ‘Yeah like gorillas’.



Most joyful lockdown moment?

The pie delivery.


What do you most want to remember about this time right now?

The time we have with the kids as a little gang of 4. The absence of family and friends has been hard but it has conversely allowed space for the four of us to be each other’s friends. I don’t want to remember the stress or anxiety, I want to remember lunch on a blanket in the garden trying to persuade Sidney to crawl, Marnie playing hopscotch out the front, chatting to the neighbours and sunshine.



Has lockdown changed you, either as individuals or as a family?

I don’t think Lockdown has changed us (other than our waistlines). It has confirmed that we all kind of like each other, even when we are pissing each other off. I wouldn’t have wanted to be locked up with anyone else.


Aside from the obvious of being able to see your family and friends again, what are you most looking forward to in life after lockdown?

Underneath the ups and downs a rhythm has appeared that didn’t exist before, more than a routine, more a way we navigate the days. I will miss our little gang of three spending all the time together and then the excitement when Ben appears. However, I can’t lie we are most looking forward to a little bit of childcare! For Marnie but also for us to have a little bit of space to recharge and then come together again.



Thanks so much to Lou, Ben, Marnie + Sidney for brightening up my own lockdown, I had a blast!






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