Mother’s Day Spring family shoot giveaway!

Are you (or your partner if you’re kindly nominating her!) a mum with a big heart who spends a lot of time running round looking after everyone else?


Do you have a kid or kids under 8 years old?


Do you (or your partner if you have one!) tend to hide behind the camera, feel awkward as hell in front of it, but wish your kids could look back on some lovely photos of you actually together with them?



??‍♀️ If this is you, you’re in the right place!

I’m here to give you back a bit of the kindness you extend to everyone else! It’s my job and privilege to find your own family’s unique stories of magic, joy and adventure, right under your nose, right now. I’m looking for big-hearted mamas who’d love some unique, creative, emotional, joy-filled, photos of their precious clan, full of personality, and not a cringey pose in sight. Feel free to read a bit more about my approach to family photography here, and see if it sounds like your kind of thing.

This offer is open to 5 relaxed, down-to-earth families. The photography session is completely FREE (worth £95) and I’m also throwing in a free 7”x5” print from the shoot (worth £65). You’ll have the opportunity to purchase more photos if you like but there’s no obligation – you’re welcome to take the free print and leg it if you want to.



Why am I giving this away?

Because it’s Mother’s Day coming up and there are far too many lovely mums out there putting everyone else first. I want them to get the recognition they deserve, for their everyday kindnesses to be documented and celebrated. I ran this Mother’s Day competition last year but pesky Covid hit and threw a spanner in the works, completely wiping out the Spring, so I wanted to re-run it this year too so this time we can take advantage of this lovely time of year!


? What exactly is the prize?


There is no cost to enter and the photoshoot and 7″x5″ print (together worth £160!) will be free of charge

  • The Spring photoshoot will take place on a weekday, at an agreed location (usually the family home and/or an outdoor location) within 15 miles of Manchester, before 21st June 2021.
  • The competition will be open for entries between Sunday March 7th and Sunday March 14th 2021
  • Winners will be announced on Monday 15th March 2021
  • The photoshoot is for up to 6 people
  • At least one child must be under the age of 8
  • The shoot will last for 60-90 minutes
  • The family must be available to participate in the shoot before 21st June 2021.
  • After the shoot, you will receive an online gallery of 75+ images to choose from, and a complimentary 7”x5” print of the image of your choice. No digital images are included.
  • If Covid makes it impossible to do the shoot on the arranged date (e.g change to restrictions / self-isolation etc) then it’s no problem to move the shoot to an alternative date, subject to availability
  • You are welcome to take your free print and purchase nothing else if you wish. However, if you’d like any images in addition to the one complimentary 7”x5” print, these can be purchased after the shoot, including any digital images. A full price list will be sent to each entrant once their entry has been received.



Some kind words from families I’ve photographed


? “We cried when we saw the photos – it definitely brought us closer together as a couple and as parents. We’ll treasure the images forever. I can’t wait to show Beatrix these when she’s older and say look baby this is how we lived, look at the ridiculous way we dressed you, look at Pepper dog being silly and following you around, look how much we loved you!” (Sammy-Jo)

? “You captured the absolute soul of my girls in your photos, their real giggles and laughter as well as the innocence of their age. It really made my heart stop to see them beautiful as themselves instead of some contrived portrait.” (Julie)

? “These photographs are truly some of our most treasured possessions… So many people have commented on how special they are, so different to so many other family photographs you see. I still get quite emotional looking through them now because they capture our lives so honestly and perfectly. It was such a positive experience.” (Helen)



⚡️ How to enter ⚡️

If this all resonates with you and/or your partner and you’re keen to get involved (hooray!), the process to enter is below:

  • Fill in this questionnaire as best you can, the more detail the better (BEFORE Sunday 14th March 2021)
  • Once you’ve submitted your questionnaire, you’ll be directed to an acknowledgment page where you’ll get confirmation that your entry has been submitted, and a link to the full price list for purchasing additional images after the shoot. You are under no obligation to purchase anything and are welcome to just take your free 7”x5” print if you wish to do so. I send this price list before the shoot so that the whole process is completely open and transparent, including any potential optional future costs, should you wish to purchase anything else later.
  • I will choose a shortlist of families, and from that shortlist I will get my glamorous assistant (i.e my 6 year old son Huey!) to pick the 5 names at random out of a hat, on Monday 15th March 2021.



✨ Free stuff for families

Whether you’d like to enter this giveaway or not, please feel free to grab some of my free resources for families. I hope you enjoy them! Some of the most popular ones you might like:

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Thanks so much for your interest in my photography, and a massive high five to all you ace mamas out there, what a bunch of belters you are!  ??

Anna 🙂

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  1. Stu

    Unfortunately we’re not within the 15 miles of Manchester ( and that’s ok!) just wanted to say what a wonderful idea this is! I would nominate my wife in a flash (pun intended) for all she does and everything she puts before herself. Also loved the use of the phrase “let it!” 🙂 have a great day and what a great great gift this will be for someone! ❤️ Cheers, Stu.


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