October 2011: 365 project

31ST OCTOBER 2011 (304/365)

I’m not sure which was more scary, Joe in his Hallowe’en costume, or how I discovered it on Joe’s bedroom floor, like he had melted.

30TH OCTOBER 2011 (303/365)

An exhausting day yesterday, shooting from 5am until 7pm, followed by a drive back from Birmingham to Manchester and then a Hallowe’en party at a friend’s house! All Freddie and I wanted to do today was splodge around. So we did.

29TH OCTOBER 2011 (302/365)
Second shooter

Today I was a second shooter for the first time ever, for my lovely friend Emma Case, who asked me to give her a hand shooting this gorgeous Indian wedding. Aneesha and Ed are absolutely lovely and the day was so beautiful from start to finish. This was probably the most emotional part of the day for me, as Aneesha left her family home. Make sure you take a look when Emma blogs this wedding, it’s an absolute belter!

28TH OCTOBER 2011 (301/365)
Sewing machine

My new purchase. For a craft nerd like me there are very few things more pleasing than a bright purple sewing machine.

27TH OCTOBER 2011 (300/365)

Last week I finally bit the bullet and joined the gym and today was my induction session. This feeble muscle is going to grow, just you wait and see.

26TH OCTOBER 2011 (299/365)

Today Joe went to the park with a friend. Spoilsport mum that I am, I don’t let him have toy guns at home, so when he got his hands on his friend’s big blue plastic gun he thought that all his Christmasses had come at once.

25th OCTOBER 2011 (298/365)

While I was at the Fringe Festival in August, I bought a gorgeous teal trimphone, which I posted as my 365 picture at the time. Unfortunately it broke soon after I bought it. I loved it so much that I just couldn’t resist buying another one, but chose a gorgeous olive green one this time. I actually love it even more than the teal one and it’s still a treat to use it every single time.

24TH OCTOBER 2011 (297/365)

Today I got to spend a very fun hour on the beach and at the fair with the scrumptious Charlie, Ted and Woody, who, along with their mum and dad, were the winners of my competition for a free mini-shoot.

23RD OCTOBER 2011 (296/365)
Feet up

After a good scrub my filthy feet rested up on Sunday. A much needed relaxing recovery day for my achy head and feet.

22ND OCTOBER 2011 (295/365)
Messy feet

A very hazy iphone photo for today. Technically this is actually 23rd October as it was taken at around 4.30am at the end of a very fun but very messy night seeing Norman Jay at the Deaf Institute. It was a brilliant night, but for some reason my friend Michelle’s and my feet got absolutely filthy. Luckily the photo is so terrible that you can’t see the muck too clearly.

21ST OCTOBER 2011 (294/365)

I love my new alarm clock. Green things make me happy.

20TH OCTOBER 2011 (293/365)

Today I bought Joe a Wizard Tricks set. We’re currently reading our way through the Harry Potter books and he’s totally obsessed with anything to do with wizards or magic. A couple of weeks ago he told me that he was really bothered by the fact that he can’t be a wizard himself so when I saw this set I couldn’t resist it. Today we spent an hour or two sat on my bed learning some tricks. This is Joe magically lifting a pencil. Harry Potter eat your heart out.

19TH OCTOBER 2011 (292/365)

We’ve been so lucky chasing the good weather around the nation – first heavenly sunshine in Wales, and now up in Scotland too. Today we went on a beautiful 7 mile walk in the countryside, along the river, through woodland and huge, sunny fields. Adam wanted to use my 17-40 lens which has been languishing in my camera bag unloved and unused for months and months now. Since getting my 35mm prime, this 17-40 lens just hasn’t had a look-in and I’d totally forgotten how incredible it can be. I’m so grateful I’ve been woken up to it again and I’m going to start using it a lot more in my 365 project from now on.

18TH OCTOBER 2011 (291/365)

It’s back in the car for another long journey today, this time up to Scotland to see my beautiful mum. Anticipating cold weather, the most important item I packed today was one of my new favourite things… my brand new mustard knitted beret. Love it.

17TH OCTOBER 2011 (290/365)
Debbie’s chillies

It was my friend Debbie’s birthday today so I popped over to give her her present and wish her happy birthday. Debbie is an amazing gardener and grows more fruit and vegetables than I can ever quite believe. Today I came away with these beautiful home-grown yellow/orange chillies.

16TH OCTOBER 2011 (289/365)

Last day in Wales today before heading home so we went for a beautiful coastal walk at Aberdaron. Freddie loved lying in the rock pools and sat with his paws like this for ages, like a genteel old-fashioned lady. It really tickled me.

15TH OCTOBER 2011 (288/365)

A few of us are spending a lovely weekend in Wales camping by the sea. Today Adam and his friends James, Shaun, Alex and Andy all went surfing while I curled up blissfully on the beach with my book. Freddie loved watching them surf and kept following them into the sea. The surf was rubbish today but they still had such a great time. Next time I’m grabbing myself a wetsuit and bodyboard and getting in too… my book was great but it looked so much more fun the other side of the shoreline.

14TH OCTOBER 2011 (287/365)

Camping on a breathtaking windy cliffside on the beautiful Welsh coast today with my fella.

13TH OCTOBER 2011 (286/365)
Lindi Ortega

An iphone pic for today as I was out at a gig and didn’t want to take my proper camera. This was undoubtedly one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to, absolutely amazing… James Vincent McMorrow at St Phillips Cathedral in Salford. He was totally mesmerising, incredible… and as well as his own songs he did two mindblowing covers of Steve Winwood’s Higher Love and Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game, both of them real shiver-up-your-spine stuff. I’ve posted links to both here but as amazing as they sound recorded, neither is a patch on how powerful they sounded live in that beautiful cathedral. As well as the unusual pleasure of boozing on cider in a cathedral, an unexpected treat was the amazing support act, Lindi Ortega – such a likeable and funny lady (and a kindred spirit in her love of red lipstick and animal print “I’m far too hot in this coat and should really take it off but I just love animal print”) as well as an incredible musician. Enjoyed her set so much and will definitely be keeping an eye out for her in the future.

12TH OCTOBER 2011 (285/365)

Tonight my friend Dave came over for a nice relaxing evening watching a film (incidentally with Vincent Gallo in it – mmmmn mmmmn….. I digress….). This week is the first time I’ve started to feel like I’m gradually unwinding after a beyond crazy hectic few months of work, and it feels so nice! Absolutely loved Dave’s hoodie and felt it was pretty inspirational for how I intend to spend some of these forthcoming winter months.

11TH OCTOBER 2011 (284/365)
To bed

After a really good night’s sleep last night I feel a million times better today and back on form. I’ve cleared loads of work today and now I’m off up to bed to read my book in comfort (Jamrach’s Menagerie – loving it so far) and get another good night’s sleep as I’m still feeling pretty shattered. Amazing how much rest or lack of it affects your mood. I know there are some of you who will laugh at my ridiculous tartan baggy-kneed pyjamas (hot) but I really couldn’t be bothered to change into my favourite stripy ones – the price to pay for doing your 365 picture just before midnight when you’re knackered.

10TH OCTOBER 2011 (283/365)

A rubbish day today, spent feeling really anxious. I don’t usually feel like this and can normally snap myself out of negative moods pretty quickly but today I’ve just not been able to shake it off at all.

9TH OCTOBER 2011 (282/365)

Sunday means a right good scrub in the bath for my mucky little urchin.

8TH OCTOBER 2011 (281/365)

Last night my beautiful friends Lizz and Tom came to stay (hence yesterday’s cleaning frenzy!) Lizz is one of my oldest friends and it is her who I went backpacking with so we have a very special bond and share so many happy memories. Lizz is currently pregnant with their first child and it was the first time I’d seen her since they found out so it was a really happy occasion. Thoughtful and kind lady that she is, she bought me lots of beautiful beads to celebrate finishing my heavy work season. I absolutely love them and can’t wait to get stuck into lots of crafty stuff like this now that I will have so much more time to play.

7TH OCTOBER 2011 (280/365)

Cleaning the house is monumentally boring. But today it was, as always, made a happier job by admiring my bathroom rug. I’ve had it for months but it still makes me smile every time I see it.

6TH OCTOBER 2011 (279/365)
Rock Star

Joe wore his new pyjama bottoms for the first time today. As soon as he got them on a big grin spread over his face and he said, “I’m a rock star.”

5TH OCTOBER 2011 (278/365)

At the camera shop in Arundel I also picked up a load of old photography magazines. It’s so refreshing to look at the cover girl and see a beautiful, hot woman who has some natural curves and a bit of meat on her bones, something we just don’t really see on the cover of magazines today. Funny how times change, and in this respect I really think they had the right idea all those years ago. To me people always look sexiest when they look like they enjoy life and don’t have too many hang-ups.

4TH OCTOBER 2011 (277/365)

I’ve finally got round to finding homes around the house for the 8 vintage cameras I bought in Arundel. I think this one is my favourite.

3RD OCTOBER 2011 (276/365)
Sun flare

After picking up Joe from school today, we took the dog for a walk in Fletcher Moss park in Didsbury. I didn’t have my proper camera with me, but used my fella’s iphone to get this picture of Joe at sunset – I love the dreamy red sun flare blotches.

2ND OCTOBER 2011 (275/365)

I was really missing the girls today, after our lovely break together, but looking at this cheered me up instantly. Emma had these little matchboxes custom made for us all – the ‘Kapow’ thing is a running joke between the four of us and this pig saying it is one of the best presents I’ve ever had.

1ST OCTOBER 2011 (274/365)

Today was my last wedding of this year’s season – Catherine and Dave got married in Oxfordshire on a swelteringly hot day that broke temperature records. It was a lovely wedding to end the season with as Catherine and Dave are such warm, sweet people. Catherine had personally handmade almost a thousand of these gorgeous origami cranes which she had then used to make a tree, two screens and the favours. A complete labour of love and they looked so beautiful. Impressive work!

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