What to post on social media

Photographers often ask me what to post on social media.

I’ll start by saying, I’m not a huge fan of social media myself and my own social media accounts are attended to fairly sporadically – I’ll have a spate of using them regularly, and then will come away from them for a bit. But for me, social media is intentionally not a core part of my marketing plan (a topic for another day!) so this is fine by me. I concentrate on other things that work better for me (such as my mailing list, SEO, blogging etc).

However, I know a lot of photographers do happily use social media and it works well for them – so I wanted to share a ‘SOCIAL’ acronym I created (bloody love a daft acronym!) to map out your social media content, so that you can ensure you’re covering everything you should to connect most powerfully with your clients.


what to post on social media


Remember – at any one time, most people aren’t ready to buy from you right now. That’s not to say they won’t ever buy – they may well do – but the time might just not be right at the moment for any number of reasons. Therefore, you need to ensure that the content you put out is of interest to them at any time – keep them engaged with you and learning more about you so that when circumstances change and they’re ready for what you offer, you’re still at the forefront of their mind.

So, here goes…! Here’s what to post on social media, the different types of posts you should be creating – mix them up and try not to do too much of just one! It’s all about the balance. Remember too – these don’t all have to be permanent posts in your timeline – you can still use these for stories or videos or audio or whatever other formats you like to use.



S is for SOLVE


As service-based businesses, we’re there to serve our clients. It’s our job to help them with problems they have – we solve those problems for them. Potential clients need to see how it is that you can help them personally. Take some time to map out what problems or struggles your ideal client has – both in their general lives and also with regards to the photography they’re considering. Consider how what you offer helps them with this – how can you make things easier for them, how can you help solve some of the problems or worries they’re facing? Talk about this and show them you understand how they feel and you are there to help with that.


what to post on social media


O is for OFFER


You have to sometimes sell what you do. So many photographers post photos but don’t actually then let their audience know specifically what they’re selling and the next steps to take with you. You need to sometimes be actually making an offer. Whether that’s talking about your regular service and telling people what to do next (i.e. book a call, drop you an email, reserve a date on your calendar etc) or telling people about limited time offers such as mini shoots or album sales etc – make sure that at least some of the time you’re reminding people you’re not just a pretty Instagram feed – you have things on offer that they may well like.


what to post on social media


C is for CONNECT


Think about your ideal client. What do you have in common with them? What are their priorities and values in life and how do they align with yours? What kind of things do they enjoy? What are they interested in? What brings them happiness? What do they dream about? Help them to build an affinity with you by showing them how you share all these things in common – think about what might be helpful or interesting to them – what dreams and joys do you share? What things do you like and enjoy that they do too – talk about these things.





This is all about your brand and positioning, your USPs. Think about what might differentiate you from other photographers. What is your brand’s personality? How might you do things a bit differently to some other photographers? Think about your services, products, the way you work, your priorities, and also your own personal life if this affects the way you approach your work.


what to post on social media


A is for ASK


Involve your audience – don’t just post things at them all the time so they’re completely passive – create a two way conversation. Ask questions, create polls, invite them to share their thoughts and ideas. It could be about an aspect of your business (e.g. ‘What do you prefer – woodland or city for mini-sessions?’ or ‘Do you prefer albums or wall art?’ etc) or it could be about something completely non work-related – for example, favourite songs / dinners / holiday destinations etc. The important thing is to be creating a two-way interaction and connection.


what to post on social media


L is for LEISURE


Post as much personal stuff as you feel comfortable with. People love to see the real human face behind the business, so including aspects of your own personal life is a fantastic way to build a genuine connection with your audience. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing aspects of your personal life, even ‘behind the scenes’ work-related posts work really well for the same reason. Help them to see the human, not just the photographs.


For even more help, check out my SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT GENERATOR! This will save you heaps of time and brainpower – a huge bank of done-for-you prompts and a simple, organised system to consistently generate compelling content your ideal client will love.


I really hope this helps you know what to post on social media next time you’re on there! Happy posting!







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