Our Everyday Stories: Group Photo Project

To celebrate National Storytelling Week, and because the best stories are always real ones, last month I ran a little group photography project/challenge to celebrate everyday stories. Lots of you shared your lovely images and it was so heart-warming and uplifting looking through them. Thank you so much to everyone who sent yours in!

I asked people to share a single image of theirs that they feel tells an interesting or fun story about daily life, along with a little description, so that I could collate them all and publish an ace little library of our own real-life stories here on the blog.

This wasn’t about the technical quality of the image. Phone photos were absolutely fine, for this project we weren’t bothered about blur, sharpness, pixels any of that guff. We were just interested in the good stuff, the precious little everyday stories behind them… Simple stories like that perennial toddler “Button Exploration” above, or that well-known “I thought I wanted this ice cream but now that I’ve got it I actually want yours” scenario below  ?


everyday stories



At the start of this year, I made a promise to myself to undertake a personal project of photographing and documenting my own family much more regularly. I spend so much time photographing other people’s children and don’t spend nearly enough time photographing my own. Nearly two months into the year and I’m ashamed to say I still haven’t really started doing this yet. I was thinking about this the other day while I was collating everyone’s images for this National Storytelling Project, and was hit with a little brain-wave!

One of the reasons I don’t take enough pictures is simply a case of being busy and having no-one to remind me to do it. In the chaos of everyday life it just slips my mind – I’m so busy ‘doing’ that I just forget to document some of it too. As with anything, if I’m not accountable to anyone or have no-one reminding me, then I’m so much less likely to do it. I know lots of other busy parents find the same and wondered if there might be a way we can help each other to make sure we don’t miss out.


everyday stories



Sooo… I thought what would be a nice idea would be to set up a little Facebook group where each week we’re reminded to capture and share one image of our everyday stories. Just one picture a week, that’s all, no big commitment… They don’t have to be amazing pictures, they can be just snapshots on our phones, whatever we can manage. But think how lovely it’ll be in a year’s time for us all to have this regularly documented year in our family’s life, the whole year lovingly captured for us to remember and look back on…

Instead of saving our cameras for those bigger special occasions, let’s focus on seeing, capturing and celebrating how magical the little details of our daily lives are. How our kids are changing, the everyday shenanigans we get up to, those little daily rituals, the throwaway, ordinary times that are so precious but that we often miss or overlook. Little things we notice as we’re wandering around… little things that make us stop and think… the good, the bad, the ugly… Let’s help each other to celebrate it ALL.

So… who’s up for joining me? If you’d like to, please come and join the Facebook group and let’s get stuck into celebrating the wonderful ordinary of Our Everyday Stories 🙂

To kick it off, here is the lovely collection of images you lovely folk sent in for the original project – such magical stuff!


everyday stories


Would rather have a bite of those lovely legs over the strawberries (Jordanna Rowett)


everyday stories


When coffee and cake is never just yours anymore (Jenna Norris)


everyday stories


This is my 2 year old daughter. The hand you can see is her Gramp’s hand. They were playing a game together and I caught her cheeky glance in one of those moments from across the table! They have a special bond and get up to lots of mischief together! (Rachel Kelly)


everyday stories


Swimming lessons at the beach (Gillian Morton)


everyday stories


Boxing Day (Julia Benbow)


everyday stories


A quiet moment of sibling tenderness….. before they go back to the serious business of beating each other up! (Hannah Brooke)


everyday stories


Christmas is here (Catherine Derrick)


everyday stories


Story-time with snails we found in the rain (Jade Langton-Evans)


everyday stories


When it’s your first time on a slide and you’re not 100% sure you like it… (Katherine Mills)


everyday stories


So, the little lady on the right is all mine (Paisley) and the baby is called Rosie (Coco Rosie to Paisley as she was named Coco in her Mummy’s belly and it stuck!). This photo MAY suggest that poor Rosie is slightly traumatised from the affection showed by her big cousin Paisley. It may suggest P is being a typical heavy handed 3 year old… when actually they adore each other and she’s the most gentle little soul with her it’s adorable BUT this photo cracks us all up every time we see it. He expression is priceless, don’t you think? (Charlene McNabb)


everyday stories


What’s that in your mouth uncle D D (Mandy Harris)


everyday stories


Me in the dating world (Jon Sharman)


everyday stories


Bath time (Jenna Norris)


everyday stories


Dandelions, my son gifts these to me every time he sees them, I used to look at them as weeds and now they have become one of my favourite flowers. My son picks them for me, because they are my favourite colour (Cheryl Peach)


Thank you SO much everyone who contributed to this original project.

I’d absolutely love it if you came along and joined the Our Everyday Stories Facebook group – also please do share with your friends and family if you think they’d enjoy doing this too. The more the merrier!

Anna 🙂





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Anna 🙂


  1. Christopher James Hall

    Great idea for a project and something that we should all do more of. It those little things that make a memory more than the occasional big event.

    • Anna

      Ah thanks Christopher, really pleased you like the idea!


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