Create An Evergreen Marketing System

Creating an evergreen marketing system is one of my biggest marketing tips and one of the best ways of ensuring that feel-good marketing becomes embedded in the fabric of your business.

Marketing can feel really confusing at times – there are so many different types and purposes, it can be hard to know what kind of marketing you should be doing and when. Some marketing you’ll do on a more ad hoc basis, as and when an idea crops up or inspiration hits, or when you plan out a focused marketing campaign to promote something specific.

Some ad hoc marketing activities are absolutely fine, but when it comes to marketing, consistent action is key to generating consistent results, and from an emotional/mental point of view, ad hoc marketing and feeling like you have to keep remembering to do things or think up new things to do can feel exhausting.

To address all this, I highly recommend creating an evergreen marketing system – a series of marketing actions that you commit to carrying out on a regular basis throughout the whole year.


marketing system


Sit down and create a list of marketing activities that are going to be non-negotiable for you (NB these do not have to be the same things that other people are doing – they just need to be the things that feel right and manageable to you personally).

What is the stuff that you feel able to commit to doing regularly without fail? How often will you do these things?

Create 3 lists:

a) Things you’ll do every day
b) Things you’ll do every week
c) Things you’ll do every month


marketing system


I’d like you to do this twice, creating two different evergreen marketing systems, as follows:


1) A ‘for now’ system


One of the most common reasons people don’t implement the systems they need to is because they try to make it too complicated to start off with. When you’re starting something new, KEEP IT SIMPLE.

For this system, I want you to only include things that you’re ALREADY DOING, even if it’s just sporadically. What types of marketing activities have you already done that you feel able to keep doing? Perhaps at the moment you’re a little inconsistent with it – what schedule feels doable and achievable to you that you could definitely commit to? You’re not dreaming up new things to do, you’re just formalising things you’re already doing with the aim of being more consistent.

It’s far better to have something really simple and quick that you know you’ll definitely be able to do than something too complex that you’ll fall behind with. You can always build on this system later once you’ve got it nailed.

NB: This ‘For Now’ system must only include things you know are totally achievable to you right now – you should be able to start this system tomorrow without having to make any drastic changes or learn anything new.


marketing system


2) A ‘Gold Standard’ system


Then, I’d like you to create a system that you think is the ideal system – something you feel would be the gold standard, the things you’d be doing when you’re totally nailing it. In this you can include new things you’ve not tried yet, things you’re yet to set up.

Start off with your ‘For Now’ system – and keep doing this until it starts to become embedded and consistent, and part of the daily fabric of running your business, something that doesn’t feel too taxing. At this point, look at your ‘Gold Standard’ system and choose ONE thing from it that you’re not currently doing that you could now start to try to incorporate into your system. Don’t add anything else until this is similarly embedded and consistent. Then repeat.

Doing this gradually (perhaps putting a reminder in your calendar to review this and potentially add something else every quarter) will mean that you have something to work towards, so that you can keep progressing and improving your evergreen marketing over time, at a pace to suit you.

Whatever evergreen marketing system you’re working with, just put reminders for the various tasks in your planning system or calendar, and then marketing will stop being something you have to keep remembering (or forgetting!) to do, and it will just become part of the regular routine and fabric of your business.

If you’d like more detailed support and advice setting up your own evergreen marketing system, I have a training in The Shutterhood that leads you through this step by step. I’d love to help you!


Anna 🙂






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