London music photography (Mr Hudson)

Last year I met Ben, aka musician Mr Hudson, at a wedding I photographed. At the moment he’s busy behind the scenes working on his third album (which is sounding great by the way, keep an eye out for it…) and a few weeks ago he asked me to come and take some relaxed, behind-the-scenes shots of him pottering around in the studio to show on his website what he’s been up to. Working on the album he spends a huge amount of time here and I think it’s really interesting to document this important part of the creative process as well as the finished product. Ben’s a brilliant musician and can play loads of different instruments; his studio is a real musical playground and it’s obvious that he adores being there.

It was a really fun afternoon – I love photographing musicians; it’s brilliant to see the captivation on their faces while they get lost in what they’re doing… and Ben’s also a thoroughly lovely bloke – a real gent with a great sense of humour. He even had the patience to attempt to teach me how to play the drums on that beautiful Slingerland vintage drum kit… I’d never played them before and would love to say I was brilliant but it really did not sound good. Hopefully the pictures I took offset the atrocious drum abuse… here are some of my favourites…


  1. pen

    Does his music sound as good as he looks?
    Going to check it now…

  2. Anna Clarke

    Love these Anna. Bet he loves them too. Small world, I went to school with Ben! x

  3. Kate

    Love these pictures!!!!!! πŸ˜€ Great job. what was he like in school btw ? x

  4. xanthe

    Cool pics, I like the b/ws with the close ups of the guitar, very creative…. and used to love “too late, too late” years ago. x.

  5. Kirsten

    These are really great. I did this once before when I was very new to photography and it was HARD. The light is so low in those studios. You did a beautiful job.

  6. Natasha

    I have never seen a more beautifuo photoset! Please photograph Ben some more!

  7. Ben

    Great Pictures Anna… Mr Hudson & The Library – a tale of two cities – amazing record!!

  8. minjoo

    some more! πŸ˜‰

  9. Sarah

    He should collab with JEJO (a dutch artist) he got this amazing song called Escape.
    It has that typical Hudson sound to it!


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