How To Create Content Buckets

Thinking what to say when you post online and on social media can be challenging, especially if you’re trying to think things up on the fly, day to day. Content buckets are the solution!

Content buckets are 3 to 5 core topics/themes (sometimes you may hear them referred to as ‘pillars’) that you will regularly talk about. They must really resonate with both your own brand and your ideal client and should bring your business strategy to life, reinforcing your brand’s core messaging and personality.

Having these content buckets will enable you to be consistent and organised, and will give you plenty of inspiration for things to talk about. From your audience’s point of view, they will help them to really understand what to expect from you, your brand’s values, personality and guiding messages, as well as regularly providing them with content they find interesting and useful.

Try to base your content buckets around topics you can talk confidently about and generate lots of content from. There’s no use picking a theme you think your audience will find interesting if you don’t know a lot about it yourself and will struggle to come up with content for it. We’re looking for the sweet spot between topics you can happily talk about at length, and topics your ideal client loves too.



Here are 7 tips to help you create your own content buckets:



Consider what types of things your ideal client is searching for online, not just relating to photography but in general too. What words, phrases and topics are they frequently typing into the search boxes in social media and Google? Are there any recurring themes here?



Look at the hashtags that you frequently use in your social media posts. Are there any recurring themes here? What hashtags does your ideal client search for? Which ones are frequently used by both you and them, and do these relate to a specific theme/topic?




Base at least one content bucket on tips, advice & resources directly linked to the subject/type of photography you do. For example, if you’re a wedding photographer, a content bucket could be wedding planning resources; if you’re a family photographer a content bucket could be parenting resources, and if you’re a brand photographer a content bucket could be business-related resources. This content bucket will have extra impact if you get even more specific and add a particular flavour to this that really reflects your own brand’s niche – for example, resources to plan a destination wedding, resources for newborn parenting, or resources for creative/artistic businesses.



Base at least one bucket on your brand’s core values and messaging – if you really wanted your clients to know one key thing about you, your photography and your whole ethos, what would this be? What are your priorities, focus and preferences in terms of the way you approach photography and business? Why would you hope clients would choose to come to you, what do you want to be known for? For example, beauty in imperfection, the power of adventure, the value of self-love, joy in fun and silliness, the importance of family etc.




Base at least one content bucket on helping your ideal client with their most pressing problems or pain points, especially if they relate to your photography. For example, if they regularly struggle to get good photos of their kids while they’re out and about, a content bucket could be cameraphone photography tips and tricks. If they always feel awkward in photos, a content bucket could be different ways you make photos relaxed, laid-back and fun. If they never get round to printing photos, a content bucket could be framing, printing and photo displaying advice.



Base at least one content bucket on yours and your ideal client’s shared passions and interests. What do they love doing, what do they really enjoy reading and hearing about? For example, nature & the outdoors, creativity, adventure, interiors, nostalgia, travel, stories, humour, food fashion, design, romance etc. Again, what are they searching for in relation to these things? For example, if they love fashion, a content bucket could be sharing your favourite wedding / kids / work clothing, outfits and brands. If they love food, a content bucket could be sharing amazing wedding food / family-friendly dinners or healthy working lunches. If they love creativity and design, a content bucket could be sharing your favourite wedding décor, kids’ bedroom ideas or home office setups.




Supercharge these content buckets by linking them with the different types of SOCIAL posts you should be sharing on social media – you can read all about these here! Spend a bit of time brain-dumping ideas for posts – take each type of post at a time (S/O/C/I/A/L), and for each type of post, try to think of as many different ideas as possible that speak to each of your content buckets. Then, when you’re planning out your posts, try to include an even mix across all your content buckets, as well as an even mix of the different types of SOCIAL posts. That way, you’ll have a content strategy that’s both consistent and also varied and interesting.

I hope this helps! What content buckets have you come up with for your own brand?

Anna 🙂







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