Indian wedding photography in Birmingham (Jodie + Sachin – part 2)

… So now that you’ve seen Part 1, the morning of Jodie and Sachin’s wedding day, it’s on to Part 2, the afternoon, my first ever Indian wedding and my absolute favourite part of the day!

Well what can I say…. an explosion of colour, energy, chaos, love, sound and drama. It was without a doubt the most exciting and exhilarating day’s photography ever. I’d never photographed an Indian wedding before so I’ll be honest, I was so nervous about making sure I did it justice. It was certainly a baptism of fire – a really long ceremony with so many different rituals and traditions, dancing, a huge and very dramatically lit room, a horse, incredible dhol drummers, hypnotic scents, fire, 250 people and a LOT of coconuts. It was total sensory overload and I absolutely loved it. The drama of the day was almost overwhelming at times – there were lots of times when adrenaline really coursed through me and made me well up. I have never taken even nearly so many photographs in one day.

The day was completely focused on family and Jodie and Sachin’s nearest and dearest and it was clear to see how incredibly close they all are and how much they mean to each other. There was so much laughter and fun the whole day through. As for Jodie and Sachin themselves, I think you can see from the way they look at each other that they are absolutely head over heels.

I won’t really say any more as hopefully the images tell a better story of the day than I can, but I just want to thank Jodie and Sachin for trusting me to do a good job for them when they knew I’d not photographed a day like this before. It was an absolute pleasure to be with you and your wonderfully warm family and friends, and I’m over the moon to have been part of such a magical day. Here are some of my favourites…

See Part 1 of Jodie and Sachin’s wedding day here


  1. Laura Clague

    So vibrant & exciting… it looks like such an amazing day and Jodie looks fantastic… LOVE the red dress just stunning!

  2. Elen

    Wow!!!! I’m Welsh and will be marrying an English man (whenever we get round to it!) and now I want an Indian wedding!

    Beautiful wedding, beautiful people and beautifully captured as always! Stunning!

  3. Tom B

    Some great pics, once again Anna, some of the best yet. Must have helped having an amazing subject matter, I like the dancing ones and the ones of ornaments. Good stuff

  4. joanna

    Wow this is so beautiful so much heart, soul, colour and your magic Miss Hardy…. totally blown away as always. x

  5. Charis Warrell

    awesome what fun! think this is my favourite part of the wedding. all the colour and enjoyment! thats what weddings are about… fun, laughter and love! x

  6. Laura

    These are just incredible!

  7. Nicki

    AMAZING! What a photo frenzy! Every one spectacular! x

  8. Lisa

    Amazing. These are incredible!
    The portraits are stunning but all the details you captured blow me away. Such amazing candid shots that really capture the mood.

  9. Chloe

    Bloody hell Anna Hardy. You are amazing.
    I would be chuffed to bits if these were my wedding photos. You are a total rockstar. x

  10. Lisa Dawn

    Beautiful, vibrant and fun! Simply breathtaking photography!

  11. pen

    Anna, these images are outrageously good! The detail shots are SUPERB, and you’ve totally captured the colour, the atmosphere and the love. Just awesome.

  12. Toni Darcy

    WOW!!!…Your pictures tell the story in such a perfect way!…Very touching x

  13. jill Josypenko

    Some fabulous pics. Congrats Jodie and Sachin. I didn’t know that you had already got married. Wow you looked like you had a brill day. I’m seeing Gunny at whitsun on the Wednesday so will show him.I have given the name of your photographer to my friends son cos they are getting married next August. It will be a Hindu wedding. His mums family are from Manchester and the bride is from Bradford but they are getting married here I think.Have a great honeymoon.

  14. jill Josypenko

    Some fabulous pics.I have given your name to my friends son cos they are getting married next August. It will be a Hindu wedding. His mums family are from Manchester and the bride is from Bradford but they are getting married in Solihull. Amazing

  15. Jo Hastings

    Wow Anna, this is my favourite wedding you’ve shot to date. You’ve captured so much emotion and the pictures show so much character I feel like I’m there. What an amazing wedding, your work is just fabulous.

  16. Nick

    Beautifully done, Anna. Natural and elegant. Gorgeous…

  17. Chris

    These pictures are amazing. It looks like it was an incredible wedding and you’ve captured it beautifully.

  18. Michelle

    Anna, these pictures are truly beautiful and amazing. It looks like a fantastic wedding. Gorgeous. x

  19. Emma Case

    Ms Anna…. what you see and how you see it is a true gift… I know how much you enjoyed this wedding and it shows so much… beautiful xxx

  20. Mamad M

    What an absolutely amazing event! You have done a superb job of capturing the vibrant mood and spirit of this wedding. Very well done.

  21. Emily Flynn

    Wow, Anna these images are just beautiful, l I really enjoyed looking through them!



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