Remote Rescue Supplies for photographers!

In response to this wretched COVID-19 crisis that’s troubling thousands of us poor old photographers, I’ve pulled together here a handy bank of ‘Remote Rescue Supplies’ that you can access online over the coming days / weeks to supercharge your photography business whilst hunkering down in your own home. Hopefully these resources can support you and your business and help you to make lemonade out of this particularly shitty bunch of lemons!


Pulling something positive from enforced ‘downtime’

There’s no escaping the fact that it’s really unsettling for us at the moment, as it is for any freelancers who rely on face to face work. However, I’m determined to pull something positive from this enforced ‘downtime’. Personally, I’m trying to see it as an ideal opportunity to develop and grow my business – to focus on all the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff that it’s hard for me to find time for during the usual hamster wheel of busier shooting times. I’m going to dive into my branding and marketing, I’ll develop new services and products, I’m going to do some training and development, and I’ll get stuck into blogging, planning, updating my website etc… This way, when usual routine resumes, the plan is that my business will bounce back all the stronger for it, with increased profit, clarity, focus and momentum.


How I can help you

I’d love to support you to do the same, so here’s a full list of my Remote Rescue Supplies, including some brand new resources that I’ve designed directly in response to the current coronavirus crapness – I really hope they’re helpful to you! They include:

  • Free resources (both existing and new)
  • Previously paid resources that I’ve now made completely free
  • Heavily discounted training and development

So, here’s a full list of resources to help you. Whilst a slow patch now is sadly unavoidable, hopefully together we can make sure that when normality resumes, your business will be far stronger and more profitable than it was before ?



1) 15 ways to grow your photography business during quiet spells

This week I put together a free blog post containing 15 practical, instantly actionable ways you can continue to earn some money and/or grow and improve your photography business when work is quiet… Not just now during this bizarre pandemic, but also during the usual seasonal quiet patches we get each year.


2) Free Facebook group for photographers

Please feel free to tap into this free resource and community. We’re a friendly, supportive bunch, and within the group I’ve created loads of free resources to help you and your business, including free videos on Charging Your Worth, Marketing, Creating An Effective Website, Overcoming Fear, Email Marketing, Managing Multiple Photography Streams, Protecting Your Time, Second Shooting, Creating Brochures and Editing, amongst others. In the group I also do free weekly ‘Ask Me Anything’ videos where you can ask me whatever questions you like about your business (or anything else!) and I happily answer them and try to help you as best I can.


3) Previously paid downloads are now completely free

I’ve decided to make my paid downloads completely free to fellow photographers until the end of June 2020. There are family photography prompts, a family photography questionnaire and a family photography welcome guide. These are usually £15 each, but all you need to do is join my mailing list (if you haven’t already) and drop me an email letting me know which one(s) you’d like, and I’ll email them over to you completely free of charge ?



4) 25% off The Roost family photography course

Until the end of June, there is 25% off The Roost Online (family photography course). Just use the code LOCKDOWN25 at checkout 🙂


5) Free business-building downloadable PDFs

Feel free to grab any of these free pdfs full of practical tips, advice and activities to grow your business:

20 Marketing Ideas For Photographers

Growing Your Family Photography Business

Uncover Your Own Unique Brand

Daily Productivity Checklist and Template


6) Buy-one-get-one-free on Skype Mentoring Sessions

Until the end of June, if you purchase one Skype mentoring session you’ll get a second one completely free, which means that you’ll get £700 worth of mentoring for £350.



7) Free business-building blog posts

I’ve put together loads of free info to help you grow your business – I’ve collated a handy list of them below:

Finding Your Unique Selling Points

10 Myths About Family Photography

My Top 10 Productivity Tips

Fear Of Marketing and How To Overcome It

Encouraging Client Action

Growing Your Own Unique Photography Brand

The Importance of Emotional Connection

What’s Inside My Kit Bag

Lacking Confidence? Embrace Your Inner Idiot!

Protecting Your Time When You’re Self-Employed

Developing Your Creativity With Personal Projects


8) Heavily discounted website / portfolio reviews

Usually you can choose either a website review OR a portfolio review for £75, or you can have both for £135. Until the end of June, when you purchase just the one for £75, you will get BOTH of them included 🙂



9) Staying at home with the kids – survival guide!

I know this isn’t technically a business resource, but I know many of us are parents and will have to juggle keeping our businesses afloat, working from home, alongside caring for our kids during school closures or self-isolation. So I’ve also put together a Remote Rescue for Parents containing lots of practical ideas and resources for parents and families to hopefully help you ride the storm together too. Hope they help!

So that’s it! My Remote Rescue Supplies for photographers – I really hope these help you to maintain positivity, momentum and growth in your business during these tough weeks ahead. Let’s all stick together and give each other a helping hand. WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS!

Anna 🙂

PS If you have any resources or advice of your own, please do share these in the comments below – if we can help each other by signposting each other to as many useful resources as possible that would be so great – strength in numbers!!!


  1. Charlotte Hueso

    Anna, you are as ever a TOTAL legend. Thank you for this abundance of information. I hope you guys are all ok x

  2. Rebecca

    This is so bloody nice! Thank you

    • annahardy

      You’re very welcome! 🙂

  3. Faye

    Wow Anna! This is so amazing, thank you so much for all these resources… Can’t wait to get stuck in, they look super interesting and helpful!

    • annahardy

      You’re very welcome Faye! Hope you enjoy them 🙂

  4. Christopher James Hall

    Thank you Anna,

    So much here it’s going to take a while to get through it all.




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