Becca (a colourful personal project)


I’ve been so excited about this little personal project. I got the idea for it a few months ago and it’s been so much fun seeing it come to life. The idea came to me one night at home after a few glasses of wine with my girls, dancing like idiots in the living room to Pat Benatar’s Love is a Battlefield (we love a bit of 80s cheese and load of morons we are we like to think we’re inching ever closer to being able to do the AMAZING routine at 3:22, one day girls, one day…) My friend Helen pointed at Pat Benatar’s outfit midway through this splendid routine, and said, “Becca would wear that. And look amazing in it.” It got me thinking about the bright and colourful 80s, bright and colourful clothes, and my beautiful, bright and colourful friend Becca, and some ideas started to form….

For a while now a lot of photography trends have been very vintage-focused, with softer, gentle, muted colour palettes and quite a serious, solemn, elegant aesthetic. I really like all this but I also have a real love of colour and am all for a bit of liveliness and giggles, and I thought it would be fun to do a light-hearted shoot that was purely and simply based on just this – fun, bright, bold, energetic colour, a with Becca as my gorgeous muse! Her own style is wonderful and I knew that all the outfits we would need would already be nestling in Becca’s amazing wardrobe, which sure enough they were. Becca had never been photographed professionally before (other than a little cameo appearance in her beautiful niece Esmé’s shoot) and was really nervous, but she was absolutely amazing. It was taken in March and without complaint she put up with shivering in a little strappy dress, being made to pose on the ridiculously busy Chester Road in rush hour with an audience of hundreds of honking cars, getting changed down alleyways and in car parks… all the time looking bloody amazing… she was a total and utter superstar.

All this, coupled with those beautiful big brown eyes and that wonderful laugh (one of my favourite things about her is when she laughs really hard and puts her hand over her mouth or pinches her nose as if to stop it from exploding outwards) made for one of my favourite ever shoots. Thanks so much Becca for helping me out – you are an amazing friend (and now an amazing model too haha!) and I really loved every minute. Here are some of my favourites…



  1. Nick Tucker

    Really lovely stuff Anna! Your shoots are always so relaxed and I’m loving the primary colours. I’m getting more and more drawn to colour myself these days. Great big chunks of block colour. Wonderful x

  2. Michelle

    These are bloomin’ awesome Anna! Love them! Becca is totes gorgeous, good work ladies xxx

  3. Andy Wardle

    Nice one Anna. You gotta love a bit of bold colour! Right on the money ;0) xx

  4. H

    oh God MY FAVOURITE THING EVER and MY FAVOURITE GIRL. She’s so beautiful. Love these SO SO much.

    By Jove Anna you are a gem.

    Beautiful beautiful.

    (ps; nice tit shots ye big sleeee)


  5. Caroline Sheehan

    LOVE the houndstooth check shots and the big eyed twiggyesque shot!!! Muchos Aceness ladies. x


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