Lacking confidence? Embrace your inner idiot!

May 23, 2019

If you ever lack confidence tackling new things, or hold yourself back because you’re worried you’ll cock it up or look daft, I wanted to share with you this ace little 5 minute video from the School of Life that I found via my good friend Rebecca, as I think it’s bloody brilliant.



So often in life, we stop ourselves trying new things for fear of looking stupid. I do it sometimes and I know lots of my friends and colleagues do too. We worry we’ll fail. We worry what people will say, that we’ll look like an moron, that we’ll be embarrassed or humiliated, that people will think we’re dickheads and won’t like us any more.

The premise of this video is that actually, we all regularly fail at things… and we all regularly look, and behave, like idiots. It’s an intrinsic part of human nature. Therefore… who really cares if we do one more stupid thing? What difference will it really make to ourselves or others? We may as well just crack on with what we want to do regardless.

There’s a lot of respected thinking behind this (explained in the video) so please don’t dismiss this as a ridiculous concept. It’s a fantastic antidote if you find yourself lacking confidence or holding yourself back from new experiences for fear of looking stupid.



Maybe you want to try a new kind of work or service you’ve not tried before… Maybe you want to learn a new skill… Maybe you want to start marketing yourself more… Maybe you want to speak or write about something for public consumption… Maybe you just want to tell someone how you really feel about something. Trying new things and putting yourself out there are scary but they can also be the most rewarding experiences if you’re able to gather together the guts to just do them.

Have a little watch of the video and find more confidence by EMBRACING YOUR INNER IDIOT!


Anna πŸ™‚




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Anna πŸ™‚

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  1. Christopher James Hall

    Life is too short to worry about looking like an idiot. You have to try new things or you just stay in one place and become the idiot you were worrying about. The only way to fail is to not try at all. Trying is learning. If it works that’s great. If it doesn’t then that is experience and that makes you less of an idiot.




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