November 2011: 365 project

30TH NOVEMBER 2011 (334/365)

Today Adam had some pretty full on dental surgery so I nursed him back to health at my house. Curled up on the sofa grimacing with his hood up was pretty much how he spent the whole day poor lad.

29TH NOVEMBER 2011 (333/365)

I’m not actually going to say what this is as what I like most about this picture is that it’s pretty unclear what it is and where the light and patterns are coming from. I just think it looks ace.

28TH NOVEMBER 2011 (332/365)
Pigeon English

Today I finished my book, Pigeon English by Stephen Kelman. It’s an absolutely incredible book and I’d recommend it to anyone. Really really funny and really touching. The narrator is possibly the most likeable narrator I have ever encountered – I cared about him loads right from the outset and couldn’t put the book down. On a totally superficial note (because sadly I do very much judge actual books by their covers), I love the cover design and the way the light reflects on the shiny title – it’s a very strokeable book (I can’t be the only one to like stroking them can I?)

27TH NOVEMBER 2011 (331/365)

Another iphone picture today. I was really cross with myself as today we went down to Birmigham to visit my amazing grandmother and I really wanted to bring my proper camera to get a lovely portrait of her, and duly completely forgot to bring it… So an iphone picture had to suffice – this is her teaching Joe how to knit, so sweet – he really loved it and now wants his own knitting needles!

26TH NOVEMBER 2011 (330/365)

My crochet project is now well underway – I’ve been making lots of these little squares which will eventually be joined together to make a lovely Afghan blanket for my friend Lizz. I have completely fallen in love with crochet and can’t wait to get started on lots more projects.

25TH NOVEMBER 2011 (329/365)

An iphone picture for today – me and my gorgeous mate Michelle. We had a brilliant girly day today, swimming outside in Cheadle (yes that’s right, swimming outside in Manchester in November – very brisk!), lounging in the jacuzzi, having lunch and amazing bakewell tart cocktails at The Alchemist (our waiter Alex was the most hilarious waiter we have ever met), then carrying on the cocktails until late in Chorlton. A brilliant and very fun day with an amazing girl. This is us on our way into town in our parkas at the tram stop. Pair of pillocks.

24TH NOVEMBER 2011 (328/365)

Contrary to popular belief I do think there are little pockets of beauty in the Trafford Centre!

23RD NOVEMBER 2011 (327/365)

Another brilliant delivery today – exciting post three days in a row! Today my first album from Folio arrived, one I designed for the lovely Michelle and Michael. It’s always nerve-wracking receiving a new product for the first time, and this is the first time I’ve used Folio, so I had real butterflies opening this! I needn’t have worried. Oh my god. These albums are just the most gorgeous things. The beautiful fine art paper looks and feels amazing, and the colours and intensity of the inks are so striking. They really are gorgeous pieces of art and I can’t wait to get stuck in and make some more! The customer service is also second to none and the ordering process is by far the simplest I’ve encountered with album companies – I’d recommend them to anyone and everyone.

22ND NOVEMBER 2011 (326/365)

One of my favourite photographers is Sean Flanigan – make sure you check out his work if you haven’t already, I dare you not to completely love it. Based in Seattle, every so often he runs a great little postcard project where he kindly sends postcards of his prints free of charge all over the world to whoever requests them via his blog. There are a limited number and they’re in big demand so I was really excited when I managed to get my request in in time! Today it arrived, this beautiful image of the boats, and is adorning my noticeboard as we speak. Thanks so much Sean!

21ST NOVEMBER 2011 (325/365)

Today my new fridge magnets (on the left) and stickers (on the right) arrived from Awesome Merchandise, which will be little freebies for clients. I’m absolutely over the moon with these and really recommend Awesome Merchandise as a supplier.

20TH NOVEMBER 2011 (324/365)

Every night I read to Joe before bed – at the moment we’re working our way through the Harry Potter books, which he absolutely adores. However, a week or two ago, he picked up this children’s novel from his bookshelf – The Runaway Troll by Matt Haig – and has been reading it on his own whenever he can. I’m absolutely staggered by how quickly he’s ploughing through it – literally every spare moment he’s asking, “Can I go and read my book?” and more than anything, it’s so strange to acclimatise to him actually being quiet! Joe has many virtues, but like his mother, quietness is not one of them, and it’s pretty much unheard of for him to stop talking for more than around 5 seconds at a push. But when he’s reading this book, it’s complete silence for as long as he’s reading – his record so far is almost 2 hours. Unbelievable. On a personal note, I’m so over the moon he seems to love books as much as I do, and can’t wait to get stuck into loads more with him. If anyone has any recommendations for good children’s books for age 7/8+ please do send them my way!

19TH NOVEMBER 2011 (323/365)

Today my new 2012 diary arrived. Every year I get the same diary from the amazing Redstone Press – it’s a different theme each year (2012’s theme is ‘The Senses’) and is full of beautiful photography, art, and literature, I completely love them and will never use another diary for as long as they continue to be produced. The arrival of next year’s diary reminded me that this project will soon draw to a close (scary how quickly this year has flown by!) and so now I’m busy working out what personal photography project I’m going to start in the new year to replace it…. to be announced soon!

18TH NOVEMBER 2011 (322/365)

Tonight I went to my friend Debbie’s house for dinner. As well as being an incredible friend and loads of fun, she also happens to be an incredible cook, so I was really looking forward to today! After a starter of cheesy soufflĂ© and a main of homemade chicken kievs (both absolutely mouthwateringly delicious) she brought out this bad boy. A dense dark chocolate torte covered in fresh raspberries. The chocolate torte was rich and velvety, with gooey bits running through it, with the raspberries glooping (yes that is a word) down into the torte when you cut into it. It was easily the nicest pudding I have ever had in my life. I don’t award this honour lightly but this truly is it. It’s actually making me cross looking at this picture because I can’t eat it.

17TH NOVEMBER 2011 (321/365)

Today was a very sad day for me. Joe has been saying for ages that he wants to have his lovely long hair chopped off. I’ve resisted for a while but now feel that I’m not being fair making him keep a haircut he doesn’t want any more. So today I relented and took him to the hairdressers for a chop. I do love his hair long so much and hope he wants to grow it back one day but having it chopped off was worth it to see the big grin on his face when he saw his new short hair.

16TH NOVEMBER 2011 (320/365)

My friend Chris is making a truly valiant effort for Movember with this rather splendid handlebar moustache. I think you’ll all agree this is pretty impressive for two weeks’ growth! Please support him here if you can!

15TH NOVEMBER 2011 (319/365)
Book club

My friend Becky recently started a book club on facebook. It’s been brilliant as we can join in a book club with lots of friends, even if we don’t live near enough to be able to physically meet up. We’ve been using the voting function to select the books to read and set up private documents to discuss the books so the people who haven’t read them yet won’t see any spoilers on the group wall. I’m loving it! The first two books were Snowdrops and Jamrach’s Menagerie and now we’re reading Pigeon English, which I’m absolutely loving so far. Sense of and Ending and The Sisters Brothers are likely to be coming up soon. Book nerd heaven!

14TH NOVEMBER 2011 (318/365)

I am one of those annoying people who gets excited about Christmas very early on. All throughout November I’m champing at the bit to be able to put the Christmas tree up, and love buying a few new decorations for it every year. These are my new ones this year. Roll on December!

13TH NOVEMBER 2011 (317/365)

Joe decided to decorate his face today with eyeliner pencil, opting for spectacular eyebrows and a pretty impressive beard. Not sure where the inspiration for the asterisk on his forehead came from but he was very proud of his new look.

12TH NOVEMBER 2011 (316/365)

Nothing like a good breakfast to soak up the booze from the night before! A lovely new discovery this morning – toast spread with marmite, with ham and a poached egg on top. BLOODY LOVELY! I’m having this again very soon.

11TH NOVEMBER 2011 (315/365)

Tonight Adam came round and we had a Mexican evening, cooking up prawn and chicken fajitas and homemade guacamole, and making mojitos. The food was absolutely delicious but for some reason the mojitos were completely revolting. No idea where we went wrong but they were truly vile.

10TH NOVEMBER 2011 (314/365)

A skype business meeting today! No matter how many times I use it I can never feel entirely comfortable seeing myself on the screen while I’m chatting to someone, it’s really off-putting!

9TH NOVEMBER 2011 (313/365)
365 prints

I finally got round to printing off some of my favourite 365 pictures (particularly of Joe), bought a load of frames from IKEA, and have been busy putting them all into frames to put up around the house. It’s so nice to see the pictures actually on paper and be able to hold them. Until now all of these pictures had only existed on the computer.

8TH NOVEMBER 2011 (312/365)

Today was a bit of a special occasion (all will become clear soon…!) and I had my make up done for me for the first time by Emma! It took a bit of getting used to as I don’t usually wear any eyeliner under my eyes but by the end of the day I’d kinda got used to the new vampy look!

7TH NOVEMBER 2011 (311/365)

Today my lovely friends Joanna and Emma came up to Manchester to stay with me. A wonderful relaxing evening with curry, wine and loads of laughs. Love these girls.

6TH NOVEMBER 2011 (310/365)

Out for drinks tonight with my fella and my mate Michelle. Now that it’s coat weather again my beloved leopard print coat has come out of the wardrobe again.

5TH NOVEMBER 2011 (309/365)

Just an iphone pic for tonight. As it was bonfire night, I took Joe to a fireworks display in Buile Hill Park in Salford. He loved the sparklers the best.

4TH NOVEMBER 2011 (308/365)
Lana del Rey

Tonight we went to see Lana del Rey at the Ruby Lounge. I didn’t want to take my camera with me so this is a tribute to Lana and those hypnotic lips of hers!

3RD NOVEMBER 2011 (307/365)

My lovely friend Lizz is having a baby soon and I’ve decided to crochet a blanket as a gift to her and the baby. I’ve never done any crocheting before but am really excited to learn and have now bought all the yarn and hooks. Can’t wait to get started on it!

2ND NOVEMBER 2011 (306/365)

My boyfriend is an amazing artist and does incredible huge oil paintings. I’ve been admiring this one for ages and now it’s become mine! I’ve never been given a painting before and it’s my new pride and joy. This one is of the campsite at Porth Ceriad where we camped a couple of weeks ago. So beautiful. Thanks Adam!

1ST NOVEMBER 2011 (305/365)

My lovely friend Michelle bought me these beautiful gladioli this week and they have just started to bloom properly now.

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  1. Kirsten Mavric

    Gorgeous, Anna 🙂 (I have that stripey table runner, it’s from John Lewis huh ;))

  2. Lisa

    These photos are gorgeous. I wish I had been able to complete my 365 this year…instead I have failed miserably.



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