Manchester family photography: A Day In The Life of… Helen, Gaz, Mabel, Wilf + Hettie

It’s with huge pleasure that I share with you my next Day In The Life session… with the insanely amazing family that is Helen, Gaz, Mabel, Wilf and Hettie. I won’t bang on about how important Day In The Life sessions are to me, as I explained it all when I blogged the last one with Kamal, Rachel, Sophia and Ezra (you can see this here)… but what I will say is that doing this type of shoot again just cemented my passion for them even more – I can honestly say this is my favourite type of work EVER.

I first met Helen through her fantastic Guilty Mother’s Club and Lifebulb – realising we had kids of a similar age (her youngest Hettie is exactly the same age at my youngest Huey) we agreed to meet up in the park to say hi. We clicked instantly and after spending 2 hours together we felt like old friends. Since then we try to meet up as often as we can, both for business and pleasure, excitedly cooking up opportunities to work together (such as the phone photography workshop for mums we co-ran last weekend) and generally indulging in non-stop laughter and chinwagging. She’s one of those people who naturally just glows… she’s so passionate and interesting and adventurous, and I always feel so fired up and excited about things after I’ve spent time with her.

Suffice to say, her husband Gaz and their three beautiful children, Mabel, Wilf and Hettie, are as wonderful as she is – full of character, kindness, giggles and fun. It was a total honour and pleasure to share a day in their life… from Helen’s lovingly made porridge, to swimsuits at breakfast time, to impromptu strange ‘Jane Eyre’ inspired dance and singing performances from Mabel and Wilf, to massive cardboard dens, to head-entirely-in-the-bowl-to-lick-it flapjack making, to Gaz’s jigsaw competitive streak, to discovering the amazing Skwooshi (immediate Amazon purchase), to charging up skate ramps, to Duplo megastructures, to indoor skipping, to books on the sofa, to regular dangling upside down, to detangling hair after the bath, to the whole family snuggled up giggling in bed… it was a total joy to show this lovely family how beautiful their ‘ordinary’ is.

If you’d like me to capture a Day In The Life of your own lovely family, so that you can remember all these amazing little things forever, please do get in touch, I’d be over the moon to hear from you. But for now… take it away, Helen, Gaz, Mabel, Wilf & Hettie!


  1. Matt Parry

    I bloody love these day in the life shoots Anna. The honesty of them really makes me smile. So many awesome shots…love the little builders bum on the half pipe!!!!

  2. Christopher Hall

    Wow… Just wow!

    These are great. Would love to be able to do sessions like this, they are so honest and natural.

    I really need some clients who would be up for it.


  3. Sukhi

    Everything is clearly and magnificently captured! Excellent work!

  4. Hannah

    This is a fantastic window into family life, Anna. What wonderful memories to keep hold of. Precious photographs captured so brilliantly.


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