Anglesey family and kids portrait photography (Andy, Nic + Grace)

Doing a family portrait shoot for friends is great because you get to turn it into a fun day out with your buddies!

I’ve known Andy and Nicola since Nic was pregnant with Grace. They are both amazing photographers and we initially got together for a coffee after realising we were all photographers living in the same area. We were supposed to just go for lunch… but about 5 or 6 hours later we were still sat drinking coffee and nattering away like we’d known each other for years. Since then we’ve stayed friends and a few weeks after we met the beautiful Grace was born!

When Andy got in touch to say he wanted to surprise Nic with a family shoot, being fellow campervan/surf enthusiasts we hatched a plan to turn it into a weekend camping by the sea in Anglesey. We had a gorgeous day out taking pictures and exploring our favourite spots, and when the cameras were safely stowed away we drank rum under the stars and had a good old catch up.

It was such a great weekend with such totally lovely people, and I sincerely hope that we get to do this much more often. Thanks Andy, Nic and Grace for such beautiful times! Here’s to the next trip!

ps Oh and props to Andy (coffee enthusiast extraordinaire) whose camping frothy-coffee-making set up is about a million times more sophisticated than anything I use in a fully kitted out kitchen at home!


  1. debs

    gorgeous Anna, always love your work so much hon and this is just ace! x

  2. nic

    Can’t thank you enough Anna! Gonna enjoy and treasure these pics for the rest of my life. x

  3. H

    Brilliant, such fun and Anna is spot on, that coffee was *the* best camping coffee I’ve ever had x


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