Crab and Lobster Yorkshire wedding photography (Sashy + Dashy)

November 25, 2013

Well, what can I say… Today is the launch of my brand new website, and there is no wedding I could enjoy sharing more as the first one on the new site!

There really don’t need to be many words to describe this wedding as hopefully the pictures will show how wonderful it was.

But for me, a combination of the Crab & Lobster, hilarious taxidermy, Vivienne Westwood, Riley, male ‘flower girls’ in shorts, the most emotional ceremony ever, guests that had me crying with laughter, blissful summer sun, true love, Sashy’s incredible smile, beautiful energy and the sweetest couple ever… all combined to make this one of the most memorable weddings I’ve ever shot.

Sashy and Dashy, you are amazing and I am so grateful I got to share your day. BIG LOVE!!!

If you want to read more about their big day, Sashy and Dashy are also featured on the amazing Rock ‘N Roll Bride today – check them out! Also check out the gorgeous film by Simon Clarke – such a lovely guy too!

001- Dashwood -_MG_4828_BLOG_mini.jpg
010- Dashwood -_MG_3623_BLOG_mini.jpg
020- Dashwood -_MG_3707_BLOG_mini.jpg
026- Dashwood -_MG_3740_BLOG_mini.jpg
030- Dashwood -_MG_3954_BLOG_mini.jpg
032- Dashwood -_MG_3959_BLOG_mini.jpg
042- Dashwood -_MG_3997_BLOG_mini.jpg
043- Dashwood -_MG_4519 1_BLOG_mini.jpg
044- Dashwood -_MG_4000_BLOG_mini.jpg
045- Dashwood -_MG_4003_BLOG_mini.jpg
048- Dashwood -_MG_3772_BLOG_mini.jpg
065- Dashwood -_MG_3861_BLOG_mini.jpg
066- Dashwood -_MG_3863_BLOG_mini.jpg
067- Dashwood -_MG_3866_BLOG_mini.jpg
077- Dashwood -_MG_3909_BLOG_mini.jpg
078- Dashwood -_MG_3900_BLOG_mini.jpg
080- Dashwood -_MG_4509 1_BLOG_mini.jpg
081- Dashwood -_MG_3924_BLOG_mini.jpg
083- Dashwood -_MG_3934_BLOG_mini.jpg
084- Dashwood -_MG_3936_BLOG_mini.jpg
087- Dashwood -_MG_4012_BLOG_mini.jpg
095- Dashwood -_MG_4029_BLOG_mini.jpg
101- Dashwood -_MG_4063_BLOG_mini.jpg
103- Dashwood -_MG_4075_BLOG_mini.jpg
113- Dashwood -_MG_4111_BLOG_mini.jpg
115- Dashwood -_MG_4118_BLOG_mini.jpg
116- Dashwood -_MG_4130_BLOG_mini.jpg
118- Dashwood -_MG_3831_BLOG_mini.jpg
123- Dashwood -_MG_4155_BLOG_mini.jpg
129- Dashwood -_MG_4181_BLOG_mini.jpg
130- Dashwood -_MG_4183_BLOG_mini.jpg
131- Dashwood -_MG_4184_BLOG_mini.jpg
135- Dashwood -_MG_4202_BLOG_mini.jpg
139- Dashwood -_MG_4221_BLOG_mini.jpg
146- Dashwood -_MG_4232_BLOG_mini.jpg
152- Dashwood -_MG_4310_BLOG_mini.jpg
153- Dashwood -_MG_4550 1_BLOG_mini.jpg
154- Dashwood -_MG_4246_BLOG_mini.jpg
164- Dashwood -_MG_4273_BLOG_mini.jpg
168- Dashwood -_MG_4317_BLOG_mini.jpg
180- Dashwood -_MG_4298_BLOG_mini.jpg
181- Dashwood -_MG_4301_BLOG_mini.jpg
183- Dashwood -_MG_4337_BLOG_mini.jpg
191- Dashwood -_MG_4361_BLOG_mini.jpg
194- Dashwood -_MG_4364_BLOG_mini.jpg
197- Dashwood -_MG_4382_BLOG_mini.jpg
200- Dashwood -_MG_4389_BLOG_mini.jpg
203- Dashwood -_MG_4422_BLOG_mini.jpg
204- Dashwood -_MG_4427_BLOG_mini.jpg
205- Dashwood -_MG_4437_BLOG_mini.jpg
207- Dashwood -_MG_4440_BLOG_mini.jpg
211- Dashwood -_MG_4463_BLOG_mini.jpg
220- Dashwood -_MG_4482_BLOG_mini.jpg
221- Dashwood -_MG_4486_BLOG_mini.jpg
228- Dashwood -_MG_4508_BLOG_mini.jpg
230- Dashwood -_MG_4511_BLOG_mini.jpg
238- Dashwood -_MG_4542_BLOG_mini.jpg
240- Dashwood -_MG_4559_BLOG_mini.jpg
241- Dashwood -_MG_4565_BLOG_mini.jpg
248- Dashwood -_MG_4606_BLOG_mini.jpg
250- Dashwood -_MG_4627_BLOG_mini.jpg
253- Dashwood -_MG_4643_BLOG_mini.jpg
255- Dashwood -_MG_4692_BLOG_mini.jpg
268- Dashwood -_MG_4788 1_BLOG_mini.jpg
274- Dashwood -_MG_4813 1_BLOG_mini.jpg
276- Dashwood -_MG_4817 1_BLOG_mini.jpg
284- Dashwood -_MG_4852_BLOG_mini.jpg
285- Dashwood -_MG_4857_BLOG_mini.jpg
288- Dashwood -_MG_4861_BLOG_mini.jpg
292- Dashwood -_MG_4909_BLOG_mini.jpg
295- Dashwood -_MG_4743 1_BLOG_mini.jpg
301- Dashwood -_MG_4832 1_BLOG_mini.jpg
308- Dashwood -_MG_4931_BLOG_mini.jpg
309- Dashwood -_MG_4933_BLOG_mini.jpg
311- Dashwood -_MG_4938_BLOG_mini.jpg
318- Dashwood -_MG_4676_BLOG_mini.jpg
325- Dashwood -_MG_4670_BLOG_mini.jpg
333- Dashwood -_MG_4681_BLOG_mini.jpg
339- Dashwood -_MG_4668 1_BLOG_mini.jpg
347- Dashwood -_MG_4690_BLOG_mini.jpg
358- Dashwood -_MG_4982_BLOG_mini.jpg
376- Dashwood -_MG_5019_BLOG_mini.jpg
377- Dashwood -_MG_5036_BLOG_mini.jpg
379- Dashwood -_MG_5026_BLOG_mini.jpg
393- Dashwood -_MG_5059_BLOG_mini.jpg
397- Dashwood -_MG_5071_BLOG_mini.jpg
398- Dashwood -_MG_5074_BLOG_mini.jpg
402- Dashwood -_MG_5096_BLOG_mini.jpg
404- Dashwood -_MG_4801_BLOG_mini.jpg
405- Dashwood -_MG_5099_BLOG_mini.jpg
416- Dashwood -_MG_5133_BLOG_mini.jpg
417- Dashwood -_MG_5135_BLOG_mini.jpg
418- Dashwood -_MG_5138_BLOG_mini.jpg
419- Dashwood -_MG_5139_BLOG_mini.jpg
425- Dashwood -_MG_5160_BLOG_mini.jpg
429- Dashwood -_MG_5168_BLOG_mini.jpg
433- Dashwood -_MG_5187_BLOG_mini.jpg
438- Dashwood -_MG_5201_BLOG_mini.jpg
441- Dashwood -_MG_5206_BLOG_mini.jpg
447- Dashwood -_MG_5217_BLOG_mini.jpg
448- Dashwood -_MG_5218_BLOG_mini.jpg
452- Dashwood -_MG_5235_BLOG_mini.jpg
456- Dashwood -_MG_5247_BLOG_mini.jpg
458- Dashwood -_MG_5254_BLOG_mini.jpg
459- Dashwood -_MG_5257_BLOG_mini.jpg
466- Dashwood -_MG_5276_BLOG_mini.jpg
469- Dashwood -_MG_4825_BLOG_mini.jpg
472- Dashwood -_MG_5356_BLOG_mini.jpg
473- Dashwood -_MG_5362_BLOG_mini.jpg
477- Dashwood -_MG_5377_BLOG_mini.jpg
481- Dashwood -_MG_5385_BLOG_mini.jpg
483- Dashwood -_MG_5383_BLOG_mini.jpg
485- Dashwood -_MG_5405_BLOG_mini.jpg
486- Dashwood -_MG_5393_BLOG_mini.jpg
494- Dashwood -_MG_5528_BLOG_mini.jpg
495- Dashwood -_MG_5425_BLOG_mini.jpg
499- Dashwood -_MG_5433_BLOG_mini.jpg
501- Dashwood -_MG_5447_BLOG_mini.jpg
502- Dashwood -_MG_5449_BLOG_mini.jpg
503- Dashwood -_MG_5452_BLOG_mini.jpg
504- Dashwood -_MG_5431_BLOG_mini.jpg
513- Dashwood -_MG_5472_BLOG_mini.jpg
515- Dashwood -_MG_5465_BLOG_mini.jpg
518- Dashwood -_MG_4871 1_BLOG_mini.jpg
519- Dashwood -_MG_5479_BLOG_mini.jpg
523- Dashwood -_MG_5485_BLOG_mini.jpg
525- Dashwood -_MG_5488_BLOG_mini.jpg
530- Dashwood -_MG_5505_BLOG_mini.jpg
533- Dashwood -_MG_3665_BLOG_mini.jpg
535- Dashwood -_MG_3681_BLOG_mini.jpg
539- Dashwood -_MG_3677_BLOG_mini.jpg
543- Dashwood -_MG_3686_BLOG_mini.jpg
545- Dashwood -_MG_3644_BLOG_mini.jpg
546- Dashwood -_MG_3658_BLOG_mini.jpg
558- Dashwood -_MG_3653_BLOG_mini.jpg
560- Dashwood -_MG_5333_BLOG_mini.jpg
568- Dashwood -_MG_5345_BLOG_mini.jpg
579- Dashwood -_MG_5556_BLOG_mini.jpg
583- Dashwood -_MG_4830_BLOG_mini.jpg
585- Dashwood -_MG_3698_BLOG_mini.jpg
593- Dashwood -_MG_5577_BLOG_mini.jpg
596- Dashwood -_MG_5586_BLOG_mini.jpg
608- Dashwood -_MG_5594_BLOG_mini.jpg
618- Dashwood -_MG_5572_BLOG_mini.jpg
619- Dashwood -_MG_5633_BLOG_mini.jpg
621- Dashwood -_MG_5629_BLOG_mini.jpg
629- Dashwood -_MG_4957 1_BLOG_mini.jpg
631- Dashwood -_MG_4978 1_BLOG_mini.jpg
633- Dashwood -_MG_5637_BLOG_mini.jpg
646- Dashwood -_MG_5013 1_BLOG_mini.jpg679- Dashwood -_MG_5052 1_BLOG_mini.jpg
652- Dashwood -_MG_4998 1_BLOG_mini.jpg
637- Dashwood -_MG_4989 1_BLOG_mini.jpg655- Dashwood -_MG_5677_BLOG_mini.jpg
658- Dashwood -_MG_5681_BLOG_mini.jpg
665- Dashwood -_MG_5694_BLOG_mini.jpg
668- Dashwood -_MG_5049 1_BLOG_mini.jpg
669- Dashwood -_MG_5091 1_BLOG_mini.jpg
683- Dashwood -_MG_5749_BLOG_mini.jpg
688- Dashwood -_MG_5097 1_BLOG_mini.jpg
692- Dashwood -_MG_5784_BLOG_mini.jpg
701- Dashwood -_MG_5131 1_BLOG_mini.jpg707-Dashwood-_MG_5163-1_BLOG_mini.jpg712-Dashwood-_MG_5201-1_BLOG_mini.jpg713-Dashwood-_MG_5204-1_BLOG_mini.jpg732-Dashwood-_MG_5252-1_BLOG_mini.jpg


  1. emily delamater

    I am totally in love with this wedding, this couple, this everything! amazing work – your images match their energy just perfectly. totally awesome!

  2. Clive

    Loving the new website and blog, most radical work! Keep it up!

  3. michelle

    LOVE this wedding and you’ve shot it absolutely brilliantly! xx

  4. Alan Law

    Fab collection, Anna, and love your editing style too 🙂

  5. Charis Warrell

    Cor blimey gov! This is a flipping winner of a wedding, captured perfectly by your own amazing skills! Well done Anna… Amazeballs! (sorry!) 😛 x x

  6. Sasha Dashwood

    Anna, no words will ever express how grateful we are for your beautiful photos of our day. You are INCREDIBLE! One million times THANK YOU! Xxx

  7. Kimberley Garrod

    Wow, what beautiful photographs capturing the most amazing expressions from the day. Very talent photographer x Such a shame you are so far away from me.x

  8. Emma Case

    Bloody awesome per usual.. 🙂

  9. Sophie Winter

    Wowzer!!! What an incredible wedding and captured so perfectly by you. I am contemplating getting a divorce so I can get married again, just so you can photograph it. You are amazing! x

  10. Adam

    I love these images Anna! Uber cool wedding, beautifully shot and exquisitely processed.

  11. Amanda Thomsen

    This is amazing Anna!! You have such a special and unique way of photographing, love it!! and what a gorgeous wedding too 😉 xx



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