You believe in the simple things, the real stuff, the good stuff… family, friends, love, fun, laughter, adventure…

You treasure photos of your kids but you’re usually either behind the camera or dodging it, so you’ve got precious few pictures of you with them, and even fewer of the whole family together.

You can’t be bothered with some stranger swooping in and bossing you all around, making you pose like a pillock while you desperately wish you were somewhere else.

You aren’t fussed about perfection, pristine outfits or pretty pictures that say nothing of any value and look the same as everyone else’s.

You want real stories, real memories, not manufactured ones.





You don’t just want to remember what your family looked like, you want to remember your mannerisms, personalities, quirks, emotions, connections, habits, spirit, expressions… everything that made each of you ‘you’ at that point in time.

You don’t want to sleepwalk through your kids’ childhood, to miss the good stuff… But the crazy rollercoaster of family life whizzes by giving you so little time to breathe, that it’s all you can do to try to slow down, stop and appreciate it, let alone trying to capture it all yourself with your camera at the same time.

I get it, because I’m a mother and I feel every single one of these things too.

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My images are inspired by my love of people and their stories.

I specialise in honest, creative, documentary family photography that captures and celebrates real life, real moments, character, spirit and individuality. I’ll create magical images that show what’s inside your head, and your heart.

A few things you should know about what I offer you


One of the biggest compliments I’ve ever been given was to be told that I photograph other people’s children as though they‘re my own. When I take these photos for you I’m not thinking as a photographer but as a mother. I get the wild, overwhelming love. I’ve seen first-hand how pudgy fingers, dimples, curls, urgent cuddles, uncontrollable giggles and gummy smiles can soon disappear…

I’ve felt the heartache of thinking something is ‘everyday’ until suddenly, it’s not. I get how important it is to bottle all this fleeting magic so you don’t have to ever worry about forgetting it.


I find magic and beauty in emotion and connection. In the nicest possible way, I honestly don’t care what you look like, what clothes you’re wearing, or what your house looks like. My priority is not how you look, it’s how you FEEL. I see true beauty in mouth-wide-open belly laughs, wild hair from breezy walks and tickling frenzies, screwed up faces from too-hard squeezes, muddy knees, sticky fingers, hand-me-downs, paint smears, laughter lines, daft costumes, snotty noses, messy dens and real, lived-in family homes full of life, energy and laughter. I’m anti-filter, anti- perfection…. I stand for the beauty of family life and love in all its messy, comical, adventure-filled, heart-bursting glory.


As a chronic photo-dodger myself, I know the thought of prancing around having your picture taken isn’t remotely appealing. What if I were to guarantee no prancing would be involved (unless prancing’s your thing, in which case, crack on!) If you feel weird, I feel weird and the pics look weird… no-one’s a winner.


The good stuff doesn’t just rear its head on those big fancy occasions; it’s there in every real, small, honest moment and connection that make up the fabric of your own everyday life… Snuggling on the sofa, splashing in the bath, mud pies in the back garden, den building… The touches, the glances, the nose wipes, the fetching of drinks, the rubbing of sore knees… There’s magic, joy and adventure in it all.


I’ve never heard anyone say that they regret having too many photos of their family, but I often hear people tell me they regret leaving it too long. So many people put it off to wait for a time when their body or house looks ‘better’.

Your kids will care about NONE of this, and appearances will only matter to you in the future in terms of being able to remember things that are long gone… There’ll come a time when you look fondly at the crap wallpaper, your tired eyes from broken sleep, proud of the body that cradled your child, wistful for the messy house hit by a toddler tornado.

You won’t care whether it was all perfect, you’ll just care that you’ve not forgotten, and that you appreciate now what you might have been too knackered to fully appreciate back in the crazy thick of it. Your kids will look back and remember how special it was… or they’ll be captivated to see something they have no way of remembering.


“You captured the absolute soul of my girls in your photos ...

… their real giggles and laughter as well as the innocence of their age. It really made my heart stop to see them beautiful as themselves instead of some contrived portrait.”


"We cried when we saw the photos – it definitely brought us closer together as a couple and as parents.

We’ll treasure the images forever. I can’t wait to show Beatrix this when she’s older and say look baby this is how we lived, look at the ridiculous way we dressed you, look at Pepper dog being silly and following you around, look how much we loved you!”


“These photographs are truly some of our most treasured possessions...

So many people have commented on how special they are, so different to so many other family photographs you see. I still get quite emotional looking through them now because they capture our lives so honestly and perfectly. It was such a positive experience.”


“Oh Anna. Thank you so, so, so much. Ted means the absolute world to us and you’ve captured him perfectly.

Every little aspect of his funny little personality is in there, even his soft side which you don’t see very often. He brings us so much happiness and you’ve captured that too. We’ve laughed and cried our way through them all. I can’t thank you enough.”


“We can’t stop looking at our photos and still can’t believe they’re actually ours!

We couldn’t have asked for a better photographer and can’t recommend Anna enough. In fact, we don’t have to – everyone who’s seen our pictures instantly wanted her contact details! Amazing, amazing, amazing!”


“We were completely overwhelmed when we received our photos

…and are still, to this day, blown away when we look at our pictures. You created an amazing record of such happy times in our life and really captured our crazy little family in the most perfect way possible. Even as I write this I’m looking forward to the next time we can have some pictures with you.”


“Anna captures the real, raw, magical moments.

The shoot was relaxed, fun and happy, and it made us realise how beautiful simple moments with your kids can be, from playing outside to jumping on the bed! Looking back at the photos makes you realise the importance of being mindful and in the moment. We can’t wait to book our next session.”



There are 3 types of sessions to choose from:

Slice of Life
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First Year Bundle

Session fees start from £95.

Gift vouchers also available

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