Shutterhood resources

Here is a list of all the trainings included in The Shutterhood. New ones are added every month, so this list is constantly growing. The trainings are grouped into two main sections. The Roadmap leads you through all the absolutely-must-not-miss essential steps to create solid foundations for your photography business. Boosters are optional, additional trainings for when you want to upskill, grow and supercharge your business further. They cover specific topics related to business, marketing, mindset and creativity, and are sometimes delivered by guest experts who specialise in that particular topic.

The core course of The Shutterhood, taking you step by step through all the essential actions to launch and grow your photography business.

Stage 1 – MOT
Essential kit // Understanding brand // Review your brand // Past client survey // Reflection
Stage 2 – Dig Deep
Vision // Strengths + passions // Ask a friend // Your ‘why’ // Core values
Stage 3 – Understand Your Ideal Client
Survey favourite clients // Psychographics // Struggles + dreams // Ideal client avatar // Your niche
Stage 4 – Your Brand
SWOT analysis // Your USPs // Mission statement // Guiding messages // Brand summary
Stage 5 – Services, Products & Pricing
Signature offer // Features vs benefits // Pricing // Client workflow // Visual branding
Stage 6 – Audience Growth
Mindset // Language + communication // Website // Mailing list // Your warm audience


Optional additional trainings you can dip in and out of at any time to supercharge your business further. New trainings are added every month.

Brand Bootcamp   //   3 year vision   //   Annual Review   //   6 Week Masterplan   //   Using Trello For Planning   //   90 Day Planning and Goal Setting   //   Monthly Planning   //   Weekly Planning   //   Daily Planning   //   Setting Up A Photography Business With Limited Time (and/or alongside a day job)   //   Fast-track Your New Photography Business   //   Income Generating Tasks   //   Digital Organisation & Workflow   //   DIY Your Own Website   //   Finance Tips for the Self-Employed   //   How To Make More Money Per Hour You Choose To Work   //   Capture In Confidence – Essential Contract Clauses

Your Client Funnel   //   Social Media Content Generator   //   Make Yourself Magnetic – Your Own Personalised Marketing Bank   //   Create a Killer Enquiry Sequence   //  Cornerstone Content   //  Set Up Your Mailing List   //   Create Your Lead Magnet   //   Evergreen Marketing System   //   Create A Marketing Campaign   //   Emotional Marketing   //   Marketing Tactics To Suit Your Experience, Capacity and Budget   //   Hand-raiser Marketing   //   Collaborations   //   Instagram   //   What To Post On Social Media   //   14 Days Of Social Media Content Ideas   //   30 Day Social Media Content Planner   //   The Art of SEO   //   Getting Started With Google Ads   //   First Steps in Facebook Ads   //   Dynamite Testimonials   //   Seasonal Opportunities

Success Mindset   //   Morning Rituals   //   Fear And The Lizard Brain   //   Stretch Out Of Your Comfort Zone   //   Marketing & Mindset – How To Feel Better About ‘Putting Yourself Out There’   //   100 Daily Prompts   //   Beating Burnout   //   Courage   //   Business Energiser

Family Photography Bundle including Cheese-Free Zone, Keep It Together and Soulful Sales   //   Digital Organisation & Workflow   //   Lenses   //   Portfolio Building Shoots   //   Culling   //   Mini Shoots   //   Styled Shoots   //   Lightroom Workflow   //   Lightroom Presets & Editing   //   My Top 10 Editing Tips   //   Learning To Love Your Flash   //   The Gap by Ira Glass   //   Book Club

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