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I’ve been really missing my From Our Hearts girls more than usual this week – we’re really overdue a get together and with Debs now based in Australia for part of the year, we’re all just that little bit further apart than we have been in the past. We all email and chat on a pretty much daily basis so they never feel too far away, but nothing compares to when we all manage to get together face to face and have a little break away from everything else.

Missing them this week gave me the momentum needed to get my arse in gear and FINALLY edit the pictures I took in early autumn (in the middle of that beautiful Indian Summer) when we all got together at Joanna‘s beautiful cottage in the Sussex countryside. As always, my cheeks hurt from laughing pretty much solidly for 3 days and it was a wonderful chance to breathe, re-energise, chat shop, have fun and relax after a crazy peak wedding season.

We spent our time lolling around Joanna’s cottage in our PJs, drinking tea (LOVE Jo’s paint chart tea-colour selector), eating eggs fresh from her chickens, having candelit barbeques and perhaps getting a bit worse for wear on occasion (some very cringeworthy pics and video footage of me and Joanna drunkenly raiding her photobooth box have thankfully never surfaced, for this I am very grateful). We spent an amazing day lazily scouring Arundel for bric a brac (or ‘old shit’ as Emma‘s Pete likes to call it), including a lengthy visit to the most amazing vintage camera shop I’ve ever seen (we all came away with lots of goodies….), as well as a couple of little photographic trips to the beach and some amazing cornfields.

It is actually a miracle that Joanna and I made it through this little holiday in one piece…. stargazing, wrapped in blankets, lying in the middle of a country road at midnight (Joanna: “Don’t worry, cars NEVER come down here…”) turned out not to be a great idea when a car did indeed come down there at great speed, driver no doubt disturbed by the sight of two blanketed weirdos in his headlights, frantically picking up candles in teacups and other nonsense from the middle of the road …

Love these girls so much…. Debs, Joanna and Emma you fill me with joy every time I see you.


  1. Kirsten

    Awwwww. I wanna be in your gang … πŸ™‚ Love these shots, Anna. Wonderful light.

  2. Elen

    Anna, I am such a huge fan of your professional work but, if possible, there is something even more magical about your personal work. These are gorgeous and really make me want to go home for a weekend with my girls after seeing them! x

  3. Toni Darcy

    Meee too!! Looks like sooo much fun…

    Going away with my girls this summer for a cheeky country break!!… Sooo excited now!…

    Love your work!

    Toni x

  4. joanna

    Totally just laughed my socks off again, the two weirdo’s picking up cups of candles and themselves off the country lane!!!! let’s do it again soon. love you gals x x

  5. Chloe

    What I love about your photos Ms Anna, is that I always feel as if I was stood shoulder-to-shoulder with you. That my darling, is a priceless skill. Totally, utterly, beautiful as ever. x

  6. debs

    What Chloe said!

    These are so amazing Anna… take me right back to Sussex!

    Love love love them hon xx

  7. Lisa

    These are beautiful. Makes me long for a trip away to get inspired.

  8. Petey Pete

    Awww you girls are all so fit, lovely, creative, talented and best of all fucking hilarious! Love that I can call you friends as well!

    Stunning cinematic loveliness x

  9. Michelle P

    Really really gorgeous and lovely xxx

  10. Emma Case

    Where is that video??? Why can’t I play it???
    I truly treasure the time we have together.. my sisters.. πŸ™‚

    I also don’t tell you enough how you completely blow me away with your photography.

  11. cath regan

    you guys are so lucky to share your passion together! (i always feel like the geek when i get my camera out!) fabulous shots!!

  12. paul phelps

    Hi Anna, i’ve seen a lot of photographers websites, some with great photos and others not. Yours stands out, it has a personal side along with great photos in a style i love. Great.


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