Liverpool Athenaeum wedding photography (Sarah + David)

So here it is, my first wedding of 2011, and such a sweet couple to kick off the year! Sarah and David got married in Liverpool at The Athenaeum, a member’s club and library nestled in the heart of Liverpool city centre. Sarah is a journalist and both she and David have a real love of books (I can completely identify with this!) and so the venue was perfect for them. I’ve always found libraries so atmospheric and The Athenaeum was exactly this – a really special, peaceful and beautiful little gem tucked away from all the hubbub of the city around it. In keeping with the love of books, as we were wandering around the city centre during the couple shots, David asked if we could quickly pop into Waterstones – this was heaps of fun and the pictures we got in there are some of my favourites from the day.

Sarah’s dress was absolutely beautiful and a perfect example of how wedding dresses really don’t have to be some variation of white. She wore an incredible silver beaded maxi dress from Kate Moss at Topshop, and looked breathtaking. She accessorized it with some gorgeous vintage heels, a cute cardigan and a beautiful bird headpiece handmade by her best friend and maid of honour Rosie, a talented artist who also customised and made her own dress and headband. It was lovely to watch Sarah and Rosie together – they are one of those pairs of friends who are so close that they are completely in sync – they mirror each other, move in the same way and say the same things at the same time, with a constant stream of affection and laughter between them. Similarly, two of my favourite people at the wedding were Sarah’s mum and her friend, who had the same kind of connection – every time I turned around they were laughing with their arms wrapped round each other – such wonderful, warm people.

As for Sarah and David, they are both so lovely and genuine, and they light up so brightly every time they look at one another. I’m so pleased that my year of weddings started with them and wish them a lifetime of happiness together.


  1. pen

    What a fabulous location and your images are awesome! They capture the mood of the day totally and I feel like I was there 🙂 Great wedding to kickstart what is obviously going to be a great year.

  2. Chris Ord

    Love the amount of detail in these pics, my favourite has to be the shot of the little girl sitting on the seat, shot from behind so you can just see her dangling legs- great spot, loads of detail and very very funky!

  3. Rogue Bride

    You have such an intuitive, wonderful way with portraits in particular – this was like an ode to Sarah and David, and their warmth, love and glee is tangible. Thank you for sharing them, you super talented lady, you.X

  4. joanna brown

    sublime. love it all. perfection missy. x

  5. Debs - Belle Amour

    You are incredible! I love them. My absolute favourite has to be the black and white one of David’s arms wrapped around Sarah’s waist. If it was me that would be getting printed big for the wall! Amazing images Anna x

  6. Gemma

    Fab start to 2011! Love their first dance pics, and going in to Waterstones was a great idea – did you have to get permission to do this? Looking forward to seeing more lots more weddings on your blog! x

  7. Emma Case

    Love it, love it, love it….. love the books… love the little sequence of the ladies laughing in the ceremony… love how I feel like I was there… love Anna Hardy.

  8. Anna Clarke

    Beautiful Anna, really beautiful. What a fab wedding to start your year x

  9. Caroline

    anna, you are an absolute star! what AMAZING images! wow, wow and double wow wow xx

  10. Xanthe

    Anna, gorgeous stunning images, what a wonderful story you’ve captured x.

  11. Nicola Wardle

    Love the moments, the rich colours and the way you’ve made it feel like I’m there and part of their day.

  12. Sarah (bride)

    Thank you, Anna, for such wonderful images of our wedding day. As I’ve already told you, you are a photography genius.

    You worked so hard and were so dedicated to capturing the emotion of the day. On top of that it was a real pleasure to have you spending time with us.

    And not to contradict the lovely Anna Hardy but it wasn’t so much that David asked if we could go to Waterstones it was more that Anna told us to just do what we would if she wasn’t there. David jokingly said, ‘right then, off to Waterstones’ and Anna jumped at the chance.

    The staff there couldn’t have been nicer to us. One of my favourite memories of the day is David telling the manager that it was alright for us to be in there taking photos because he had his Waterstones loyalty card with him!

    Which just shows how much fun it is to have Anna as your wedding photographer. None of it would have happened without her.

  13. Chloe

    Anna Hardy, you are an absolute legend. I love these. What a beautiful story you’ve told so beautifully. You absolutely rock. x


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