The Roost

Build a profitable family photography business with soul

Do you want to photograph families in a natural and meaningful way, making a decent & ethical living, working sociable & family-friendly hours? The Roost takes you through the whole process of setting up and running a profitable and meaningful family photography business, covering motivation + voice, making strong images, getting the best from families and children of all ages, workflow, marketing & sales.

FORMAT: Both in-person and online courses available

The Toolkit

Step-by-step systems for growth and focus in your photography business

Are you a photographer who feels overwhelmed trying to juggle developing your brand, marketing and organisation, spending your days spinning plates and randomly completing tasks without a clear strategy or plan? The Toolkit contains step-by-step, reusable systems for you to follow. Simple exercises and templates lead you through the entire process of developing your brand vision, creating your marketing strategy, and planning your working days/weeks/months, all completely aligned with your own unique circumstances, brand, priorities, values, strengths and purpose.

FORMAT: online course


Are you figuring things out as you go along, unsure of what to focus on next?

Would you like help formulating a clear, achievable, personalised strategy to move your business forward, strengthen your brand and attract your ideal clients?

If so, then one-to-one mentoring may be just the thing for you.

One-to-one mentoring is an opportunity to have an objective third party, who understands your industry, look at your business with you, help you to identify where you might best focus your attention, and provide tailored support specifically for you, your business and your aspirations for the future.
I don’t know everything there is to know about running a successful photography business, I can’t offer you a definitive answer to every question and I can’t offer you a recipe for sure-fire success. I’m still learning all the time myself and still make plenty of mistakes. But after running my own successful photography business for over ten years, and successfully transitioning from wedding photographer to family photographer, I’ve learned a lot of lessons: things that worked… things that didn’t… things that worked only if approached in the right way… things that cost a lot more than they’re worth… things that cost nothing but were worth their weight in gold… things it was easy to do myself… things best left to other experts… things that were a waste of time… things that saved me time…

What I can offer you is honesty, support, experience, a friendly face, someone who wants to listen to your story, goals and passions and a willingness to share with you anything and everything I’ve learned and found useful during my time as a photographer….


Laser-focused Skype Session 
– Preparatory questionnaire
– Weekday 2 hour online session via Skype/Zoom with ‘homework’
– 1-2 areas covered per session
– Email support for 2 weeks afterwards

3-4 Month Ongoing Mentoring Programme
– Only available to those who’ve already had a Laser-focused Skype session
– If you’ve already had a Skype session, please feel free to get in touch for more details 🙂


Yes, it’s one of my favourite ways to support photographers!

– Recorded review
£75 for either portfolio or website review
£135 for both

The Store

If you need a quick win in your business, these downloads will give you a head start.


Manchester family photographer, for down-to-earth, adventurous, big-hearted families all across the North West, London and UK

Creative, documentary family photography in Manchester, Liverpool, Lancashire, Cheshire, Yorkshire, London

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