Urmston family photographer {doorstep shoot & interview with Dawn, Damien, Marianne + Beth}

As part of May’s doorstep shoots, I asked families about their own unique experience of lockdown. I wanted to build up a little collection of our different memories and experiences of this strange old time – hopefully a meaningful little ray of sunshine amongst all this chaos. Many families answered these and they’ve been so heartwarming to read! I’m sharing them on the blog during June, and I really hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did.

I’ll hand you over to the lovely Dawn!



What has lockdown looked like for you and your family?

Damien still goes out to work but I have taken a break from my job to stay at home with the kids.  We have fallen into a routine; PE with Joe and school work in the morning.  An afternoon walk.  Family dinners.  Weekend cycle rides a bit further afield.  The warm weather has meant we have spent lots of time in the garden.


Favourite lockdown activities?

We all love to read,  and have enjoyed lots of new books.  The girls look forward to receiving their weekly editions of The Phoenix Comic and First News.  They have been getting involved in gardening, sewing, baking, and cooking.  Beth has even been helping with the ironing! We have been doodling with Teacup Doodles, listening to the Stuck at Home podcast, and watching Ozark.  Like everyone else, we have been video calling family members, sometimes doing crosswords and quizzes or playing games such as bingo and Yahtzee remotely.



Most memorable / moving / thought-provoking lockdown moment?

We miss being able to celebrate special occasions with family and friends.  Dates of cancelled holidays and planned days out passing by on the calendar are poignant moments, but we have made more of an effort to celebrate other events such as April Fools Day, and a cub camp in the back garden.  We made Easter cards for our neighbours and made contact with people we’ve never met before.  On VE day we sat in our front garden and had a tea party with our neighbour over the fence.


Funniest lockdown moment?

The tooth fairy didn’t come to collect Marianne’s tooth and we wondered if she was in lockdown too.  Marianne pointed out she’s not a key worker so must be stuck at home like us!  They have also spent a lot of time wondering whether Father Christmas will get coronavirus, because he’s old!



Most joyful lockdown moment?

The girls love to climb trees on our daily walks.  We have discovered lots of new places in our local area. Doorstep chats with local friends are usually a highlight of any day!


What do you most want to remember about this time right now?

How happy we are in each other’s company and how much fun the girls have playing together.  Initially it was hard to answer their questions about what was happening, but now they live in the moment and accept how things are, which helps us all to keep going.



Aside from the obvious of being able to see your family and friends again, what are you most looking forward to in life after lockdown?

Returning to the countryside or the coast for some big walks, maybe a holiday.  Definitely some hugs from family and fun with friends.  Communicating in person instead of via Zoom!



Thanks so much to Dawn, Damien, Marianne + Beth for brightening up my own lockdown, I had a blast!





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