Simple, accessible, practical tools for your business.

Ditch the overwhelm, magnetise your ‘tribe’ and enjoy pride and confidence in your own unique brand.

I believe


… in finding your own unique strength and worth, and building from these a fulfilling business that’s completely aligned with your own individual priorities and values.

… that moving your business forward doesn’t have to be overwhelming and difficult. You can strip it all back, shut out the noise, focus on your own unique path and use simple, achievable strategies that get you big results without running yourself into the ground.

Kind words from students

I’ve loved helping so many photographers to grow and I’m so proud of the kind things they say…. Have a flick through below to hear it straight from them…


"The whole day was full of gold dust. It would take you years to learn what Anna teaches in one day.

Since the workshop I’ve seen a real improvement in converting shoots into real cash! It’s well worth the investment and you will earn that back in your first shoot!”

Ash Davenport (Roost In-Person)

"The Roost Online is the best photography education I’ve invested in.

I’ve now got a clear plan of action thanks to Anna’s stellar guidance. Anna is warm, funny and approachable. She knows her stuff, teaches from experience and speaks from the heart.”

Charlotte Hueso (Roost Online)

“I’m now booking a lot more family shoots and overall earning probably at least 50% more than I was before, and in some cases double.

The Roost was the best workshop I’ve done in terms of clear advice and practical learnings; I came away knowing exactly what my next steps should be.”

Joanna Yates, Roost In-Person

"I feel like a weight has been lifted and I now have some direction

Thanks so much Anna for such an amazing and informative day! My head is spinning from an overload of information (in a good way!) So many many many thanks!”

Lowri-Ellen Owen (Roost In-person)

"The mentoring was amaaazing!!! Since the mentoring I’ve been inundated with awesome family enquiries.

You were so so helpful and all the info you provided was beyond anything I could find on the internet! I have taken on more family work in my area already this year than I did in total for last year! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Charlotte Rawles (Mentoring)

"I’ve never come away from a workshop armed with such extensive and practical information.

Such an inspiring and useful day – amazing stuff and wish I could do it all again.”

Sally Thurrell (Roost In-Person)

"This is exactly what I needed for my business and I'm so thrilled I did it.

I’m already busy with new shoots. Finally I’m starting to attract my ideal client and shooting the type of work I truly enjoy. I’ve been able to implement simple strategies to improve my client interactions that have seen my enquiries escalate. Do not hesitate to sign up. I’ve already made the course fee back through new work and I’m only getting started…”

Laura Shaw (The Toolkit – previously The Game Plan)

"The mentoring with Anna was the best investment I’ve ever made and I feel I took a massive leap forwards.

She has such an instinct and I welcomed the fact she was so honest and brutal in the right way. My website and portfolio are now much more consistent across the board and the advice on business and marketing was spot on. If anyone is wondering whether to go with Anna as their mentor then do not hesitate.”

Paul Summerfield (Mentoring)

"NEVER before have I come across a photography workshop where both personal development and photography are combined.

“Anna is amazing!!! She really works on your mindset, fears and confidence in a massively positive environment. Anna has an amazing and contagious energy, her passions and confidence really shine through and her eagerness to teach and help other people is so refreshing. I wouldn’t hesitate to go on more of Anna’s workshops.”

Nina Dhanani (Roost In-Person)

"I’m just coming to the end of the online version of The Roost, and I can’t recommend it enough.

I’ve had many lightbulb moments throughout. Thanks Anna, this course is something I am so glad I have signed up for!”

Martin Patterson (Roost Online)


Since I first set up my photography business 13 years ago, I’ve often felt overwhelmed. At times I’ve lacked confidence in my own voice and felt drowned out in the sea of other photographers.

Sometimes I’ve felt paralysed by the vast array of tasks I ‘should’ be doing, clueless how to do them or which to tackle first. At times I’ve had no idea where my next clients would come from, but also no idea how to market myself to bring more my way. Often I felt like a passenger in my own business, chaotically fire-fighting my workload and completing tasks without any clear purpose or focus, constantly busy but spinning my wheels and going nowhere. I struggled to balance work and family, usually feeling like I was neglecting one or the other.

It’s only after well over a decade of trial and error, a lot of hard graft, investment in loads of education, plenty of mistakes and a lot of lessons learned the hard way, that I’m finally at a place where I’m confident in my own unique style, have a strong, recognisable brand, operate an efficient workflow, have loyal and enthusiastic supporters both within and outside the industry, attract and work with my ideal clients, enjoy a healthy work/life balance and make a decent living doing what I love.

I’ve learned over time that it’s not about being the biggest or the best, and that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ plan for running a business. It’s all about taking time to look at yourself rather than everyone else, to find your own individual value, priorities and passions… then using these to carve your own unique place in the photography world.

As a past secondary school teacher, I’m hugely passionate about practical, useful education and supporting others to fulfil their potential. For several years now I’ve regularly run workshops, mentoring sessions and online communities for other photographers, helping them to develop and grow their own family and wedding photography businesses, as well as guest speaking at photography events, colleges and universities.

I don’t know everything there is to know, can’t offer you a definitive answer to every question and can’t offer you a recipe for sure-fire success. But with first a successful wedding photography business, and now a successful family photography business, under my belt, I’ve learned a lot of lessons: things that work, things that don’t… Things that cost a lot more than they’re worth… Things that cost nothing but are worth their weight in gold… Things it’s easy to do yourself, things best left to other experts… things that were a waste of time, things that saved me time…

I can offer you honesty, support, experience, a friendly face, someone who wants to listen to your story, goals and passions, and a willingness to share with you anything and everything I’ve learned and found useful during my time as a photographer. Magic happens when we help each other… Let’s build on each other’s strengths and the whole industry, including us, will be better and stronger for it.


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