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Simple family activities that take minimal time & resources (most can be done in 5-10 mins) to create precious daily moments of connection between you and your family.

5 TOP tips for taking great photos of your kids

A few simple tips & tricks to help you get better photos of your kids, whether you’re using an SLR, compact camera or just your good old trusty cameraphone.

30 HANDY REsources for working parents

Some of my favourite time and sanity-saving resources that can make life a whole lot simpler! Organisation, health, mealtimes and fun for both parents and kids.

Festivals / camping with kids: the ultimate checklist

Compiled gradually over more than a decade of camping with kids, here’s everything you could possibly need to make your little adventure as easy and enjoyable as possible!

PHOTO RULES ANd how to break them

Rules are made to be broken! Sometimes you can get really original and creative results by breaking free from convention. Give these a whirl!

By the way, I’ve got a fun Facebook group for parents, Our Everyday StoriesSo many magical little adventures happen to us and our families every day, often without us really stopping to appreciate them. This group is a little project set up to encourage us to regularly record, honour and enjoy our images of our own family’s precious everyday stories, just using our cameraphones. The best stories are always the real ones!

Handy blog posts

Against Perfection: A Manifesto

Against Perfection: A Manifesto

As a photographer, one of the things I come up against the most is the pervasive feeling amongst families that they need to wait for the ‘perfect’ time for photos… This ‘perfection’ usually falls under one or more of three categories: PERFECT APPEARANCE (“I need to wait until my hair grows / I lose my […]

World Book Day: favourite kids’ books

World Book Day: favourite kids’ books

With it being World Book Day today, I thought I’d share one of my own family’s all-time favourite kids’ books… Would You Rather…? by John Burningham. This book has been around for a long time, and with good reason. I’ve had it on our shelves for well over 12 years since Joe (now 14) was […]

Our Everyday Stories: Group Photo Project

Our Everyday Stories: Group Photo Project

To celebrate National Storytelling Week, and because the best stories are always real ones, last month I ran a little group photography project/challenge to celebrate everyday stories. Lots of you shared your lovely images and it was so heart-warming and uplifting looking through them. Thank you so much to everyone who sent yours in! I asked […]

Get better results with your camera phone: 10 top tips

Get better results with your camera phone: 10 top tips

In an ideal world the best quality cameras would be tiny, light and cheap… We’d all be wandering round with them tucked in our pockets, merrily snapping away at whatever we liked, whenever we liked… We’d churn out incredible quality images on a daily basis… We’d capture everything that’s precious to us, never missing a […]

Finding the time to connect

Finding the time to connect

To connect with your kids as much as possible – what parent doesn’t want this? But family life is chaotic… full of juggling, spinning plates, however you want to describe it… If I’m being honest, sometimes I feel like I’ve barely got time to sit down and draw breath, let alone attempt anything more aspirational. […]

Staying Sane as a Working Parent: 10 Top Tips

Staying Sane as a Working Parent: 10 Top Tips

Being a working parent is a whirlwind to say the least… Constantly busy, constantly multi-tasking, constantly ‘doing’ but full of guilt about the things we’re not doing. For most of us working parents, our holy grail is successfully juggling a rewarding working life with a rewarding family life. We want to achieve our personal aspirations […]

The Camera Crew

Want to get creative with your camera without getting tangled up in the tech?

For those who’d like to go beyond the freebies, The Camera Crew is designed especially for amateurs who love a good photo. This fun, accessible and affordable online camera club and course are here to help you grab your camera with confidence, unlock your creativity and learn to document the good times with beautiful, artistic images you’re proud to hang on your walls.


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