My 2011: the best bits

At the end of last year in My 2010: the best bits I said how much of a life-changing year 2010 had been for me, as my first full year of working totally for myself as a photographer, and how I was hoping for a bit more balance in the coming year. As with many things in life, things didn’t really follow the plan and 2011 has been even more life-changing than the year before – for both professional and personal reasons this year has been so pivotal and unbelievably emotional.

On a professional level, I feel very much that after the crazy first year of setting everything up and finding my feet, this was the year in which I finally found my confidence and my personal style and voice as a photographer. A huge factor in this has been the personal 365 project I began at the start of the year, which has given me so much more than I ever expected it to. Professionally, it has helped to inject freshness and variety into my photography by forcing me to shoot things that I’d never usually take the time to focus on. It completely refuelled my passion for photography and helped me to think more creatively about how to present my subjects in my other streams of work. It also helped me to stop pigeon-holing myself professionally and to focus on developing myself as a photographer and artist, rather than specifically as a wedding photographer or a portrait photographer, and this freedom has been so exciting for me and opened up a whole new raft of possibilities for projects in the future. Personally, it has been so cathartic – a creative outlet through which I was able to reflect on and document this year’s rollercoaster of ups and downs. I’ll write a little more about this 365 project in a separate round-up post devoted to the project, but suffice to say it became a photographic diary for one of the most emotional years of my life, one which started with terrible sadness but which has ended with unbelievable joy.

As with last year, this year’s work has been filled with the pleasure of working with hundreds of amazing people and being part of the warmth and fun they share with their families and friends. It’s been chock full of love and laughter and I’m so grateful to be able to continue to do this fun, exciting and emotional work. Thank you so much to all the couples, families and individuals who put themselves in front of my camera this year and brought me so much happiness. It’s been an amazing year. Here is my 2011…….


  1. jo-Anne Bilham

    just such beautiful images Anna, telling lots of stories 🙂 Really enjoyed looking through each one of these! Looking forward to seeing more in 2012, happy new year! Jo x

  2. pen

    What a photographic journey! Your style is truly unique and perfect for all the moments you have captured. Your 365 project has inspired me too, and fingers crossed I can similarly inspired by my own journey this time next year!

    May 2012 bring all that you wish for and more. I can’t wait to see it all come to life xx

  3. Elen

    Such a beautiful collection of photographs!

    I came across your work early on in 2011 just as I was getting into photography and fell in love with your pictures instantly and have followed your blog posts regularly since.

    I never get bored of looking at them and think I’ve looked at every single one of your posts over the last year. Personal and professional.

    Your work is a constant source of inspiration and your style is so uniqe.

    Thank you for sharing!x

  4. gemma

    Anna, you are a true artist – what an amazing collection of memories! Can’t wait for you to photograph my wedding this year! Best wishes for 2012 xx

  5. Kierstin

    I absolutely LOVE all of these shots! You have such a wonderful eye and capture the true spirit of the moment. You and your work are inspirational!

  6. Kirsten

    Incredible selection, Anna. I hope 2012 is all you want it to be x

  7. Laura McCluskey

    Hi Anna

    what a brilliant round-up of you year and amazing portfolio of work. I love the way you see the world – the asian wedding you recently shot was one of my favourite weddings of 2011.
    best wishes for 2012

    Laura x

  8. Ellie

    My, what a beautiful year. Can’t wait to see what 2012 brings.

  9. joanna


    LOVE IT ALL and YOU TOO. You are so very talented my friend a true inspiration totally love every shot you take.

    Well done my friend what an epic year it has been for you and you worked your socks off.

    joanna x x

  10. cheap stationery

    Wow what a fantastic collection of photographs and a great way to remember 2011, looking forward to this year.

  11. Igor Demba

    2012 get ready to have for some serious kick butt. Gorgeous year Anna,

  12. Ant

    Lovely jubbly Anna. Can’t wait for you to shoot our wedding.

    Ant & Zoe x

  13. Andrea Ellison Photography

    Good Lord woman !!! you could not possibly squeeze any more inspiration into a post ….your amazing x

  14. Steve Gerrard

    Such a varied, fun and beautifully artistic collection of photographs. It’s been quite a year for you. 2012 will be even greater I’m certain.

  15. mandy panesh

    Anna, you just continue to amaze and inspire me with your talent…you are a true artist…constantly seeking out the beauty, magic and humour in everything.
    Having you as our wedding photographer last year was one of the best things Liam and I have ever done.
    So, here’s to you lady, wishing you a new year filled with love, joy and your blessed camera!
    Love Mandy xxxxxxxxx

  16. lisa

    Wow what a year! what an amazing set of images. Love your work and can only begin to imagine what 2012 will bring you. I hope this year is ana amazing one for you.

  17. andy wardle

    awesome Anna. I LOVE the bursting bubble shot… happy 2012 dude!

  18. Naomi Kenton

    Love them all – you are such a great photographer xx



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