June 2011: 365 project

30TH JUNE 2011 (181/365)
Colour code

I got taunted (some might say understandably) when I put my books in alphabetical order some years ago. Now I’ve put my books with coloured spines in rainbow colour order (there is also a separate shelf of whitish books and a separate one of dark books). I know I am a complete geek but this bookshelf pleases me so much I really couldn’t care.

29TH JUNE 2011 (180/365)

I spent an absolutely amazing afternoon today at beautiful Newborough Beach in Wales, made all the more enjoyable by the fact that Freddie had never been on a beach before. To say he loved it would be a complete understatement. He romped around with a big smile on his face, chasing and trying to eat waves, paddling in rock pools, sprinting on the sand and sniffing around exploring sand dunes. I want to come back here again soon.

28TH JUNE 2011 (179/365)

I bought Joe some transfer tattoos back from Glastonbury and he wanted them put on last night, so they’ve been lurking hidden under his school uniform all day. He’s currently got a skeleton pirate on his back, and Hot Wheels truck and an eye on his stomach. When he got home from school today and shed his uniform, he spent some time prancing around in the hallway in his underpants singing about how cool his tattoos look. He is going to curse me for this picture when he’s a teenager.

27TH JUNE 2011 (178/365)
Wristband off

There’s always something quite sad about the moment you cut your festival wristband off after you get home, like you’re cutting final ties with the magical little world you’ve just been in. I usually end up delaying doing it, but my Glastonbury one got snipped off this morning. A wonderful, wonderful week, but I am so glad to be at home with my boy Joe and my dog that I really can’t feel too sad.

26TH JUNE 2011 (177/365)

This was the most blissful end to an incredible week there could have been for me…. eating Lebanese mezze, lying down under deep blue skies watching James Vincent McMorrow on The Park stage in the warmest afternoon sunlight, while hundreds of seagulls circled overhead. Since I saw him perform This Old Dark Machine on Jools Holland (see this here) I can’t get enough of him and have been listening to his album non-stop. His Glastonbury performance surpassed all expectations, absolutely amazing, it just wasn’t long enough! Such a nice man too, very warm and funny. Will definitely be going to see him again as soon as I can.

25TH JUNE 2011 (176/365)

Obviously one of the brilliant things about Glastonbury is all the incredible music you can go and see, but for me I think my favourite things about the festival are all the weird and wonderful things going on all over the place – the stalls, art installations, performances, nooks and crannies…. there is so much vivid imagination and magic going on all over the place and it’s such an adventure exploring it all. The music is amazing but at the end of the day you can fairly easily see most of the bands elsewhere, whereas much of what else goes on at Glastonbury you just know you’re never going to see in many other places, if any. The south east venues are just mindblowing – Shangri La, Arcadia, The Common, Block 9 and The Unfairground – it’s like you’ve suddenly found yourself on the set of Blade Runner or Dusk Till Dawn, massive apocalyptic, sinister, debauched, magical playgrounds full of crazy little pockets and corridors, enormous art installations, thumping music, daredevil circus performances, pyrotechics, lasers and some of the most imaginative people I’ve ever come across. This particular picture was taken in Arcadia – fire, cannons, trapeze and rope swinging all over a 50ft spider made from military scrap with lightning and fire bursting out of it. Enough said.

24TH JUNE 2011 (175/365)
She said yes

Friday was constant drizzle and rain all day. But what I love about Glastonbury are these little rays of sunshine that pop up all over the place and make you smile no matter how soggy and damp you are.

23RD JUNE 2011 (174/365)

It just wouldn’t be right to have 365 pictures from Glastonbury without at least one being dedicated to mud. The mud was unlike anything I’ve ever seen – it had been raining a lot in the week prior to the festival and the ground was just thick squelch that gripped and pulled your wellies right from the outset. On the plus side, I now have thighs of steel from battling against this stuff all week.

22ND JUNE 2011 (173/365)
First night

I’m not going to lie. There are a million amazing things about Glastonbury but getting from your car to the comfort of your pitched tent is not one of them. It took us 3 hours to do this in driving rain and by the time the tents were pitched it was pretty much dark, we were very wet and very tired. But it was all worth it once we got down to the site for some delicious food and a mooch around. I really love Glastonbury at night – the lights are magical.

21ST JUNE 2011 (172/365)

Well, it’s finally arrived…. Glastonbury!!! Tomorrow I’m off until Monday to the festival with some friends and can’t wait for all the fun, mud and music. As I write this it’s currently 2am and I’m still nowhere near packed but am sure it will all fall into place in the morning! I’ve managed to get together these few essentials though, all neatly stacked by the front door – tent, camping mats, sleeping bag, waterproof, wine and water… the rest will just have to be thrown in the car in the morning! Obviously I’ll be unable to get on a computer until Monday after the festival, so won’t be able to post anything until then. It’s a strictly no-work holiday but I’m taking some old camera kit with me to take some pics just for fun, so will still keep up my 365. See you later dudes!

20TH JUNE 2011 (171/365)

I took Joe to the cinema after school today to watch Kung Fu Panda 2 in 3D. I always forget to bring 3D glasses to the cinema and end up having to buy new ones so we have a massive stash of them in Joe’s dressing up box. I remembered to bring some today thankfully. These newer ones aren’t nearly as cool as the old-skool ones (like Miriam and Stephen had on their engagement shoot).

19TH JUNE 2011 (170/365)
Bright light

Yesterday I got back from shooting the Windermere wedding at about 10.30pm and then had to settle down at my computer until 2.30am to finish off some editing. I’ve not been getting even nearly enough sleep recently so when I woke up this morning it was pretty painful! It was well worth getting up though as I spent a well earned and hugely enjoyable afternoon off mooching around the Northern Quarter in the sunshine.

18TH JUNE 2011 (169/395)

Michelle and Michael got married today at the side of Lake Windermere. I arrived early to have a look around before starting shooting and began the day standing on a jetty looking out onto Lake Windermere in the sunshine. I’d love to start more days this way, so good for the soul.

17TH JUNE 2011 (168/365)
Craft shop

Today I travelled up to Windermere in the beautiful Lake District for a wedding tomorrow. I arrived after all the shops had shut but had a quick walk into Windermere to get a drink and passed this craft shop. Much like stationery, anything remotely craft-related pleases me immensely and I was really disappointed not to have time to browse through all the cute little shops. I also love the slate walls around here, so this picture was a no-brainer for me.

16TH JUNE 2011 (167/365)

When I saw my mum in Scotland last weekend, she bought me these gorgeous post-it notes and I used them for the first time today. I am a complete stationery geek and get probably much more excited than I should by paper. It seems to be a common trait in English teachers (my previous incarnation) – whatever the reason, I absolutely love these. They are one of those things where it feels a shame to use them but even more of a shame not to use them.

15TH JUNE 2011 (166/365)

A month or so ago I got this little window box garden for Joe so he could grow some plants – inside are sunflowers, cornflowers, cosmos and nasturtium. He’s loved planting them and this week they’ve just started to sprout – all except the cosmos which seem to be biding their time.

14TH JUNE 2011 (165/365)
Harry Potter

I’d never really had much interest in reading any of the Harry Potter books until Joe was at an age I could read them with him. Over the last couple of months I’ve been reading them to him, a chapter a night before bed, us snuggled up together under the duvet, and we both absolutely love it – it’s one of our favourite things to do. Joe’s now obsessed with anything to do with magic or wizards, and anything remotely pointed lying round the house has suddenly become a wand.

13TH JUNE 2011 (164/365)

These are springing up all over my back yard at the moment – under the steps, in the wall, out of the ground, they’re everywhere. I know they’re weeds but I really like them and want to keep them.

12TH JUNE 2011 (163/365)

After being away for a couple of days it was brilliant to get back to my gorgeous Joe. Over the last few days he’s been desperately trying to master ‘bubble writing’ (I think a year 6 girl he’s got the hots for has been writing like this…!) and completely unprompted he wrote me this lovely note when I got back.

11TH JUNE 2011 (162/365)

Today Iain, one of my oldest friends, married his beautiful girlfriend (now wife!) Anna. I lived with Iain (and 7 other people!) in a big shared house in Chorlton for two years in my late teens and we had so many funny and memorable times together. It was really moving to photograph his wedding today, and it was such a happy day. Being a proud Scot, Iain was of course in his kilt and this rather splendid sporran. One of my favourite parts of the day was overhearing Iain say to Anna, “If the step’s too wet, I’ve got some underpants in my sporran you can sit on.” True romance.

10TH JUNE 2011 (161/365)

I’ve got a wedding in Edinburgh tomorrow so today I travelled up to stay with my mum in the Scottish Borders near Kelso. This is her beautiful dog Raffi – an extremely loveable flatcoated retriever who licks pretty much anything and everything.

9TH JUNE 2011 (160/365)
Nearly finished

This morning it was back to the tattooist again for the second stint of my rib tattoo – it wasn’t half as bad (or as long!) a session this time, and I’ve just got one more session then it’s all finished. Already I absolutely love it, and it was so nice to spend a few hours with Sandy, my uber-nice and extraordinarily talented tattooist. Love her!

8TH JUNE 2011 (159/365)
Moustache mug

It is heavenly to be back at home today after 5 days away zipping around all over the place, even if I have spent the entire day at the computer madly ploughing through processing recent shoots. I bought this mug just before I left at the weekend and drank out of it for the first time today, a lovely big mug of hot chocolate to help me power on through the editing. A handlebar moustache is what every girl needs and now I can have one every time I have a drink.

7TH JUNE 2011 (158/365)

Today I drove 400 miles, spent over 2 hours on trains both over and under ground and did a 5 hour portrait shoot in central London and Essex. It was one of the most exhausting days EVER! It was a real blast though, thanks to the gorgeous Gary and Samantha, who are over visiting from Hong Kong. They used to live over here so we spent the day revisiting their old haunts. Loads of fun.

6TH JUNE 2011 (157/365)

I had a lovely, relaxing day off today between crazy travelling all over the place for shoots, so curled up with some magzines and plotted which new clothes I’m going to buy for my trip to Croatia in July. I absolutely loved this fashion shoot by photographer Daniel Jackson for H&M magazine. The clothes are right up my street (hello animal print), the models are stunning and the photography is absolutely beautiful. Loved it. Will definitely keep an eye out for more shoots by Daniel Jackson, really love his style.

5TH JUNE 2011 (156/365)

I loved spotting this tree today – coming into summer now, these beautiful autumnal colours were a real treat.

4TH JUNE 2011 (155/365)
Ice cream

Jo and Carl got wed in Birmingham today and we had glorious sunshine the whole day! Perfect weather for ice cream.

3RD JUNE 2011 (154/365)

Today Joe and I are off for a few days to Birmingham and he needed a good bath before we head off. I won’t have access to my computer until Wednesday so I won’t be able to update my 365 until then but will of course continue to take a picture each day. Will upload them all on Wednesday when I get back. Have a great weekend!

2ND JUNE 2011 (153/365)

I spent this morning at Little Learners day nursery in Stretford, taking some pictures for their website. It’s a fantastic nursery – the effort all the staff make is so evident and it’s jam packed full of fun things for the kids. Having wistfully watched them all dress up, crawl around in the sand, ride trikes, make food, run under a big parachute, read stories, sing songs, play musical instruments and chuck flour around it reminded me how I need to make more time myself to just play and have fun. So if next time you see me I’m covered in glue and baked beans you’ll know why.

1ST JUNE 2011 (152/365)

Today I bought some new ransom note fridge magnets.

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    What a great shot and by far the best tattoos I’ve seen in a while. x



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