Get Passionate!

Today’s tip is to connect with the things you feel passionately about, the things that really bring you joy, and to try to build your business around your passions in as many ways as possible. Go on, show yourself and your business some love!

There are lots of reasons to do this:

1) If your business is built around things you’re personally passionate about, you’ll find every aspect of running your business so much more joyful and you’ll have much more strength and motivation to navigate the tough times

2) Your passions give a really strong flavour of the type of person you are, and makes it so much easier for potential clients to connect with you on a personal, more meaningful level

3) You’ll find it so much easier to write and talk about what you do, without feeling like you’re trying too hard

4) Doing more of what you love and less of the things you don’t is the quickest route to finding your true strengths

5) They will differentiate you from other photographers – you’re not just a photographer, you’re a fully rounded person with lots of different nuances and the more of these people can see, the less ‘like everyone else’ you’ll look and feel


build your business around your passions


Freewrite your answers to the following questions and see what comes up:


  • What could you talk about late into the night? The thing that you can wang about for AGES, that friends/family roll their eyes when you start going on about it?
  • When you lose track of time, when you’re ‘in flow’, where time passes quickly and it feels effortless and you feel energetic and competent, what kinds of things are you doing? What skills are you using?
  • What do you enjoy daydreaming about?
  • What’s your idea of perfect happiness or the perfect day?
  • As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
  • When do you feel most powerful, passionate, free, excited, inspired?
  • What’s often in the back of your mind?
  • What would you do every single day if money was no issue?
  • What can’t you help yourself doing?
  • What kind of people do you love being around?


Now look at your answers and see if there are any recurring themes.

If you could list your top 3-5 things that you feel passionately about, what would they be?



build your business around your passions


Now think about how you might be able to embed them into your brand and business.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Your mission statement
  • Your visual branding
  • Your ‘About Me’ content on your website
  • The type of language and tone you use
  • The things you choose to write about on your website
  • A theme for some regular social media posts
  • Content for blog posts / articles
  • The types of emails you send your mailing list
  • Gifts you send your clients
  • Information you send or advice you give your clients
  • The type of editing style you choose
  • The types of services you offer
  • The types of products you offer
  • The names you give your products / packages / services
  • The types of locations you prefer to work in
  • The types of people you prefer to work with
  • Charities you choose to support via your business


build your business around your passions


There are so many more ways you could do it, this list isn’t exhaustive. The key thing to remember is that if you sprinkle a bit more of the stuff that brings you joy into your business, you’ll love running your business so much more, and that joy will be infectious to others too.

So, what changes are you going to make this week to build your business around your passions even more than before?

Anna 🙂








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Take care and have fun growing that wonderful business of yours!

Anna 🙂


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