The Roost

Family Photography Bootcamp
Everything you need to add a profitable and fully-operational family photography service to your photography business within 12 weeks

My goal is to help you transition your photography business to a more sustainable, family-friendly model.

Hi I’m Anna, a family photographer and educator living in sunny Manchester, proud mum to hilarious loopy chatterboxes Joe and Huey. My images are inspired by my love of people, their character and their stories, and I specialise in honest, creative documentary family photography that celebrates real life, spirit, emotion and individuality.

As a past secondary school teacher, I’m hugely passionate about education and supporting others, and for several years now I’ve regularly run Roost family photography workshops and mentoring/education for other photographers, helping them to develop and grow their own family and wedding photography businesses.

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Do any of the following sound familiar?

You’ve no idea how to make family photography profitable or where to start with pricing and packages

You love shooting weddings but you’re burnt out and exhausted, desperate for more weekends off

Since having your own family your priorities have changed and you want to pursue work with more sociable hours and flexibility, less stress and travel and more time at home with your own loved ones

You hate selling and worry that family photography means relying on cringeworthy in-person sales consultations with piles of tacky sample products

You’ve seen a lot of cheesy family photography and don’t want to ‘sell out’ or compromise your artistic vision and creativity

Past wedding clients keep asking you for family photography but you don’t know how to respond, don't have a workflow set up and sense this is an opportunity missed

You’ve created a family photography package but hardly anyone buys it

You’re unsure how family photography would sit alongside your current photography brand and how you can adapt this to include families too

You're doubtful that others will want to buy the kind of family photography you want to shoot

You’re uncomfortable working with certain age groups of children and aren't sure how to adapt your approach to get the best results from different ages

You’re happy with your photography but you struggle with the ‘business’ side of things and charging your worth

You’d love more family photography work but are stuck for ideas on how to market yourself

My Own Dodgy Journey Into Family Photography
Family photography is my absolute biggest passion and something I now find easy and profitable…
…But as a mother, previous wedding photographer and self-confessed ‘crap salesperson’, I spent years struggling with ALL of the above. 14 years ago I built a respected wedding photography business and enjoyed a happy decade of throwing myself into this crazy, fast-paced joyous whirlwind of a job. Photographing kids at weddings always brought me huge amounts of joy, and when I started regularly shooting families 9 years ago, I quickly realised this was my true passion and calling. HOWEVER…

I was only really booking past wedding clients for family photography and struggled to find new families prepared to pay me

I tried to recreate cheesy family photography poses (yes, I do remember asking a poor family to peek out from behind a tree – please don’t hate me!)

I spent years sourcing an elaborate range of wall art and products I didn’t even like, as I thought that this was what family photographers had to do

I bought a projector and screen, and spent valuable evenings sitting uncomfortably in clients’ living rooms, dying inside as I flailed around awkwardly showing them their images, toting my samples and ineffectively trying to sell to them whilst desperately wishing I was somewhere else

I was only making a nominal amount per family shoot and knew there was no way I could make a living from it other than it being supplementary to wedding photography

Still shooting lots of weddings, I felt burnt out and was desperate to enjoy more weekends with my own friends and family – lazy Saturdays in pyjamas, barbeques and Sunday roasts… all the simple pleasures that had somehow become such a rare treat.

Good news!

Family photography does NOT work in the same way as wedding photography and it was a steep learning curve to adapt my approach. However, through years of trial and error I worked out methods and approaches to make a success of it, so that eventually I became proud of my work artistically, charged my worth, enjoyed more free time with my family and earned a solid reputation as one of the country’s leading creative family photographers, with loyal clients who truly valued what I offered and regularly returned for more.

In 2017 I stopped taking wedding bookings to focus purely on family photography, and in 2018 I shot my last ever wedding and fully completed the transition to full time family photographer. Over the years I’ve found that it’s completely possible to strip it all back, keep it simple and build a profitable, ethical family photography business that puts clients under not one ounce of pressure to purchase anything they don’t want to, whilst giving them not just beautiful, emotive, unique photography but also a meaningful, memorable experience with their loved ones. It’s the most rewarding work I’ve ever done.


Now I’d love to help you transform your business too

Introducing… The Roost!

I designed The Roost in 2016 in response to frequent demand from other photographers who wanted me to share with them how to make a success of creative family photography.  Since then I’ve run 9 in-person Roost workshops all over the UK, well over 100 people have enrolled in the online course and there’s a thriving Facebook community of over 190 Roost alumni (the lovely ‘Roost Gang’) who all continue to support each other today as their family photography businesses grow. I’d love to share everything I’ve learned with you too so that you don’t spend years faffing around working it out like I did.

What will you learn?


Motivation & Voice

Discover your own unique family photography brand, approach, style and ideal client

Making Strong Images

Essential equipment + kit  //  Ingredients of a great picture  //  How to find + use great light in family homes & outdoors  //  How to make creative use of composition, location, background + environment in family homes & outdoors  //  How to capture genuine moments, relationships + emotion  //  Build your own family photography portfolio

Working With Families

How to prepare your families for the shoot with vital welcome materials  //  Differences in approach when photographing different age groups  //  How to look after your families, work harmoniously with them & ensure they enjoy the shoot  //  Format of a typical shoot  //  Troubleshooting common problems

Workflow, Pricing & Sales

Create your family photography workflow including essential documents and platforms  //  An online, remote family photography sales process for people who don’t like to sell!  //  How to set up profitable family photography products, packages + pricing  //  Marketing tactics that work well for family photography

Why Family Photography Matters

Why it matters to me  //  Why it matters to others  //  Communicating that value

Bonus Walkthroughs

RAW, unculled walkthroughs of two of my own family shoots – one indoors with a young baby, one outdoors with older kids
What kind of results do people get?

Joanna Yates

“I’m now booking a lot more family shoots and overall earning probably at least 50% more than I was before, and in some cases double. The Roost was the best workshop I’ve done in terms of clear advice and practical learnings; I came away knowing exactly what my next steps should be.”


“Someone just bought my top package and added an extra £100 on top for prints. So I just made a sale of £1,175!!!!!! I can’t believe it, literally gobsmacked. Obviously happy / ecstatic / jumping for joy… but also gobsmacked ?  If anyone ever wanted to know why this course is amazing value for money, that’s it right there!!! I’ve at least doubled what I’d have made from this shoot if I’d not done the course!!!”

Charlotte Hueso

“The Roost has been the best photography education I’ve invested in. I’ve now got a clear plan of action thanks to Anna’s stellar guidance. Anna is warm, funny and approachable. She knows her stuff, teaches from experience and speaks from the heart.”

Ash Davenport

Full of gold dust. It would take you years to learn what Anna teaches in one day. Since the workshop I’ve seen a real improvement in converting shoots into real cash! It’s well worth the investment and you will earn that back in your first shoot!”

Sally Thurrell

“I’ve never come away from a workshop armed with such extensive and practical information. Such an inspiring and useful day – amazing stuff and wish I could do it all again.”


Anna is the absolute mastermind of running a family photography business. Her course is not just about taking nice photos (although that’s covered) but a breakdown of how modern families want to feel on a shoot as well as how they buy. Anna’s approach is the perfect counterbalance to an in-person sales model. She’ll take you through her online sales process, a huge time saver in itself. By the end you’ll come away being able to run a transparent, ethical and fully sustainable business.”

Kristian Leven

“Anna is rightly regarded as one of the very best family photographers in the country, and her Roost course is considered the best training tool for new family photographers, so for me there was no question that I wanted to learn from her. The course itself is truly impressive, and there were so many takeaways throughout. It felt like I was learning new skills for the first time – despite being a professional wedding photographer for a decade! The course gives you the confidence to tackle all age groups, how to structure a shoot, the sales side, marketing yourself etc, and there are also worksheets to help hone these ideas. There’s loads to take in, so I’ll definitely be watching the courses again before my first shoot. Thanks so much again Anna!”

Lowri-Ellen Owen

“I feel like a weight has been lifted and I now have some direction. Thanks so much Anna for such an amazing and informative day! My head is spinning from an overload of information (in a good way!) So many many many thanks!”


NEVER before have I come across a photography workshop where both personal development and photography are combined. Anna is amazing!!! She really works on your mindset, fears and confidence in a massively positive environment. Anna has an amazing and contagious energy, her passions and confidence really shine through and her eagerness to teach and help other people is so refreshing. I wouldn’t hesitate to go on more of Anna’s workshops.”


The Roost has given me the confidence to use my experience as a wedding photographer and adapt it into the family photography environment. By setting out not just how to do this with practical steps and advice, it also gives you your reason why. Anna sets the stage for you in easy to digest modules and well thought out course material which educates and emboldens. From one of the best family photographers in the country you’ll be given the tools to create an experience that leads to photographs with meaning and value.”

Martin Patterson

“I’m just coming to the end of The Roost, and I can’t recommend it enough. I’ve had many lightbulb moments throughout. Thanks Anna, this course is something I am so glad I have signed up for!”


“The Roost is the best bootcamp for making family images that I could ask for.  Anna is a wise owl who is brim full of knowledge, and she shows up for her course students consistently and generously. The course itself is logical, laid out in a way that makes sense and doesn’t overwhelm you, but still instills a love of the genre.  It’s really hard to work though a module and not want to race out and put those skills into practice right away.  I am someone with ADD who learns in fits and starts, and I can pick up modules after leaving gaps and they still make total sense and compound my previous learning. It’s something that can be burned though with a passion, or taken in bite size pieces with equal impact. And throughout, however you learn, there is incredible support and engagement in the Facebook group. The woman is a gem. The Roost guides you through making compelling images, managing expectations, pricing and selling yourself in a way that is reasonable and suits your character.  It guides you through the whole client journey so that people come back to you time & time again to continue the story of their lives through your eyes.  It’s a precious thing, and Anna places as much value on what these images mean, as to how to market and sell them. The Roost is where I send any photographer, new or established, to find their voice in family photography, and learn all the strategies & skills needed to make it a profitable endeavour, while retaining all the heart needed for such a special thing.


The Roost course has been a bit of a game-changer for me. Having come from weddings where everything is sold up-front, I was really struggling to get to grips with a different way of sales and maximising income and profit. I signed up to The Roost as I knew how successful Anna has been and I thought that investing in some expert advice and coaching was better than muddling through as I’ve done in the past. It didn’t disappoint. The Roost made me think differently about this side of my business and changed the way that I worked in terms of booking sessions and after-sales. It’s had a huge impact on the way I feel about my work as well as giving me a platform from which to make more money through family photography.”


“Having run a wedding photography business for over 10 years, the thought of venturing into family photography was exciting and yet daunting. Having Anna’s expert guidance, experience, and support via the Roost course was the difference between me procrastinating about it forever and actually getting the wheels in motion. Her previous experience as a teacher is evident; the way the course is structured, laid out and delivered cannot be faulted. From how to approach the shoot itself, what kit is best suited to the job, how to market yourself, the delivery of the final images, and how to price yourself is all covered, and more. Whether you are a novice photographer or have years of experience, this course is suited to you. I can’t recommend Anna highly enough.”


“I first started shooting portraits over 10 years ago, but since I started photographing weddings they have taken a back seat. I was keen to get shooting more family photography again, but wasn’t really sure where to start. I loved the idea of an online course that allowed me to work at my own pace, after seeing Anna give talks at photography events and witnessing how willing she’s been to share knowledge and tips, I knew the Roost course would be the perfect grounding for building this side of my business. I found the course really enjoyable, often pausing the videos to jot down notes and ideas, it gave me fresh enthusiasm for shooting family portraits and made clear areas I need to improve on. I’m confident in the shooting side of family photography, but still discovered gems of advice. My main aim was to learn more about gaining new leads, pricing my products / services and providing a more professional portrait shoot service. The course has really helped me achieve my goals. I’ve really enjoyed putting Anna’s advice and help into practice and am shooting more portrait sessions than ever!

Jess Yarwood

“Fantastic workshop and Anna you answered all my questions without me even having to ask.”


“Anna is undoubtedly one of the UK’s top family photographers and in the Roost she has put together such a thorough and comprehensive course that it’s a must for any aspiring family photographers. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Throughout the course Anna shares a tonne of practical and real world experience which covers every aspect of running a successful business. Anna’s first hand experience and advice is such a valuable tool for anyone who’s looking to get into family photography. I can’t think of a single aspect of running a business that isn’t covered in Anna’s course, from branding and marketing, to composition and interacting with your subjects through to pricing and after sales. Just do it, you won’t regret it!


“Probably the best workshop I’ve attended, and that’s no exaggeration.”


First of all, let me be clear – there’s no expectation whatsoever that you must complete The Roost in 12 weeks. It’s totally fine if you want to whizz through it faster – lots of people do! However, it’s also totally fine if you want or need to take your time with it, completing it over a longer timeframe – plenty of people do this too!

However, I don’t want this to be just another course that you buy and then don’t watch. Or even a course that you watch, but don’t implement. I want this to be something that you use to help you make real positive changes and achieve tangible results for your business, so that when you’ve finished this course, you’ve got your very own fully operational family photography service actually up and running.

After delivering The Roost for 5 years to almost 200 students, I’ve learned that 12 weeks is the optimum timeframe to complete and implement it. It’s long enough that you can still manage most other aspects of your life and business at the same time – but short enough to give you the impetus and momentum to actually complete it while it’s all fresh in your head. You’re welcome to work through The Roost at your own pace though if you want to, faster or slower… You can even take breaks if life takes over and scuppers your plans – you’ll have permanent access to the course materials so you can come back to any/all of it at any time in the future.

How to use the optional 12 week structure

If you want some momentum, structure and accountability to ensure you get everything set up within 3 months, I’ve created an optional 12 week structure to guide you and keep you on track. Whenever you’re ready to get stuck in (either immediately after you’ve enrolled or some time later to suit you), you juspress the ‘trigger’ button in your welcome email – this then adds you to a series of 12 automated weekly emails that lead you through the whole course, telling you exactly what you need to do each week. You could also adjust/pro-rata the 12 week schedule to a shorter/longer timeframe of your own choosing.


I’m so excited to help you get your family photography service set up – exciting times ahead!


Family Photography Bootcamp


Payment plan / instalments available



5 modules (20+ videos) of pre-recorded training, instantly available, to work through at your own pace


To help you implement what you’ve learned


Two of my own RAW, unculled shoots, one outdoor with older children and one indoor with a young baby


12 week structure to follow, with weekly reminders/prompts to keep you on track


Permanent access to the Roost alumni private Facebook group for ongoing family photography support as you progress through the course and beyond – post questions as and when they crop up for a speedy response from both me and your fellow Roosters!


No need to panic if life takes over – you’ll have access to all the Roost resources for the next 2 years, so you can easily revisit them later


Each module is delivered in a series of units. Each unit contains a video with voice-over slides. At the end of each unit there’s a task (or tasks!) for you to complete with a downloadable worksheet to help you.
For 2 years. Once you’ve enrolled, it’s always available to you, 24/7, 365 days a year, for the next 2 years 🙂 The Roost may increase in price to new intakes but you’ll never have to pay any more and will have access to all the resources for the next 2 years.
This is no problem at all – you can begin working on the course whenever you want, even if that’s a few weeks or months in the future (you don’t have to begin as soon as you sign up, many people don’t!) and you can work through it completely at your own pace – guzzle it all in a day, mooch through it slowly over several months, or anywhere in between!

You’ll also have permanent access to the Roost Gang, so you’ll always be able to ask any questions regarding family photography at any point in the future. Whenever you choose to start and whatever pace you work at, all the content is yours to access forever, so you’re able to revisit any of it at later dates if you want to 🙂

If you want to get it all completely up and running within 12 weeks, you’ll need to devote the equivalent of at least half a day per week (totally fine to break this up into smaller chunks over several days) to cover the content and implement all of the changes to your business. Therefore, you’ll need to devote at least 6 days to this over a 12 week period.

However, you really don’t need to devote this much time to it if that’s not possible. All the content and resources will be available to you for 2 years afterwards, so it’s really not a problem if you ‘fall behind’ – you’ll easily be able to catch up when you have the time and capacity, working through the resources at a slower pace to suit your own schedule and commitments.

The deadlines are just there to help you with implementation and procrastination avoidance – they are not concrete deadlines and the resources will still be there for you if you need extra time. 

The Shutterhood is my online membership for fledgling photographers, designed to support people in the early stages of setting up their photography business, and covers the essential foundations for launching and growing any type of photography business, wedding, family or otherwise. Go for this if you are just starting out.

The Roost is a course covering the particular things you need to know to add a profitable family photography service to your photography business. It covers all the ways you need to tailor and adapt your photographic and business approach for family photography specifically.

NB: If you’re a member of The Shutterhood, you get 25% off The Roost – so feel free to sign up and grab your discount code from the Member Perks section!


I want you to love The Roost and get amazing results. If you enrol, have a look round and don’t feel that it can help you develop the skills you need, then let me know within 7 days and I’ll refund your purchase. No questions asked. I’m sure you’ll be delighted though!



Manchester family photographer, for down-to-earth, adventurous, big-hearted families all across the North West, London and UK

Creative, documentary family photography in Manchester, Liverpool, Lancashire, Cheshire, Yorkshire, London

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