Almost Famous (belting burgers + booze in the Northern Quarter, Manchester)

My friend Helen first brought my attention to Almost Famous. We were recovering from a fairly heavy night out and she insisted that all my stomach needed was a burger from this place and all would be well with the world. I’m known for being a greedy guts food-nut with a massive appetite so a suggestion like this was never going to be ignored. Fast forward a couple of hours and I found myself sprawled out on a huge, squashy sofa with the most lip-smackingly delicious, creative and physically enormous tower of a burger I’d ever encountered nestling happily in my stomach while the utterly lovely Kirsten supplied me with a boozy milkshake for pudding – that week’s special, Key Lime Pie. Heaven. Helen was right.

There are so many things I like about this place – the ‘secret’, unmarked location (even though it’s deservedly now so popular that pretty much anyone with a stomach knows where it is); the amazing food (trust me it’s mouthwateringly, toe-curlingly good); the brilliantly inventive menu with its insanely huge burgers, its ‘secret menu’ sister lurking under the counter and its creative, ever-changing weekly specials (winning Almost Famous ‘Food Pioneer’ and ‘Food Hero’ at this year’s prestigious Manchester Food and Drink Festival Awards); the massive array of delicious drinks served by friendly bar staff; the brilliant local artwork on the walls; the decor (that you can even add to yourself if you want to thanks to the pens and post-its left out for you), the warm welcome from the lovely Kirsten, the fact that you can relax and use fingers and kitchen roll instead of cutlery and a napkin, the way that you spot something different every time you go there…

But probably most of all I love that everything there is just laid-back, mischievous, tongue-in-cheek, unpretentious fun – the food, the drink, the staff, the space – all of it is dished out to you with a warm welcome, creativity and a sense of humour. Nothing takes itself too seriously, there’s a refreshing lack of attitude, and to go back to it again… the food is just so damn good!

For quite some time there has been a strict “No Photography/Press/Bloggers” rule and a few weeks ago I was sat in there thinking, “That’s such a shame because it would be great fun to take some belting pictures of this place!” So I thought nothing ventured nothing gained and contacted them via their twitter page. Fortunately for me, they were happy to invite me in one morning to break the ‘No Photography’ rule and the pictures below were born!

So take a look, but more importantly get your ass down there!!!


  1. H

    The pictures are so beautiful. It looks so eerie calm.

    Brilliant Anna.


  2. Andy Web

    Absolutely love the photographs and the Northern Quarter part of the subject, do you know the Millstone pub and hotel?

  3. Kierstin

    They may not have wanted photography but I’m pretty sure they will want yours. Theyll probably have you shoot for their website after seeing these. 🙂

  4. Dharmamonkey

    Very tasty pictures that give a real feel of the place.

    Well as I imagine it might be…as I haven’t been yet.

  5. Gisela

    what a great place and fabulously captured by you!


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