The Shutterhood

Together, we’ll get your photography business launched and thriving

Giving you the mindset, creativity and business tools needed to ditch the overwhelm and supercharge your growth 

If you’re starting out as a professional photographer, don’t worry, you don’t have to do it alone! Together, we’ll simplify your workload, banish that pesky self-doubt and kickstart this exciting new chapter with clarity, confidence and joy.

Ah, those heady early days of setting up your business…


You’re fired up about taking photographs but struggle with the business side of things and often wonder if you’re going to be able to pay the bills with this.


You struggle with lack of confidence and often doubt your creativity, skill and originality, comparing yourself unfavourably to other photographers, with dreaded Impostor Syndrome telling you that you’re out of your depth and everyone will know you’re not a ‘proper photographer’.


You’ve no idea what to charge so you just pick some random prices you hope are right. You strongly suspect you’re not charging enough but the thought of raising your prices terrifies you and you doubt people will pay more as you see other photographers charging less.


Clients constantly ask for discounts and in a sea of photographers you struggle to explain what’s unique about you and your brand so you feel like the only thing you have to compete on is price.


You’re unsure how to get more leads, followers or bookings, so you just churn out the odd social media post and wait keeping your fingers crossed that the numbers will go up and business will come in.


You feel like you’re making it up as you go along with no clear direction, focus or strategy, unsure what to tackle first on your massive ‘to do’ list, knackering yourself out trying randomly to do ALL the things, and feeling like you’re not doing a great job of any of them.


You’d love to work with your ideal clients who truly value what you do and are willing to pay what you’re worth, but you’ve no idea how to go about attracting them.


You gobble up heaps of free online training, but there’s so much overwhelming and conflicting advice you feel paralysed and spend your time overthinking and procrastinating instead of taking action – staying in a ‘safe’ zone of learning, planning and perfecting rather than doing.


You drive yourself nuts trying out a million different editing presets, trying to emulate other photographers’ processing and never seeming to quite nail it.


You’re overwhelmed and confused by all the different types of marketing out there and drag your heels doing half-arsed self-promotion because marketing makes you cringe and you don’t want to feel like you’re hustling, pushy or ‘too salesy’.


You sometimes feel lonely working it all out on your own and second-guessing every decision you make


Hey there, nice to meet you, I’m Anna (you can make sure I’ve not got two heads by reading more about me here if you like to!)

I set up my photography business 13 years ago but remember feeling all this like it was yesterday. I spent so many years wasting time on things that brought me no benefit and unaware or avoiding things that could have helped me grow so much quicker.

Most of the time I was overwhelmed, confused, constantly busy but feeling like I was just chasing my tail.


I just wanted someone to grab my hand and show me exactly what to do

It took me far too long to actually try to find people to provide that helping hand, but when I finally did, it turned my business around. Over the years I’ve invested thousands in coaches, training and development and all of it brought me SO much more than it cost – more income, more confidence, and most importantly, more TIME. Now I have a business that thrives but doesn’t take me away from my family, one that I feel proud of and that grows with me.

I’d love to help other photographers to avoid the mistakes I made and to achieve their dreams much more quickly! So I decide to create the exact thing I wish I’d had when I first started out….



The Shutterhood is an online membership and community containing the resources you need to launch and grow a profitable and soulful photography business, as well as ongoing mentoring from me to give you continued support along the way.

There are heaps of business resources out there but what I’ve learned is that in the photography industry, focusing just on business is usually not enough. We photographers are a self-critical, heart-driven bunch and it’s extra scary promoting your work when it’s creative! We also need to create art that we’re proud of and have the confidence and self-belief to put it out there in a way that feels good.

Therefore, The Shutterhood takes a more holistic approach, focusing not just on business but on the three key areas you need to succeed as a photographer – business, mindset and creativity – because without each one the others don’t work properly!

MINDSET – you’ll never be able to fulfil your creative potential or convince others to value your work if limiting beliefs are sapping your confidence

CREATIVITY – it’s impossible to drive your business forward with confidence if you’re not proud of the art you’re creating!

BUSINESS – it doesn’t matter how incredible your work is or how good you feel about it if no-one actually sees it (or the wrong people see it)!

So, with The Shutterhood you’re not just getting professional development but also personal and creative development too. As a fully qualified teacher I take great care to ensure that all the resources are not just inspirational but practical and easily digestible, with clear steps that you can implement immediately. I also absolutely love creating and being part of nurturing communities and am committed to making sure that your time in The Shutterhood is full of personal support, kindness and positivity.


Let’s scrap that crappy list above and replace it with this infinitely better one! This is what The Shutterhood can give you today:

A range of practical mindset tools to clear the mental blocks that were holding you back so you move forward with confidence and self-belief

An easy-to-follow Success Path to help you decide what you need to focus on now and what can wait until later

Simple, focused, personalised and manageable action plans to drive growth in your business and keep you organised with direction, focus and strategy – so you know exactly what steps you need to take, and in which order, spend less time delaying and more time doing

Clear guidance how to package and price your services, so you’re not plucking numbers out of thin air, have confidence charging what you’re worth and don’t feel the need to haggle on price any more 

Feel-good, easy and effective marketing strategies, completely aligned with your own personality, preferences and strengths, so you can get your name out there consistently, authentically and proudly without feeling like a pillock, consistently generating enough business to hit your income goals

Searching exercises to give you real clarity and pride in your own unique brand and magnetise your ideal client, helping them to see the value in what you do with a deeper purpose and powerful messaging

Resources to help you hone your own artistic style and improve your photography, so you stop comparing yourself to others and have pride in your creative work

A process for calm, focused and productive working days, maximising whatever time you have available to you whilst still having time for your family and friends

Personalised guidance, a nurturing space to ask questions without feeling silly, and access to an experienced photography mentor without the 1-1 price tag

A supportive, inspiring community of like-minded folk; your ‘team’ who’ve got your back, hold you accountable, celebrate your successes and keep you moving forward through challenging times





The Roadmap

The essential steps you need to take

This is the crucial core course of The Shutterhood. A permanent bank of step-by-step training that you can work through at your own pace, The Roadmap leads you through all the absolutely-must-not-miss essential steps to launching your photography business, in the exact order you need to do them. Each stage has a tutorial and practical workbook to show you how to implement it.



Optional, additional trainings

These are for when you want to upskill, grow and supercharge your business further. They will be on specific topics related to business, mindset and creativity, and will often be delivered by guest experts who specialise in that particular topic. There will be at least one new Booster training released each month, so this library will keep growing. Every so often there will also be bonus optional live challenges for you to join in if you want to.


Personalised support

Group coaching calls + image critiques

Weekly live group coaching calls give you the opportunity to seek advice relating to your own unique circumstances and goals. On the final week of each month, this call will be a live monthly goal setting workshop to help keep you organised and on track for the month ahead. In addition to this, there are monthly image critiques. Each month you can submit up to 3 of your own images that I will personally critique via a recorded video, explaining what you did well and suggestions for how you might improve.


The Shutterhood Community

The hub of the membership

A private Facebook community just for members of The Shutterhood. In here you’ll be able to ask questions at any time, talk more in-depth about your own journey and challenges, connect and make friends with others at a similar stage in their business, develop peer referrals and find accountability partners to help keep you on track.


Free access to the Camera Crew

Creative resources worth £49

You’ll have free access to the Camera Crew. Firstly, the course – a bank of bitesize tech tutorials, covering focus modes, the exposure triangle, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, metering light, shooting in full manual, colour temperature, among many others – so this is all available whenever you want to brush up on the tech side of things. You’ll also have access to the Creativity Lab (accessible, fun monthly projects to ignite creativity) – as well as the monthly Pro Tips interviews with professional photographers to share their experience and keep you inspired as you build your business.


Member perks

Cheeky discounts, including The Roost

You’ll have access to a growing bank of discounts from various well-respected photography suppliers, including a whopping 40% discount on The Roost family photography course (worth £140).




The Shutterhood is the best thing I’ve ever invested my time and money in. I’ve always loved Anna’s work so when the opportunity came along to join The Shutterhood and learn from her it was a no brainer! Having previously attended the Roost (which is amazing by the way) I knew it was going to be good but it is absolutely brilliant. The content is packed full of game changing advice, workflows, coaching calls and much, much more. I love that you are part of a little community with other like minded people, all going through this journey together. Anna is so great at breaking everything down step by step and removing the overwhelm. I work at my own pace and because of the way the course is designed, I always have a clear plan to refer back to if I should get side-tracked or distracted. Thank you so much Anna! I am one happy Hoodie!



I joined The Shutterhood because I was feeling a little lost in my business after maternity leave, a bit down about some shoots being cancelled due to Covid and feeling a little lonely and directionless working on the sofa with an empty inbox. I wanted to make sure I was using this time productively, and doing things that actually benefitted my business rather than just to keep myself busy.

I now have a really clear focus and understanding of what I need to work on, not to mention a fantastic community cheering me on. I’ve also had more enquiries since I’ve joined The Shutterhood, which is for sure down to the renewed focus and energy that the membership has given me.
I can’t recommend Anna and The Shutterhood enough!


Look no further, this is your photography Mecca! I’ve got my mitts on a whole host of resources, tips, advice and a fab and friendly bunch to share it all with. This is exactly the thing I’ve been looking for to help my procrastinating mind focus and I feel genuinely excited and enthusiastic about building my photography business. Anna is like a big sister – wise, supportive, encouraging, fun and extremely down to earth. Her gentle good humour and nature make you feel part of the pack in an instant and she’s definitely the kind of lady you could invite round for a cuppa and a biscuit (bourbon for me) when you’re in your ‘leisure’ wear, totally make up free. I’m looking forward to the journeyThanks Anna.



“I was at a point last year where I really wanted to take the idea of setting up in business more seriously, to “entertain my dream” and didn’t know where to start, especially when it came to the business side of things. I looked around at different options for mentors and courses and then The Shutterhood appeared and seemed to answer all my needs. Anna has developed the most amazing online learning resource you can follow at your own pace and at a level that suits you. Every level of photographer in business is catered for here and “The Hoodies” are so supportive of each other. I have learned so so much in the past few months, and it has inspired me to learn more – no question is too daft for Anna and the others. We all learn from each other as we go along on this journey together. The monthly image critique is really helpful and helps you see where you can improve or if not, gives you a massive boost and kicks that Impostor Syndrome to the kerb! Anna is really supportive, warm, friendly, very funny and so generous with sharing resources. New topics are added every month so you never get bored! I can honestly say that The Shutterhood was probably the best thing to happen to me in 2020. It has helped me move closer to my dreams and I’m supported along the way by a fabulous new talented bunch of friends. Go and explore – you will NOT be disappointed!



“I just want to give a massive shout out to the wonderful Anna Hardy and the community for photographers she’s created in the Shutterhood. I’ve always admired Anna’s work and she’s been there for me since the start of my business. I’m 100% sure I wouldn’t have got where I’ve got so far without her advice and support. Sure, there are LOADS of online photography communities out there, and it can be hard to find the one. Some take themselves way too seriously, some are noisy and opinionated, others are plain intimidating. But this is the one for me – it’s like settling into your favourite comfy chair with a nice warm brew. It’s no nonsense, full of lovely people, all up for a giggle. We get access to weekly coaching calls via zoom with Anna, monthly image critiques and tonnes of awesome online training that we can work through in our own time, asking questions as we go. People warned me that self employment could be a lonely place, and that I’d miss having colleagues. And I guess that could be true if I didn’t have my ‘Hoodies cheering me on. I’ve made genuine friendships in this space, and I’d be lost without them. Yes, The Shutterhood is a paid membership and you know what? It’s worth every single penny. It’s making such a difference to my confidence and belief in myself and my business



Joining the Shutterhood is definitely the best decision I have made for my family photography business. Returning to photography after years raising children, my confidence was seriously knocked. I knew I loved taking pictures and had bumbled along doing some paid shoots but it all felt a bit haphazard and aimless. Anna’s step by step training and clear framework in everything from marketing to practical photography and even how to improve your mindset has given me the direction I desperately needed and most of all has made me feel confident and excited to get out there photographing families. The supportive community side of membership through the Facebook group has been a really lovely unexpected bonus…just knowing that others have similar issues wherever they may be on their photography career path is so useful and reassuring. Everyone is super generous with their knowledge and advice…there isn’t a day goes by that someone doesn’t answer a members question with some info that I find really helpful even if I haven’t asked the original question. Equally important, we have a good laugh. I’ve found the image critiques to be invaluable too..they are great to help you see your own photos through new eyes, with Anna’s encouragement and clear advice, and it’s also inspiring to view other members’ photos. I did have reservations as to whether I ought to commit to a monthly membership as I had already completed The Roost training. However I have gained much more than I could have hoped for with the constantly updated resources, community and accountability. Anna is always available, incredibly supportive and helpful with her wealth of knowledge and experience. Most of all I now feel like I have a fantastic support network to help me on my way. Thank you Anna and The Shutterhood!



“I joined the Shutterhood because after having my photography business for a little while and it being very stop-start, I was starting to feel pretty deflated with it all and knew I needed some direction and focus if I was going to give my business a chance. I loved the sound of all of the different aspects of the Shutterhood and being part of a community with likeminded photographers. After just a few hours of content so far, I can see it is exactly what I need! The Shutterhood offers tools to help mindset, business structure, focus, technical knowledge and direction. I am absolutely loving it and it really feels like it is going to make a big difference to my business. Anna is so friendly, approachable and down to earth and such great teacher, she makes it such a lovely community to be part of. Thanks so much Anna for setting this up.



“I was really struggling to feel confident about the steps I was taking to start building my business. I felt like I was improvising all the time, hoping for the best, and that created anxiety in my life. I hesitated a bit at first as I get easily overwhelmed and I wasn’t sure I would be able to cope with another ‘promising course’ but I was totally wrong. The Shutterhood gives you great tips to organise your time wisely as well as lots of content to make sure your business has got the right foundation to be successful and keep you motivated on the journey! Anna taught me how important is to be connected to your values and your passions and to rethink your priorities in life through the exercises, to the point of deciding to change my niche! The Facebook group is also great to ask questions and everybody seems lovely and really helpful, I hope to meet them one day in person! The coaching calls are also a great boost of confidence and fun; it makes you feel like you are not alone in the (sometimes crazy) journey. I feel much more relaxed than before I joined and feel like I’m in good hands. I am really grateful for this opportunity and looking forward to keeping learning! Thanks Anna!



The Shutterhood is a lovely group of people who make you feel like you have a fun team of supportive work colleagues. Anna is always a positive and honest person who goes above and beyond to share her vast knowledge and experience with you. There is a huge amount of training available to work through and Anna is constantly adding new resources that reflect the needs of the group in that moment. Life is busy now more than ever and I was hesitant to join the Shutterhood because I felt it would just add more to my never-ending list of tasks. I shouldn’t have worried because it has given me focus and motivation for the limited time that I have. I know that when I have time to work on my photography, there is an organised series of tasks and education ready to help me move my business forward. I have enjoyed the optional group challenges, which have encouraged us as a group to connect and share our knowledge with each other. What I love the most about the Shutterhood is the genuine kindness and sharing of knowledge amongst the group. Thank you Anna!



“I had listened to Anna on the Fujicast podcast and heard about her plans for the Shutterhood. I was intrigued and felt that she was really speaking to me as a family photographer in the early stages of setting up a business. Like many people in my position I was struggling with how to take those concrete next steps in terms of business essentials, marketing and planning for the future. Anna’s learning materials are incredibly well designed and structured, with enough flexibility to suit people at different stages of development. It’s given me much more than I expected, from lightbulb moments on the technical and creative side, through to deep insights regarding my brand, my values as a photographer and how to translate these into a coherent plan for growth. The added bonus of the Shutterhood is the community you are joining, with lots of mutual support and encouragement from other photographers facing similar challenges. It is still early stages, but I already feel more confident and excited!



“I’ve been wanting to start my own photography business for a long time but struggled with where to begin, what to focus on, self doubt and found working in isolation hard. The Shutterhood Community was the perfect fit as Anna has laid out a clear path of the tools you need, steps to take and the mindset to help with your business, whatever stage it’s at. Having friendly people around who support you and have similar experiences makes things so much easier too. Anna is friendly and encouraging, and generous in sharing her knowledge and experience. Joining The Shutterhood has given me the sense of purpose and direction I’ve needed for a long time!



“I’ve been struggling with the direction of my photography, juggling it alongside my part-time job and doing shoots as and when they came along, but at a loss where to start to actually drive my business. I knew I needed something to help me with structure and focus and this is exactly what The Shutterhood provides – a step-by-step guide not only to get your business off the ground but help it flourish. The amount of thought and effort Anna has poured into the course is incredible, and her wealth of experience invaluable. Anna is warm, friendly and approachable and she has created a fab community group to be part of. The Shutterhood isn’t only the help with structure that I was looking for, but offers the bonuses of mindset, monthly image critiques and creativity boosts. These extras are so valuable as Anna doesn’t just churn out info but carefully chooses topics, projects and training that are useful and based on her observations of what the group needs. Thanks Anna for creating such a helpful course and supportive group. I’m finding it so, so useful.



“For years I’ve wanted to start my own photography business but it’s never really materialised. A lack of vision, an inability to stay focused or an appearance from the dreaded “Imposter Syndrome” would always see any momentum I built up, run out of steam. Step forward Anna and The Shutterhood! Through her friendly manner and engaging style, I was able to see where I was going wrong and how I could make lasting changes. It can be scary starting out and not knowing what to do (and in what order to do it!) With Anna, not only will she make overcoming these formidable challenges possible, but exciting and transformative. Take the leap with The Shutterhood. You will NOT be disappointed.


Join us in The Shutterhood and together we can start getting your photography business growing and thriving today


£29 per month

Choose this if you’re happy to access your personalised support in a group environment


The Roadmap

Course covering the essential steps you need to take to successfully launch your photography business



Additional trainings for extra growth


Weekly live group coaching calls

Chat to me and other members for specific advice and support relating to your own business


Monthly image critiques

Submit up to 3 of your own images each month for me to critique


The Shutterhood Community

Private Facebook community for the awesome Hoodies! Connect, get advice, share referrals and get accountability


Free access to the Camera Crew

Access to tech tutorials, creative projects and pro photographer interviews – worth £49


Member perks

Discounts from photography suppliers, plus 40% discount on The Roost


Optional ad hoc 1-1 mentoring

One-off, ad-hoc sessions of 1-1 Skype mentoring can be purchased as optional add-ons for £150 per hour. These are subject to availability, and priority will be given to Supercharged members.

You also have the option to pay annually and save 2 months (12 months for the price of 10)!

£290 per year

Recurring payment – cancel anytime
30 day money-back guarantee

Access to all content for duration of membership


£99 per month

Choose this if you’d like to accelerate your growth via additional 1-1 support where we can dive more deeply into the specifics of your own unique business.

*** Limited availability – only 7 places on offer in total***


Everything included in the Starter membership

Worth £29 a month


Monthly 45 minute 1-1 coaching call

Via Zoom / Skype, worth £130


Website review

Every 6 months, available in 3rd month of membership onwards, worth £75

You also have the option to pay annually and save 2 months (12 months for the price of 10)!

£990 per year

Recurring payment – cancel anytime
30 day money-back guarantee

Access to all content for duration of membership



I’m definitely not about to try to persuade you to part with money that you don’t have, and only you know whether or not you can really spare the monthly fee or not. I know that almost every piece of education I’ve ever invested in has easily paid for itself and more. If the Shutterhood brings you just one more family photography client, then that’s pretty much the first year of your membership all paid for. If it brings you just one more wedding client, then that’s already paid for the first few years! Chances are it will bring you many more clients on top of this. If you’re still not sure, maybe compare the cost to other things you might spend the equivalent amount on each month (e.g. clothes, coffees, beers, magazines, presets, films, stationery etc), and decide which will serve you better in the long term. But if you definitely can’t afford it, no problem at all and you’re more than welcome to join at any time in the future!


Don’t worry, there is no ‘falling behind’! Every aspect of The Shutterhood is recorded and posted in the membership site and/or Facebook community for you to work through at your own pace and digest at a time that suits you. That being said, everyone has peaks and troughs in their capacity and commitments, and it’s totally fine and normal to do loads one month and not so much the next. As a minimum though I’d advise doing one piece of training (either from The Roadmap or The Boosters) and attending one group coaching call each month to keep yourself on track – which equates to about half a day a month. The number of hours you commit is entirely your decision, but as with anything, the more you put in, the more you get out!


Many fledgling photographers waste huge amounts of time either procrastinating, agonising over decisions or running themselves ragged doing tasks that actually won’t serve them well in the long term. The whole point of The Shutterhood is to cut out the overwhelm, give you clear focus so you achieve more in less time, to help you to work smarter, not harder. There are also lots of resources included to help to keep you on track and also to help you to recalibrate and refocus when you want to get back in the saddle after life has taken over for a while 🙂 As much as I’d like to, I can’t magic more hours into your day, but I can definitely help you to make the most of the ones you have.


No problem at all. I want you to love being in The Shutterhood and wouldn’t dream of trying to keep you in there if it’s not for you! The Shutterhood is risk-free and contract-free – you just pay for a month at a time, can cancel any time and leave any time you like. Within the first 7 days you can get a full refund no questions asked. After that, if you want to cancel, you can easily do that yourself from your account page. You’ll continue to have access to The Shutterhood for the remainder of that month until your cancellation kicks in. But I’m really confident that you’ll love it!


The Shutterhood is for people who would like help launching and growing their family and/or wedding photography business.


The Shutterhood is ideal for photographers in the early years of setting up their photography business. However, if you’ve had your business for longer than this but feel that you might be missing some of the key foundation blocks, or feel like you’ve ‘hit a wall’ then you’ll still get heaps from it! We have a number of ‘Hoodies’ with well-established businesses who say that The Shutterhood has given their business a new lease of life and that they are now finally attracting their ideal clients, booking more shoots and working with direction and strategy. You can start The Roadmap from whichever point is relevant to you, and the additional Booster trainings are useful no matter where you’re at in your journey. You’ll also have weekly personalised support from me via the coaching calls (as well as daily access to me via the Facebook group) so you can ask questions about your own business and receive support irrespective of which stage your business is at.


There are quite a few video trainings in the free group, but there are far more in The Shutterhood, where they’re also all carefully organised in the exact order you should tackle them, along with workbooks to lead you through them. The optional Booster trainings also go far beyond anything offered in the free group. The free group does have a weekly ‘Ask Me Anything’ video where you can submit questions to be answered, but in The Shutterhood this is a group Zoom call where you can actually join yourself in person and properly chat things through. You’re also able to submit images for critique and have access to a whole raft of other exclusive resources, reminders, member perks and challenges. In The Shutterhood, everyone is invested in growing their business so you’ll be in a really positive, motivating community and you’ll receive tailored support from me that will help you grow so much faster


The Camera Crew is for anyone, not just professionals – it shows people how to take better pictures and learn to use their ‘proper’ cameras in Manual mode, whereas The Shutterhood is for professional photographers, supporting them to grow their own photography businesses. However, the Camera Crew is included in the Shutterhood membership completely free – so you’ll have access to tech tutorials (whenever you want to brush up on the tech side of things) and also creative projects and pro interviews to keep you inspired and creative as you build your business.


The Shutterhood contains a mixture of videos (some with voice-over slides, others with live interviews) and pdf workbooks for you to work through. The community hub of the membership is within Facebook.


The group coaching calls are group Zoom call meetings where you can attend live, chat to me and other members of The Shutterhood, and ask questions about whatever you like. The time and day will be varied from week to week to take into account that different members will have different schedules and commitments. If you’re unable to make a call you’re welcome to submit any question(s) to me beforehand so that I can still answer them within the call, which will be recorded and uploaded to the membership site so you can watch the replay at whatever time suits you. In the Shutterhood these calls take place weekly so if you miss one you’ll never have to worry about having to wait too long for the next one.


Absolutely! You can book in ad-hoc 1-1 mentoring sessions with the Starter membership option (Shutterhood members also receive cheaper 1-1 rates than I offer to non-members) but you can also access regular monthly 1-1 mentoring via the Supercharged membership option. Even if you just go with the Starter option there are still plenty of opportunities to get personalised help – asking questions within the Shutterhood Facebook community, chatting on the group coaching calls and submitting images for critique. You are also welcome to upgrade to the Supercharged option at any time and/or switch back and forth between the two – just drop me an email to see if there are spaces.


Not as long as you’re a member no. Whatever price you join with will be locked in for the duration of your membership, irrespective of any price increases. However, if you cancel and rejoin then you’ll need to pay whatever new price is operational at the time you rejoin.


I want you to love this membership and get amazing results. If you enrol, have a look round and don't feel that it can help you develop the skills you need, then let me know within 7 days and I'll refund your purchase. No questions asked. I'm sure you'll be delighted though!



Manchester family photographer, for down-to-earth, adventurous, big-hearted families all across the North West, London and UK

Creative, documentary family photography in Manchester, Liverpool, Lancashire, Cheshire, Yorkshire, London

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